We have been looking for ways to make it easier for our Patriots to get to the September 12 Event in Washington, DC, at the least expense. My approach has been to offer the alternative of travel by rail, which has some advantages you may not be aware of.
We have done this several times for rallies in Washington, and it worked pretty well.
Basically it is probably one of the least expensive, most comfortable, and least time away from home method of getting to the 912 DC Rally and back. Amtrak runs a train daily from Miami to Washington and return, with stops enroute that fit our needs precisely. We board during the morning/afternoon of September 11th (depending on where you board) and arrive at Washington, DC Union Station at about 0730 the morning of the 12th. We spend all day at the Rally and then board the train for return at 1930 (07:30 PM) that evening. Thus there is no need for expensive lodgings or transportation in the DC area. We arrive at the various stations during the afternoon of 9/13. Dining Car and Club Car (snacks and drinks) facilities are available on the Train. For those less hardy souls, a sleeper car is also available (extra cost of course).
The actual cost will depend on whether we have enough passengers at the boarding station to qualify for Group Travel (20% additional discount from already discounted fares), and your boarding location. There are also special additional discounts available for those who qualify. Example: Standard Round trip fare (before Group Discount) from ORLANDO to DC and return is approximately $194.00. With a 20% Group discount that would be reduced to $155 R/T. Other additional discounts of as much as 15% may apply. A senior (62+) would pay about $132 Round Trip. Any veteran could get the same discount. A AAA member would pay about $140 R/T. Children get a 50% discount.
One big advantage for this scenario is there is no cost of overnight lodgings required, nor is any other transportation needed.
The Washington DC Union Station is within close walking distance from our event sites on the Mall, and is also adjacent to the Washington Metro System.
The other obvious advantage is that each rider has a wider, almost flat reclining seat, conducive to sleep, available on the Train, in addition to lots of movement room.
In summary one gets on the train in the early afternoon of September 11th and arrives in Washington, only a short walk from the Event, early the next morning (12th). Later that day after the events, in the early evening one boards the return train, and arrives home mid morning the following day (13th). No other trip related transportation is required. Total R/T cost for a Senior or ex military rider is $159.00 R/T. Triple A member pays $168.00, child pays half-fare.
We are signing people up for the trip from Ft. Lauderdale and Jacksonville now and could certainly add an ORLANDO or other Group of 20 or more. With a total of about 56 riders, we could have a PATRIOTS private car, which could be a lot of fun and partying.
Since signups are happening quickly, we would like to know if anybody is interested. If so please email me at (preferred), call to 954-885-5562 , FAX to 954-450-0131, or go to our website ( and leave a comment on the "Ride the Rails to DC 9-12" Blog story. Again, as Reserved Seats are filled, ticket prices start going up. Unless intentions are made known very soon, the above stated rates can not be guaranteed. For any questions, contact me at the email or phone numbers above.
Finally, this is just another alternative travel method for members to consider. I am NOT a travel agent, just another Patriot like you, trying to help get as many of us as possible to DC.

Jerry Bell

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Just checking to make sure you got my check for the AmTrak deposit. Now all I need to know is what to do next. I'll need to know the schedule for the train (when do I get on in Deland?) and how many others are going. And most importantly, how much do I owe and how do I pay it?
Gary: Yes we did get your check. Thanks for being so prompt, and please forgive us for not responding as quickly. There's a lot going on between Train trips and Tea Parties to keep anybody going!
In answer to your questions, please see below:
First of all the applicable Train Schedule for Train 98 (our Northbound train to DC) is scheduled to depart Deland at 2:56 PM on 9-11 Friday.I suggest you call the Deland Train Station (see below for details) and confirm when the train is really expected. Plan on being ready to board at least 15 minutes or earlier before train is expected to arrive. Since you will be boarding South of Jacksonville, you will be paying a small addition to the fare, between Deland and Jacksonville (today that ticket should cost you about $32.30 round trip). You could also talk to the Ticket agent at the Station, tell him you are part of a Group boarding at Jacksonville, and ask if you need to pay for a ticket between Deland and JAX. If you're lucky and he says no, then ask how you notify the Conductor when he asks for tickets on the train. Either way, be sure you advise the conductor you are a senior (that gives you an additional 15% discount to get to the $32.00)
In addition, I suggest you find out about, and if necessary get the Deland to JAX ticket as soon as you can, since prices are starting to go up already for tickets not with the Group.
On the return trip, you should get to Deland about 11:44AM on Sunday, but don't depend too much on the planned time. It seems it is not uncommon for Amtrak to be late on the return trip.
There will be at least 20 Patriot riders joining at Jacksonville. However, there will already be about the same number already on the train, coming up from Ft. Lauderdale. I will be there as well. if all works as planned I will already have briefed the Conductor on your expected boarding at Deland. If you provide me with your cell number, I might be able to give you a little heads up as the train approaches Deland.
With respect to payment: Your Group Fare Round trip from JAX to DC is a total of $124.00 with your Senior Discount. Less the $15.00 you have already paid, leaves a balance due of $109.00 payable by check to me as you did with your deposit check. Remember you will still need to make an arrangement at the Deland Station to cover the extra fare to JAX.
Send your check for $104.00 made to Gerald Bell at 2540 Bass Way, Cooper City, FL 33026.This must be received by me prior to July 20 to hold your seat reservation.
I think I have covered it all, but if I haven't, please don't hesitate to email or call me (toll free) at 866-376-9805.
Oh yes, one more thought. You might consider bringing what you want to carry with you in a backpack. Much handier than a suitcase when you're walkig a bit. We usually have a spot where those not marching will stand guard over personal effects left behind.
Looking forward to completing our money arrangements, and meeting you on the train.

Jerry Bell

Click the link below or paste into your browser for Deland Station Phone and details:

I live in DeLand and am interested in a group riding the rails from DeLand. Is there one formed yet?
I'd like to "Ride the Rails" from the Orlando area. The Winter Park station is closest to me, but could go to others in the area. Anyone else riding in the area?
If you want to have your car with you, you can take the car train. Your car gets loaded on just north of Orlando and gets unloaded southwest of DC. You ride in a coach seat.

Is anyone looking into rail travel for the Spring events (2014)?

Noticed another post about militia.  SECOM is active & has training near Daytona   is their site. May need to know an administrator to be member but think you can look around the site     gatorDennis SECOM zone 2

I will be taking the the Auto Train and then the Metro into DC.

Some of us can stay only 2-3 days, so is there any plan to have people show up on dates later than the 16th ?

Has anybody looked into this for OAS?

I have been planning on driving (and tent camping) but I can be talked into a better idea. I'd like to know if any Central Florida members are planning on an extended stay and what anybody else's plans are....


We're driving from N. Florida. Leaving the afternoon of the 14th and staying first night in N. Georgia or S. South Carolina then the balance of the driving on the 15th. You're welcome to caravan with us.

Bob Root





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