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Before I was aware of this group or page, I began working on facebook to recruit members to attend and to specifically work on a logistical plan.  I've been talking on the phone, sharing the ideas that my group came up with but it has been requested that I attempt to put it to paper so that it can be shared.  Please bare in mind that I am NOT a writer, or that that mater, a leader.  All I have done is put together what the team has developed.  I need help fleshing this out and ensuring that it is functional and realistic.

So far this plan being implemented in a small town of 2000 has netted 3 RV's, 3 different locations, 5 Vans, 2 buses, food has begun, signs, banners, ID Badges, 20 Full tanks of Gas.  So to date it has been effective.

Thanks for your input.  Obviously, if you believe it will work, by all means use it for your teams, spread to others, modify all you want to fit your needs.  If this is worthy, maybe national leadership can adapt to their purpose and spread to others.

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Hey Wind, (Chris),


   Damn Chris you did a hell of a job on this OP Plan. I just read through it real quick. You said you weren't a writer or a Leader? Well you have me fooled. Plus, this is the only thing that I have really seen that looks like a plan. When you get a minute to talk call me at 903-288-7952.

Rick, Stradog from Texas Revolution 

Very Impressive Chris!! You are way ahead of the game. 

The logistics of staying in or near D.C. en masse, are so daunting. Thank you for putting this information together.  Let's hope the ball keeps rolling without having HS or FIMA come down on the group. 

This is an amazing opportunity for all Constitutionally conservative groups to come together. . . the fb page doesn't make it look very big, but, it is beginning to get more alternative media pr. . .so perhaps the opportunity to have millions arrive in D.C. and Stay until there's change, will actually become a reality.

Not ahead of the game at all, I would say way behind when you think of what this will actually take to pull off.  We need from Texas 13000 teams of 50 for phase 1 and a scary 4000 teams for phase 2.  If we are to pull this off, we need all the 4000 teams working hard for the next 3 months.  If I were to guess, we can field 10 teams currently.  10.... Thats A LONG WAY FROM 13000.

We are all way behind the game... something like this was needed years ago... maybe even when the Patriot Act passed because as far as I am concerned this deal was the start of it, at least out right and in the open. I hope I can be depended on in some small way in one of your teams Chris.

Agreed Stradog! Chris doesn't give himself enough credit :) 

This is a pretty good starting point. We discussed several items during our phone conversation earlier.  We both agreed that raising funds for the State Operation should not be done by or handled by State Leaders. Each 50 man Team should be allowed to devise a plan to have a "petty cash" fund however they see fit. This is personal money not Operational Funds. Need to establish State Leadership ASAP. My wife and I both liked the part that personnel should be aware, ANY position should be readily handed over to more qualified people as they join the group. I think We are "equal", but must understand that a Chain of Command is needed for the flow of information. Being a USAF veteran I don't fully understand Battalion, Company, Squadron, etc.. I understand Wing, Group, Squadron, Flight and Section. We just need to make it clear and concise, KISS it. You have given us a great starting point. We do need to come up with a recommended/mandatory list of items for each individual. Similar to a Go Bag or Mobility Bag.  I have FAITH in the Leadership of this Operation. They took some time planning this out before they released it.  I have also FAITH in my fellow Texans and other Americans. But most of all I have FAITH in the LORD above and I have NO Doubt WE are doing the RIGHT thing. GOD BLESS TEXAS and AMERICA! Stradog Gun Barrel City, TX

New member from Corpus Christi. Any contacts here that you know of? I may be a phase II member.

Welcome to PFA Texas Miguel.  I am Rick Stralow aka  Stradog . Currently OUR TEXAS TEAM Leader or CO is  Chris Blystone (Windwalker)! Please check out the document below, it should help to answer some of your questions and probably create several. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the website and WELCOME Aboard!



Evening Miguel. I am from the Abilene area but am involved pretty deep. I will see if I can get some regional lists put together so we can start to network in our own areas. 

Ok Miquel. We are working on a regional map that will assist us in finding those in our area. I am thinking that admin will have it up soon and then all we need to do is go pin the tail on the donkey. Have you signed up on the Texas page yet? 

Like your style Miguel see you there brother

Yes, shipmate. See you there, or hopefully before.



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