Constitutional Emergency

Thank you Commonwealth Patriot for reminding me of this post

Just a few thoughts with facts, reality and common sense. This post below was written by someone else but perfectly shows how I feel and shares my thoughts about people worried about FEMA, the UN, Marshal Law (which cannot last more than 6 months) NWO, Boogie men in general. 

Friends of this page and all others can read this post and who feel that if we exercise our rights to resist Tyranny, it will give the Government the reason to impose " Martial Law" ....
I will tell you unequivocally..."That is a RED HERRING"... IT IS LOGISTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE.
"NATIONAL MARTIAL LAW" IS IMPOSSIBLE TO IMPLEMENT! So do not use that as the excuse to exercise your rights!

IF WE TAKE UP ARMS AND FIGHT AGAINST TYRANNY... OBAMA WILL IMPOSE "MARTIAL LAW". They "nay sayers" say. Do not let them do that. Let them fire the first shot. Good grief how many times have I heard this pathetic line. Too many times.

Patriots. Lets rationally analyze this OK ?

What is Martial Law ?? It is the exercise of Government and Control by Military authorities over the civilian population of a designated territory.

"Designated Territory" get it. There is no army in the world that can impose Martial Law over all of AMERICA. The country is too big. It is logistically impossible. Some cities ?? Yes... a large area ?? Maybe.

They will delay Martial Law if it ever comes until they have consfiscated your guns. Do you know why they want gun registration and then gun confiscation ?? So that they can control large areas.

Right now it is IMPOSSIBLE.
Why ?
1. The Military will not go along with Obama 100%. There will be a mutiny in the military. So about 70% will take their arms and munition and join the American Citizens... creating huge holes in the logistical supply chains for the remaining enforcers.

2. The PEOPLE will be against them so there will be limited safe havens and they will have to move in large convoys reducing their tactical ability to control large sections or land.

3. The most important point is that there will be return fire. Patriots have guns. LOTS OF THEM.
Here are some consoling and awesome statistics.

There were 13.7 million hunters in the United States over age 16 -- 12.7 million of whom used rifles, shotguns or handguns for hunting, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

That means hunters constituted only 15.9 to 18.1 percent of the estimated 70-80 million gun owners in the U.S. in 2011 -- the latest year for which statistics are available.

In a Dec. 28 national report, USF&W said 13.7 million individuals over age 16 self-identified as hunters, and that 12.7 million used guns (shotguns, rifles or handguns) while hunting.

Another 2.9 million hunters used antique muzzle loaders to hunt, but according to USF&W, there is overlap between this figure and other figures due to self-reporting.
Around 4.5 million hunted with bows and arrows.
The National Rifle Association (NRA), meanwhile, estimates there were between 70 and 80 million American gun owners as of January 2011.
Those 70-80 million gun owners had in their possession almost 300 million firearms, about 100 million of which were handguns.

America's Hunters. The World's Largest Army.

The state of Wisconsin has over 600,000 hunters that got permits this year.
Allow me to restate that number: 600,000
Over the last two months, the eighth largest army in the world - more men under arms than Iran; more than France and Germany combined - deployed to the woods of a single American state to keep the deer population under control.
But that pales in comparison to the 750,000 who are in the woods of Pennsylvania this week. Michigan's 700,000 hunters have now returned home. Toss in a quarter million hunters in West Virginia, and it is literally the case that the hunters of those four states alone would comprise the largest army in the world.

And that is just FOUR states.

The total population of registered hunters in America today ranges from 23 million to 43.7 million individuals. (Based on annual data provided by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.) As long as the American Hunter retains his right to Bear Arms, America will forever be safe from imposition of 
Martial Law and a Military tale over if we all stick together.


So cut the crap that Obama wants us to do something so he can impose Martial Law. We must not be afraid to act when the time comes.

Some additional stuff to consider:

Strategically... be prepared for the Government to shut down the internet and possible all cell service. In retaliation Patriots will knock out all Cell towers and TV Towers so the State Run Media will not be able to transmit their propaganda. The News paper printing presses will be destroyed and so in the end ham and shortwave radios that will be used by Patriots. I hope most of you guys have ham radios. The Government will have their emergency broadcast system so they will be able to communicate very effectively. Patriots will require undercover "runners"!

The Government does not have the man power to put more than 5 -6 Major Metro areas under Martial Law... and since 55% of the Law Enforcement Officers are Oath Keepers, Count on them coming over to our side.

Strategic highways into the cities are needed to truck food into most concrete jungles in the inner cities since food can only be trucked in. The Government will spend a lot of resources trying to make sure the population who is still supporting them are provisioned. When their provisions run low... they will riot against the government too demanding more resources and this will spread their resources even thinner.

UN and foreign troops may move in but they have less skills in the US countryside and while they may be effective in the cities they will not be sent out into the suburbs.

So who will be fighting then ?? A limited Military force with a lot of very high tech weaponry... but we 
are not in uniform so Patriots will be very difficult to distinguish from the population. They will be in uniform because they have to stay together and ID each other.

Coins and "barterable" items need to be stocked because paper money will become a semi useless in most areas. Understand that there will be retaliation so families need to be kept in safe haven areas. They will consider cutting of power and water supplies to Patriot Enclaves but they will have difficulty controlling the RED STATES.

The Blue State Metros areas will riot on their own because they will be in short supply of all basic requirements since all their stuff needs to be trucked in.

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Thank you for this breakdown of forces.   Extremely well worded.

I have to admit, a lot of this has been crossing my mind.  Not that it changed my position on OAS at all, but this does put thing in an easier light. You can count on me and my friends.

Keep up all the great work.  And for the rest of us....Lets keep getting the word out there.

Thank you, but I did not write the post. It's something that I read sometime back. Commonwealth Patriot reminded me of it and thought that it was worth a repost. Thats why I truly believe we can do this. 

Yes, great facts in that post. I am glad to see that the misspelling of Martial Law was corrected in the header. I would like to say that I disagree with your view of the UN, FEMA, the NWO, as boogiemen. There is quite a bit going on behind the scenes. There are many of us that are glad that a movement such as OAS has come about, these corrupt individuals need to be removed as quickly as possible, and this is the way to do it. Lets try not to alienate people that have the brain function to ask questions about things that are written off as, and this is a term I hate, Conspiracy Theories. Check out UN Agenda 21, The Bilderberg Group and the Rothschild Family for starters. And as former military, what do you, or anyone reading this, make of the " Purge " of top military brass, over 200, since Obama has taken office, Google Dr. Jim Garrow, recently outed himself as former CIA, he has some very interesting things to say. Basically, Obama is getting rid of those that won`t march in step.

Hopefully, OAS can keep a step ahead of the hackers and spread the word about our mission, there are a lot of people right here in NC that are pissed off and ready to step up.

As far as a military purge, yes he is doing it. The top Senior Officer Rank and Senior NCO Rank become part politician if they want to advance with there careers. If you do not march in step you will be replaced. Your career comes to an end. So yes I'm concerned.

Yes there are a lot of people right here in NC that are pissed off and ready to step up. My answer to that is, step up, no more talking about it, lets all get off our back sides and do it. No more excuses of why you can't do it. I heard them all. Here is your Chance MAY 16 2014

Absolutely. Keep spreading the word. I talk to people every day about OAS, people are happy to hear about it. I give them flyers, tell them to go to the website. I have been making flyers and posting them around town, under car wipers in store parking lots, etc. Some national media exposure, for what that`s worth, would be great.



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