Constitutional Emergency

When the founders struggled to find common ground for the basis and direction for this country, one thing was never in question. The main reason for declaring the King of England's lack of authority was his rebellion against the principles of government as expressed by the Bible. Because the King would not allow the colonists to worship as they saw fit, they deemed rebellion against him an act of worship. The main purpose, then, was to allow Americans to worship Jesus freely.
For example, one restriction of the power of the federal government was to keep one denomination of Christians from stuffing their form of worship upon anyone else worshiping Jesus.
Another is the second amendment. The freedom to bear arms is mainly so we can defend ourselves against the governments we elect.
Your thoughts?

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Thomas this is what the Obama camp hopes for the shutting down of ourselves through PARANOIa. Fear to organize. One need only look to history to see how it works. Intellectuals, Scholars, Leaders of Vets groups, they will begin to dissappear. You will stop talking to friends and family as you soon trust no one. Military retirees that speak out will loose pensions. Rewards will be given to those who rat out. There are few ways to beat this and they are expensive but I offered my life once - twice - many times over in support of my flag, be of strong heart. What is one life? if it allow another to live free, I freely offer mine. We are many they are few. We must stand where we are they aready know how I feel I fly at least 3 American flags on my property every day. Hiding won't solve anything, I will face them when and if they come. It takes a brave person to face a brave person what's to fear there sure as H--- ain't no brave ones on the Hill.
On the hill they are like hyenas, they run in a pack only. I see your point.



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