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Comment by Martin L. Church on July 5, 2014 at 4:47pm

To all State Leaders and Members: As the “Out Reach Coordinator for Operation American Spring along with members the Out Reach Team, we have been working to get the word out to all Americans.

The religious leaders of America have been greatly over looked and they can be a great help towar the Mission of Operation American Spring, but we must energize them in all our States, Cities, and local Communities. These religious leaders have been like most Americans – Asleep, as to what is taking place before their own eyes. Therefore - I offer the following web sites for all State Leaders and members to educate yourselves on the current status of many Churches of all denominations. The “Black Robe Regiment” that was instrumental in winning the Revolutionary War. By energizing and enlisting these religious leaders to take an active part in energizing their congregations, would add multitudes to the mission of OAS. Americans could take back our Country from these tyrants in short order.

Please educate your self , First, then begin contacting all the “Religious Leaders” in your area, providing them with this information along with a request for them to become proactive in Operation American Spring. Be prepared to offer and assistance to them and remember one of the Principles of Management - “Follow-Up.” Be sure to followup with them as way to assess their progress.

Many Cities and Towns have Pastor/Preacher Associations where all ministers in the area meet to discuss religious issues, this could present an opportunity for an OAS member to meet and make your presentation and get some interest started. Use you imagination and background to the fullest.

May God Bless America Again!

Mission Operation American Spring.

Comment by Firehawk on May 22, 2014 at 9:00pm

I was in D.C. this past weekend.  Only 3 from MA that I met.  Not our best showing.  Could have used  more boots on the ground.  Any ideas why more didn't go?

Comment by Martin L. Church on April 7, 2014 at 12:21am

This effort is FREE and will get the attention of your elected - hopefully. Let us all make a concerted effort to turn the 6834 into 6,000,834 by Monday 7 April 2014. It's easy and will help the effort to take back America from the clutches of Tyrants. Politicians act on numbers of active constituents - BE- ONE.
Check your state on the "Leader Board" to see how your state is responding. Encourage all your friends to take action also - Help make your state "Number One" in responses.
After completion of this 1 minute action please continue for One more minute.

Go to "Click" on your state and sign on to show your support for America. Operation American Spring is a volunteer effort of dedicated American Patriots - with NO paid help. Only Americans helping to restore our long standing Constitutional Government of "We-The-People."
"If not ME - Then Who? - - If not NOW - Then When?" America belongs equally to everyone, lets all defend and take back our country!

Please forward to all your contacts and Place on your face book page.

May God Bless America again.

Martin L. Church
National Out Reach Coordinator.
Operation American Spring.

Subject: Fw: OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING Update 25 from Col Riley.
Operation American Spring Petition to US Senators and US Representatives.
It's all laid out for your folks. Click on the above and make our voices heard. This is being transmitted across the nation, and only you can make it happen. Put the link on FB, Twitter, Blogs, everywhere........we need a gigantic/massive support of this petition.
The petition will be used in conjunction with our Boots on the Ground evidence to convince Congress our right under the 1st Amendment for a response to our Demands/Grievances is guaranteed by the US Constitution.
Click on the above link and take action now. Do it several time per day if you can...your entire often as possible.
Harry Riley

Comment by Firehawk on February 4, 2014 at 8:04pm

From Worcester.  What's the Security Force about?

I will be going to D.C. May 16th.  Also how do you use main chatroom?

Comment by Doug Sowle on April 3, 2013 at 5:27am

Rachel, Satrday will be fine with me.

Comment by Doug Sowle on March 30, 2013 at 6:12am

We are in the process of forming a chapter of Chief Mark Kessler's Constitutional Security Force here in MA

Comment by Paul Couturier on January 6, 2010 at 5:41am
Daniel...thanks for the support!!!!

The biggest thing you folks in Maine can do at this point is DONATE!!!!! If you've got a few bucks hanging around...send them to Scott's campaign! You can donate to his campaign through his campaign web site,
Comment by Dan D. on January 5, 2010 at 9:20pm
MA Patriots - You've got the prayers and the support of over 1,600 patriotic conservatives from the State of Maine. We are there beside you to help you take the hill. We are calling, reaching out, donating, and surrounding your state with the prayers of the entire nation.

