Constitutional Emergency

This is our new Patriot Attorney General Patrick Morrisey

He said he wouldn't disappoint us. Off to a good start.

West Virginia joins anti-Obama, anti-gun control wave

So much for President Obama's plan to win support for his gun control measures from the nation's top law enforcement officials.

Joining two police organizations that slammed state and federal anti-gun efforts, the West Virginia attorney general is warning that he will fight any new law--just like several states tried to do when Washington passed Obamacare.

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey said that he will fight a federal ban on assault weapons like the one being pushed by California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

"If a federal law is enacted that is similar to Senator Feinstein's legislation, the West Virginia Attorney General's office would actively participate in legal efforts to ensure that such law does not infringe upon the rights of West Virginians," Morrisey said in a statement. He added: "These efforts may include a wide range of legal and educational actions."

The Charleston Gazette said the new attorney general has created an Office of Federalism to challenge Washington's laws like the proposed gun ban.

Secrets reported late Tuesday that the Southern Police Benevolent Society, part of the national Police Benevolent Society, said in a statement that the federal assault weapons "will do nothing" to stop gun crimes, even those against police.

The County Sheriffs of Colorado said that gun control plans are being drawn up in haste and that the public should not be robbed of access to assault-style rifles, high-capacity magazines, bulk ammunition and private gun sales.

"New legislation aimed at reducing or restricting law abiding citizens from purchasing or owning firearms will do nothing to reduce violent crime nor will it stop criminals or those who want to commit evil acts from obtaining weapons," said the president of the 30,000-strong Southern Police Benevolent Society, Chris Skinner.

The statements are a blow to the president, especially when added to other law enforcement groups that have stated their opposition to gun control efforts.

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It seems that WV now has more conservatives in Charleston.  After 80 some years of Democrat rule, we are slowly coming back to common sense and our Constitutional Law and Rights.  There'll be a big election in about 2 years where we have the chance to vote out Rockefeller (guess he's retiring anyway - that Carpetbagger!) -- but I'm hoping and praying that all over the States people will come out and vote the Democrats out of office.  99.9% of them are sucking up to Obama because of their greed, power hunger and total lack of patriotism or morals.  They'll shoot us down, throw us under the bus, whatever it takes for them to reach their own selfish and destructive goals. 

Let's spread the word and kick 'em out of office.

Yes...One Office at a time...America needs to return to Her once glorious self... the ousting of ALL who would abandon what they swore to uphold " OUR CONSTITUTION " and all that it stands for....should be paramount for every " LEGAL " American!!!!!!!!

BETRAYED - Joe Manchin (up for re-election in 2016..

Well I believe that we might now know why Joe Manchin sold WV down the river.  Rumor has it, from a ex Democratic operative, Joe is planning to take a run at the Presidency of the United States.  Again, this is rumor.

BETRAYED - Senator John Unger (up for re-election in 2014..)

In addition, our Eastern Panhandle Senatorial Representative, Senate Majority Leader, and Pastor, John Unger, has also turned his back on his constituency.  At a town hall meeting this past Saturday, Senator Unger openly stated that he did NOT feel that the States could fight against the Federal Government when it came to protecting WV Citizens US and WV Constitutional right to bear arms.  He even went a step farther and stated that he would NOT even support an attempt to try!

To contact Senator Unger:

Call:  (304)-357-7933;    Email: ;  Mail:  Rm 227M, Bldg 1, State Capitol Complex, Charleston, WV  25305

I praise Morrisey for his actions. I have written the governor 2 letters requesting his position on our 2nd. Amendment rights with no response.

I also am proud of the three sheriffs in West Virginia that back our right to keep and bear arms, and wish the sheriff of Mercer County would follow in their foot steps.

God Bless America.




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