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Hello all...

To date, it seems as I am the only member in my locality. 

As I have no car, no license, and no job, I would greatly appreciate a ride to and from the event if there will be anyone passing through my general area.

I will do everything I can to save up to assist in gas funds as well as provide my own food. 

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Wingnut, I got just the thing for you.  Contact me, I've got a team building in Mt Pleasant.  There is a team in Sulphur Springs, Winnsboro, Terrell, Kaufaman, Rockwall I think.  Lots of teams around you.  Can you go for Phase 1 or 2?  My team is phase 2.  Call me, 903.285.0915

Just joined the group and will be leaving from Rosenberg, Tx.(Southwest of Houston)on 5-14 and as of now by myself(with the blessings of my wife).  Will be happy to have a couple of people to ride with me, either a man, woman or couple.  I will be getting my reservations in with Wyndham Resorts tomorrow.  My current arrangements are 2 bedrooms so you will have your privacy and we have a full kitchen and dining room, plenty of room.  There will be no charge and if you want to help on the gas, great and I would expect you to provide your meals.  Reply through

Ray - Would two females be OK with you?  My friend and I would be delighted for the two of us to share the second bedroom.  We would insist on helping with the gas and, of course, provide for our own meals.

I live in Fulshear - was the coordinator of the original Fulshear Tea Party, April 15, 2009 (first rally of all Tea Parties).  I am also (somewhat by default) the 'sort-of' Coordinator of the South Texas Tea Party Patriots.  When we first organized, we divided Texas into two parts. Judy Holloway (of Austin) was the Coord. for the Southern group, but she resigned as Coord. about two years ago.  I emailed all of the TP groups to see if anyone was planning to take over for Judy; however, after three emails and no response to the request, I decided that, in order for the group to not fall apart, I would sort of take it over.  I have kept the group informed and together; however, I have been unable to do any active stuff (organizing events, trainings, etc.), as my husband had been very ill for a number of years and I was just unable to spread myself any thinner (he passed away two years ago).  Fort Bend used to have a very active group - do they still?  Clear Lake TP and the Woodlands TP are also both extremely active.

Anyway, just wanted to give you a bit of background as to who I was, etc.  Please let me know if this is still an open possibility or if you have already found other(s).  I have a good friend who lives in the Kemah area who has also indicated that she would like to go but neither of us wanted to do so on our own.

I would, of course, want to meet you and get to know a bit about you.  You can respond to me at

Thanks in advance

Gerri Irvine

Gerri, if you girls don't find a crew, give me a yell. I will make sure you get taken care of.



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