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I have been talking to a few militias in Texas, and one National militia, and I am almost sick to my stomach with the responses I have gotten, when asking them, if their group supports OAS. Their answers were immediately NO. The reasoning behind that answer were varied, but ALL were ridiculous. The 1st response I got was, we don't get involved in politics. REALLY!!!, are you kidding me. The next response was, I haven't been given assurances by OAS that everyone will go unarmed (even though it is set out in the ROE). I tried to explain that there are people in every part of society that don't always play by the rules, but you can't stop a movement based on how you think people might act. Their response was "that was not the answer we are looking for". Then, the 2 best responses I got, I thought I was back in Junior high. "We don't want to be involved in anything that another militia is involved in, because they will try to steal our members". AGAIN REALLY!!!!

I don't know what the answer is, but we need to figure it out, because we need these militias support, as much as we need everyone elses, to make this event an overwhelming success. If anybody knows the answer, let me know.

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maybe they are not really malitia ,who knows .

This makes me so mad I could spit...... Militia my butt.... The Oath of Service doesnt mean anything to them I guess????

My first reaction is who have you been talking to?  Second, I personally have been working with several true Militias that attending.  Those that aren't.... Well, contact me in private as to who you have been dealing with.  They need to be held accountable for violating their oath and charter for their stance.  The Texas State Militia is going as a unit.  Fire Team Aguila is attending, Collin County Fire Team, Tarrant County Fire team and the Texas Citizens Militia is attending.  So who is it that is bucking?  Doesnt leave many other Militias left.... 

I have just tonight been allowed into the Idaho Light Foot Militia and they know I am going to OAS so lets see...

Praying for you brother!  light a fire under their ass, show them a little Patrick Henry 

I would like you all to take 8 minutes and listen to something. It is a speech you have all heard of. Given to the Constitutional Congress shortly before the War for Independence. War is never something to jump into, relished or desired. That said, there comes a time when it does become inevitable. I am not saying it is inevitable now, but listen to this and see if you see history repeating itself now. DHS buying 6 billion rounds, MRAPS on our streets, NSA spying on us, constant and continuous attacks on our liberties and freedoms America was founded on. Listen and see in your minds eye the Army being fielded right here at home and tell me this does not apply today.  Now, put a fire in their bellies!


No Idaho Light Foot not attending...

They are waiting for an organic motivation and tell me that it can not be construed... I fear they may wait too long.... are we to early... who can tell.

Get me a contact?  

Chris as things are looking full speed ahead for this... can you get me contact information for your medical team so I can coordinate and network about resources. You did your part in the call and the excitement of pulling off the start of this event is building here cant wait hook up.

PRAY !!!

I have run into the same problem, the only solution I can offer is overwhelm those "militia" with numbers. Get your friends and comrades to speak them all at once. Often times, a coward will only step up after they realize numbers are in their favor.

I believe almost the exact opposite, no offense. I believe we don't have the luxury of waiting until the mid-term elections. I no longer trust the current election process, when dead people & democrats are voting multiple times to get the result they want. I also believe that it doesn't matter how peaceful the operation is, the leftist media will paint it differently. Someone will sneeze, and the headline will read "SHOTS FIRED AT WHAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A PEACEFUL PROTEST". I also believe there will be paid plants among our members, that will do everything they can to incite a riot, but that can NOT deter us. Can you imagine if the founding fathers over thought all the what ifs surrounding the Revolution, and called it off, what the consequences would have been? The POTUS showed us again last night that he has no intention of following the constitution, and intends to rule by executive order, and despite the rebuttal gibberish, the crooks in congress are going to allow him to continue. If we should try, and fail, I will still be able to look my children & grandchildren in the eye and say, I did everything I could to change their future in to something they can live with. If we succeed, I won't have to, they will know.

Well said Larry!



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