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Comment by Larry D. McParland on September 17, 2014 at 3:56pm


It has been awhile since I have written. To let everyone know I have assumed the duties of the Lead State Coordinator for Unified North Carolina Common Law Grand Jury.

There are regular weekly State Conference Calls.

The purpose of this call is to promote and organize to re-constitute Grand Juries in North Carolina, under the inherent Common Law Authority of We the People.

Invite your friends!

Read more:

Conference Call – North Carolina Common Law Grand Jury is coming at 09/21/2014 – 21:00 DATE: Sunday, 3/30/2014 TIME: 9:00 PM Eastern

CALL NUMBER: 1-559-726-1300 ACCESS CODE: 892586 ------4* – To Mute/Unmute 5* – To “raise your hand” to talk.

Jefferson said only an enlightened people are the safe depositary of power for the proper functioning of a republic and that the whole mass should be educated and informed because they are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.

Jefferson is one of favorite mentors and therefore the purpose of NLA is to educate, organize, and empower “The People” at the grass roots level so that “The People”, not NLA and certainly not me, can save America, although I am one of those People. There is no short cut, there is no other way, regardless of what anyone says.

Our mission is to restore the people to sovereignty through knowledge, and only then will they be armed with the virtue to take political and judicial power. The people have it in their power to disarm and defeat the enemy of Liberty both foreign and domestic if they only understood the principles of freedom and stand upon them.

To take political power is to control our elected representatives, by bringing them into obedience through fear of the people, this is accomplished by understanding the office of & becoming an elected committeemen, and then execute the powers.

To take judicial power is to control our courts by understanding jurisdiction and bringing into subjection all government officers and officials using common law courts by opening courts of record and executing "people" authority, it's that simple!

But, to successfully apply political and judicial power you must have a sense of justice and mercy which is synonymous with virtue. And to get virtue you need to have a relationship with your creator. If everyone exercised these principles America could shake off the chains of tyranny, reinstate our republic, and bring down the NWO "literally overnight". This is the only way to save the nation, without power you are powerless!

Join our endeavor and save our Republic, one people at a time!

You may contact me here

Phone: (336) 567-6212

Email: or

For God & Country

Larry D. McParland

Comment by Larry D. McParland on August 10, 2014 at 9:47pm

OK NC, I'm back ready to fight again. Were do we start? No more negativity and lets get the job done.

Comment by Martin L. Church on July 5, 2014 at 4:46pm

To all State Leaders and Members: As the “Out Reach Coordinator for Operation American Spring along with members the Out Reach Team, we have been working to get the word out to all Americans.

The religious leaders of America have been greatly over looked and they can be a great help towar the Mission of Operation American Spring, but we must energize them in all our States, Cities, and local Communities. These religious leaders have been like most Americans – Asleep, as to what is taking place before their own eyes. Therefore - I offer the following web sites for all State Leaders and members to educate yourselves on the current status of many Churches of all denominations. The “Black Robe Regiment” that was instrumental in winning the Revolutionary War. By energizing and enlisting these religious leaders to take an active part in energizing their congregations, would add multitudes to the mission of OAS. Americans could take back our Country from these tyrants in short order.

Please educate your self , First, then begin contacting all the “Religious Leaders” in your area, providing them with this information along with a request for them to become proactive in Operation American Spring. Be prepared to offer and assistance to them and remember one of the Principles of Management - “Follow-Up.” Be sure to followup with them as way to assess their progress.

Many Cities and Towns have Pastor/Preacher Associations where all ministers in the area meet to discuss religious issues, this could present an opportunity for an OAS member to meet and make your presentation and get some interest started. Use you imagination and background to the fullest.

May God Bless America Again!

Mission Operation American Spring.

Comment by BILL GOODWIN on June 8, 2014 at 8:13pm
Comment by Liz on June 3, 2014 at 9:33am
Comment by Michael Ray Locklear on June 2, 2014 at 10:36am

Hello All, I'm trying to find a number or e-mail adress that is current for Oath Keepers of North Carolina.If anyone can Point me in the right direction you will have my thanks.

Comment by Larry D. McParland on May 30, 2014 at 11:47pm

Tish and David,

I talked to over 1000 kids, 5 Congressman, and four Senators. Walked the halls of congress in 12 days. I had many fine folks from NC with me and many back home calling there Reps. Can"t wait to do it again. 

Comment by David Swanson on May 30, 2014 at 11:06pm

I second Tish's comments, but she can do the hugging, I will just give you a high-five or something similar. You may not have made an effect on the entire class of kids, but you did with at least two of them, and that my dear friend is a start..... and something you should be proud of!

Funny how what we do (or not do) in the next couple of years will have a direct effect on every child in that class and the sort of Nation we leave them.

Comment by Tish on May 30, 2014 at 9:15pm

Larry, The notes are awesome!  Thanks for posting!  (((hugs)))

Comment by Larry D. McParland on May 30, 2014 at 10:00am

This morning I went out to the road to check the mail box expecting the same old junk mail, payment do bills etc. To my surprise I had thank you letters from about a dozen 8th graders from Ohio that I talked to.

I sat at the kitchen table drinking my coffee, reading each one, thinking there is still hope in this great country of ours. Most of the notes were just “thank you for your time and talking to us” . There was two notes that brought tears to my eyes and I will frame them and hang in my office for the world to see. I will now share the the two that will be framed and hung in my office.

Dear Mr. McParland,

Thank you for serving your country, thank you for raising up and doing it again and sacrificing your time and effort for our freedom. The ride isn't easy, but you still do it anyway. Your actions mean so much to the world and I know our country appreciates all that you do. We really appreciate it. Thank you for not only serving your country but for doing it again, ensuring that we can live another day, knowing that our freedoms and rights will still be there, thanks to the people who fought or are still fighting for out freedoms. The world thanks you, I personally thank you because I know I can never repay that debt of our freedom. I hope I can live up to your legend, fighting for our country, serving/preserving our freedoms, even if its just through words instead of fighting, I WILL STILL TRY!

Becky 8th grade student.

Dear Mr. McParland,

I stare at this blank paper wondering how to say “thank you” in the very best way.

First of all, you're a stranger to me but you're still a person very close to my heart.

You are a real hero,


enough said


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