Constitutional Emergency

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Betty, I do think that it is a bunch of bull.A terrible footnote to Harold's life must be mentioned. On March 13, 1978, Walter White Jr., editor and director of an openly anti-semitic, racist monthly newspaper "Western Front", fabricated a interview (ironically, dated after Harold's death) in which an obviously fake 'Harold Rosenthal' articulates a Jewish 'conspiracy' to 'take over' the U.S. government. While the interview is patently false, it quickly caught fire with the lunatic right wing community. Today, it is sold by the Klan, neo-Nazi and Aryan- supremacist groups, often in tandem with the infamous Protocols of the Elders of Zion. White died claiming he had the 'tape' of the interview in his possession, but no one has ever heard it. Rational people find the printed interview silly but there is always a willing anti-Jewish audience for these things.

Betty.... It's complete and utter bullsh*t.

Betty, While I hope you will continue participating here on the PFA group, I must step in and say the PFA and OAS Does NOT support any of this anti-Semite rhetoric. This article is completely false and totally fabricated.

The world as we know it right now is over flowing with hatred and and attempts to divide nations and people by what ever means the left can devise and spread.
Please do NOT participate in spreading their lies and hate propaganda.
We have enough work to do and PFA/OAS members are all working hard to try to save what may be left of America.
If we are to accomplish that goal then we must concentrate on real actual facts. We MUST restore America and our Constitution.

Thanks for your patience and support.

It's bunk, Betty...... pure bunk....... and this poor kid doing the interview wouldn't have had "inside" information of this depth anyway.  I found him pathetic at best..... surely you aren't buying into a "jewish conspiracy" to take over the world!  And, btw, not all Jewish people are wealthy.... most attempt to set themselves up thru education and profession to provide well for themselves, but this is just smart, unlike Americans, who, sad to say, have shown me how dumb they can be (i.e., those who "don't keep up with politics"!)  If you want to read something, read and you'll get the facts...... current ones.



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