All positions are open and need to be filled. Please Contact Larry D. McParland at to express interest in these positions. Please be aware, ANY position should be readily handed over to more qualified people as they join the group. Many are not qualified for this level of leadership. I'm a Marine, we use the resources we have available and hope and pray that more come along.

As our group gets bigger we will break down to smaller groups. It will not matter if you are civilian, former military, or military everyone can help out.

My first goal is to setup state level organization.

State Leadership will be broken down as below:

  1. State CO -------------------- Larry D. McParland

  2. State XO -------------------- Bill Goodwin

  3. Public Relations______The Third Lantern
  4. State Supply --------------- David Gagin

  5. State Intel ------------------ Liz AKA Yellowbird

  6. State Transport ------------ Open

  7. State Communications – Open

  8. State Recruiting ---------- Open

  9. State Security ------------- Open

Let’s define these positions.

State CO

This role is to communicate with national leadership and insure that their state is working towards fielding the numbers set by national leadership based on population, travel concerns and logistical considerations. The CO will communicate with the other state leaders what the goals are and help those other leaders work towards achieving those goals. Accountability, assigning leaders, replacing leaders, etc.

State XO

XO is the CO’s right hand. He/She is responsible for insuring that the CO’s orders are being worked. He helps organize the state and handles much of the clerical responsibilities of the CO

Public Relations

 Get the word out EVERYWHERE in North Carolina. The main, and most important job, of the "PR" position is to get as many bodies to show up in D.C. as humanly possible. Without the numbers needed for success, all the travel and security plans becomes a moot point

The PR person becomes one of the most critical positions in any organization like OAS. And no matter whoever the PR person is, they must stick to the words already spoken by Col. Riley. Deviating from the 'script' could cause trouble, so we should all stick to the bullet points that may already exist on the PFA and OAS sites

State Supply

Supply’s role is to find resources, determine what resources are needed and to communicate with team leaders on what they will need and help them find places to acquire said resources. Examples. We will need Tents, water, food, camping locations. Supply at a state level is not solely responsible for acquiring these things but in assisting Company level people find those resources at a local level.

State Intel

Intel position is to find legal issues and help team leaders overcome those issues. Regulatory requirements. Look for state events that are good places for team leaders to go and recruit. Work on flyer's to hand out to churches, VFW, American Legion etc and develop the contacts to disperse out to state leaders.

State Transport

Organizing mass transport for the state. Car Pools, Bus rentals, fuel donations.

State Communication

Setting up call trees. Building contact info lists for state leadership and being in charge of dispersing info from State CO and National Communication Director down to Company level. Setting up Alternative Communication abilities at a state level. Radio Channels, Rally Points etc

State Recruitment

Recruiting Members falls on the individual companies, but State level recruits the recruiters. Finds Company CO, Vets them, talks and interviews them, then passes recommendations on to State Leadership. Once Company level Co's are in place, then helping them recruit members and assigning new people to the appropriate teams. Highly recommended that this leader in particular, have a “War Room” with a state map up on the Wall with Pins labeled with Company CO pinned. Will help when assigning new members to the correct teams for their area.

State Security

This position is multi-faceted. Making sure our teams maintain security will have to be left to each group based on each company’s skill level. State level, well, would be will be impossible to maintain. BUT making sure each team is educated on security is a good thing. I think setting up a state level security team that roams throughout the rally maintaining order might be called for. A team going from company to company should not be ruled out, but will be difficult and costly, both fuel, man power and time wise. I think considering security badges for all Phase 2 people should be considered, if resources allow.

Larry D. McParland

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I am in Mebane and will be riding my scooter to DC , going up on the 15th and returning when we're done. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help out.



David Lee Robinette   Get The Word Out!!!

Live in Graham,15 min. away. I will be traveling with the group when we go. Will be staying for the long haul. Phase 1 & 2.

Read the Post above and pick one. 

Are any plans being made for a place the NC group can meet before May 16th, say on the 14th or 15th?

We will havel NC group meeting, just haven't set up dates as of yet. Plan on 4 or 5 meetings between now and May 16, 2014 

Thank you for the info.

Hi Larry,

I'll be more than happy to help you get meeting organized if you like. Is there a database of ppl interested? I can e-mail each of them & request RSVP ..?

Or anything else that you may need. Do not hesitate to ask.

Liz AKA Yellowbird


  I would like to open up lines of communication. My fiancee and I are definitely going. We live in Cary.  I am a nurse and he is an electrician. Just want to meet with other patriots and want others to know we are here ready to take on our mission.

Welcome Betty, and thank you for linking arms with us in Operation American Spring OAS. We hope to work and stand shoulder to shoulder with you in the restoration of our republic and liberty. I try to keep everyone up dated.

Our other forum for Operation American Spring is located at There is a lot of useful info on that site. Sign up there to,  

Larry D. McParland

PFA/OAS State Leader NC

Thanks Larry!

Welcome Betty. I am Jim and live in Indian Trail, NC, southeast of Charlotte. My niece lives in Cary.



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