Constitutional Emergency

I will attempt to make this as short and simple as possible If we focus this on a rightwing/christian mindset and push those values, than we are no better than those who currently reside in the White House pushing a left wing/muslim sympathy agenda.

This movement needs to focus on Constitution, plain and simple. Leave your political party at the door, for their is no need for it here. Your political parties do not represent you any more, but instead their own agendas and corporate interests. Our focus needs to be on our founding document. Our First Amendment currently sits in the mud next to our Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment, with a tyrannical foot smothering them. There is no party that will save us, WE THE PEOPLE are the only ones who can save our great Republic.

Now I must move on to something, that I hope I will not garner hate or dissention for saying, but I feel it must be said.

We MUST NOT label this under religion. First, I fully understand this country was founded by Christian men, but I also understand this, and hope you can too; that these men came to America TO ESCAPE RELIGIOUS PROSECUTION. America is founded to not respect an established religion or prohibit an established religion. Bottom line. I feel in my heart, the intention of our forefathers was to create a country where there is no religious persecution, where all men are free to follow their faith, provided they do not force it on others. Sharia law goes against our Constitution, but for those Muslims who do come to America to find peace and freedom, they must be allowed to without persecution.

The closest faith I can be associated with is Buddhism. For me to push judeo-Christian values is to damn myself to persecution, and to damn my brothers and sisters of other religions. If you want religious tolerance, you must also provide it, it is a 2 way street.

If OAS continues to move towards the path it is currently carving itself into, I will have to withdraw myself from it. I will still show in DC, but to support OAS, not be a member. I refuse to push another agenda.

What I ask is simple: no parties, and no religious favoritism. CONSTITUTION AND REPUBLIC. I think we could all unite under that, and we can all believe in that.

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Thank you for this post.. inclusion is very important right now.  We all learn from each other!

I don't think it is really about inclusion and diversity as much as being on the mark with where we really need to go as the Free Constitutional Republic of the United States of America. We don't have to like each other. We have to learn to leave each other alone and do no harm.

Spot on. I think the only thing our God wants us to do is start having some Charity and Respect for one another and the Agency of our fellowman. Everyone looks to government and law to deal with all the things they do not like or want to deal with in life. It doesn't work and has never worked. I will support this effort to let the current ruling elite know that we need to move to the next level of real freedom of markets and conscience. The only legitimate function of Government is to mediate conflicts of interest. If you want it to defend you from things that you do not like or to create your perfect world then you are part of the problem.

This is my basic position:

Your Mission: Learn your duty as a citizen. Train you mind for freedom. Do not fear tyranny, kill it with truth.

I am of the mindset that we don't really need to fix the Constitution, the Politicians, or the Federal and State Governments.... We need to fix ourselves and learn our duty. We cannot do that unless we have read and comprehend the instruction manuals that came with the Free Constitutional Republic of the United States of America, at its founding and institution.

The concepts are quite clear to anyone who takes the time to study and internalize. You do not need a Supreme Court Justice, Lawyer or Politician, to interpret them for you. You are quite capable of reading and learning for yourself. The unanimous Declaration of Independence, The Constitution for the United States of America, and the Federalist Papers are the starting point. It would be helpful to read the same works that the founders read and cite in their writings to truly understand their intent and reasoning. A follow up course would include Frederic Bastiat on "The Law" and Milton Friedman in "Freedom to Choose."

You will learn that America is not a Democracy. You will learn that our "Rule of Law" established by the Constitution must be governed by the Principles of individual liberty outlined in the unanimous Declaration of Independence. You will learn that you are being deceived on a daily basis.

You cannot buy liberty or a free republic, no one will give it too you. No one can do it for you. You cannot win it with force of arms. The Patriots of 1776 had already learned their duty and trained their minds for freedom. They backed up the unanimous Declaration with force in the face of force, it was a matter of self defense. They did not seek to overthrow the King from his throne. They sought to limit his power over them. If you want liberty and freedom you have to train your mind to establish it and maintain it. There is no other way.

--Gunny Barton, Ret.

Well said Gunny, the Constitution is our freedom, and we must not be afraid to apply it in our daily lives, losing site of that is what got us here in the 1st place



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