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I have been talking to a few militias in Texas, and one National militia, and I am almost sick to my stomach with the responses I have gotten, when asking them, if their group supports OAS. Their answers were immediately NO. The reasoning behind that answer were varied, but ALL were ridiculous. The 1st response I got was, we don't get involved in politics. REALLY!!!, are you kidding me. The next response was, I haven't been given assurances by OAS that everyone will go unarmed (even though it is set out in the ROE). I tried to explain that there are people in every part of society that don't always play by the rules, but you can't stop a movement based on how you think people might act. Their response was "that was not the answer we are looking for". Then, the 2 best responses I got, I thought I was back in Junior high. "We don't want to be involved in anything that another militia is involved in, because they will try to steal our members". AGAIN REALLY!!!!

I don't know what the answer is, but we need to figure it out, because we need these militias support, as much as we need everyone elses, to make this event an overwhelming success. If anybody knows the answer, let me know.

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An attempt is under way right now... problem is you need more states than have agreed to hold the Convention and no one can say when their will be enough to hold one. Then you have to wonder if a completely corrupted government would even recognize article V and not only stand down but allow for real prosecution of the many crimes that have been committed. This effort in no way hinders the efforts of an Convention in fact may add more weight to have one. It's for us... all of afraid to show our faces...



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