Constitutional Emergency

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Conservative Patriot Alert

The people of the United States have been attacked by their own government.

In response "WE THE PEOPLE" organized groups known as "Tea Parties".

The 111th congress and 2008 president elect (?) thought they were going to simply ignore us, however, once we gained a majority they were forced to listen.

They listened, then they lied, and we responded "we do not trust this president or congress and nothing you can do will ever change that now".

Now we are under attack again, they are infiltrating our movements in an effort to destroy us from the inside all over again. We cannot allow this to continue. All Tea Parties and all organized Conservative groups must not allow any person who has held office in the past, regardless of party affiliation, to assume any active leadership role. Think about it, we have experienced their leadership, do we want to go through all we have been through just to end up where we started?

November 2006 the United States government ceased to represent American citizens and began representing the 111th congress. With total and complete disregard and abandonment of the Peoples Constitution this congress set new agenda. An agenda which has done more to damage our great nation than all the wars we have ever fought. An agenda aimed at taking over every citizens rights and ability to make their own choices for themselves and their families.

November 2008 our nation witnessed the most corrupt election in our two hundred thirty four year history. An election in which voters were forcibly removed from voting stations against their will and without being able to cast their vote. An election so corrupt that citizens from other countries were shipped in only to cast their vote for the democrat party, get paid and be sent back home. An election so corrupt that votes cast by people who had been dead for years were counted for the democrat candidate. An election so corrupt that many votes cast by deployed American service men and women were not counted. An election so corrupt that it destroyed what, at one time, was a semi respectful mass media industry. Most reporters for American news broadcasters prostituted themselves to a candidate who to this date is still not legitimately qualified to hold the office of President of the United States.

If you are a conservative Patriot who wants to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States of America and defend Freedom and Liberty, then your help is urgently needed. You all know our Constitution, our Freedom, and our Liberty are under attack from within our great nation. For the first time in our history we are faced with government occupied by individuals bent on the destruction of our Constitution as well as abolishing Liberty and Freedom. These same individuals believe that they are deified. They have elevated themselves to a position where they feel entitled to rule rather than lead. Their belief is that American citizens are not constituents they are subjects with an obligation to obey their commands.

It is important that you, if you are reading this, that means you, get this message out to any conservative groups you are aware of. Career politicians are using conservatives efforts to create the impression that this legislature and administration are a part of the "tea party movement" thus advancing the very liberal agenda we are fighting. Please do not let this happen!

What you have read above is only a very very brief account of all the illegal, unethical, and criminal activities this president and congress are guilty of.

Art Phillips
Constitutional Guard, Texas


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