Virginia, New Jersey, and District 23 New York were the warning, the rip-tides - you will be the tidal wave, and soon Maine will follow with a Tsunami of its own. It has begun and you are at the point. May this grain of sand in time be the most pivotal and monumental revolution and re-birth in the history of humanity.

God Bless You all!
Comment by Terri on August 26, 2009 at 8:56am
Marine Vet.

Comment by Mary Kreider on August 26, 2009 at 8:48am
I will be at the 9/12 rally which I booked on 6/11. I am coming with my daughter who put herself through school working days and going to school at night, and has 2 masters degrees from Suffolk University in Boston, one an MBA & one a masters in accounting. She carried a 4.0 average and had 2 companies fighting to get her on board by offering her better pay & benefits packages, so she went with who was offering her the best deal at the time. I work in Healthcare, and went to Barney Frank's townhall meeting and found the courage, to actually get up to the mic and give my opinion, which was well received, although Frank didn't bother to listen to what I had to say. I was then on Fox & Friends on 8/20, as they wanted me to trash Frank, which he did a better job then I could have done without sounding as petty as he does. I would like to have a chanc to speak out at the 9/12 rally as I wish to challenge Obamas comment that if anyone has a better idea, he'd be willing to listen. I was offered by Frank's office, with a private meeting after my appearance on F & F, which I asked for before the town meeting. I watched Frank's body language while I was posing my proposal, and he wasn't listening to me, and suddenly he wanted to meet with me after I went on national TV to say what I wanted to say. We the PEOPLE need to get together and stop the socialist take over of our country, and once they get their claws into and take over healthcare, we will become a "Socialist state". I offered the proposition of finding out the GOOD people in my field, healthcare, in all aspects, to get together and work out the problems, but Frank wasn't hearing me! He heard only what he wanted to hear and shut out all the rest. We need to keep healthcare "private" and weed out the corrupt ones, as there is corruption in every & all businesses throughout this country. I work for a hospital in Milford Ma who took "voluntary pay cuts" at all levels of management to keep from laying anyone off. VOLUNTARY pay cuts and all he heard was CEO pay cuts and tried to tell me that They have been trying to get CEO's to cut their pay, and I tried to tell him, NO ONE wants the Govt, to tell us what we should make or not. That is Socialism, marxism, Communism, and every other "ism" you can think of. I like the process where the harder you work, the better your paycheck, but people like Kennedy, Frank, Schumer, Senator Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Boxer, all want to take more from those who work hard and give it to those who want things handed to them! That makes those who work hard question why they should work hard, when they can do nothing and still get paid for doing nothng. If medicine becomes socialized, I quit my job, as well as many nurses I know. I also know of a patient who was bought back from "clinical death", no heartbeat, but was burned by the paddles that delivered the shock, and sued for the burns, instead of being happy he was bought back from death by quick action on a nurses part. We would have been better leaving him alone and just pronouncing him, as he was dead when he came in. Yet, Obama came right out & said he would NOT consider any bill with "TORT" reform in it. I would like to be able to speak to the public about having the GOOD people in all aspects of healthcare together and ask how much of their profit they can give back to help cover the uninsured and using other creative payment forms to solve the payment problem. We NEED to STOP socialized medicine at al costs. How can I get an invite to speak out at our 9/12 rally? Obama did say, if anyone has a better idea, he would be willing to listen." I want to throw down the gauntlet. I have a better idea, but no one wants to listen. No single payor system can work. That is why we have anti- monopoly laws! It was funny, I asked for a private meetig with Frank before the town meeting, and he was too busy, but after I went on Fox & Friends on 8/20, I got a call from Franks office offering me a private meeting with Frank, which at that time, I turned down, because I saw at the so called Town meeting, how he heard only what he wanted to hear, and his body language, showed he wasn't listening to me, and his comments after I was done & walking away also showed he wasn't hearing me. I would like to try to get my message across to people with open minds, who might be able to flood Obama with my idea of getting GOOD people in all aspects of healthcare, covered, including (so called) pre-existing conditions) as every condition prior to diagnosis, is still a pre-existing condition! I had back surgery in June, which cost over $32,000, and I got a bill for $250, also 2 years earlier, I had 3 procedures in 2 days, at one time having 2 surgeons working on me at the same time, and another coming in while I was out to check out another problem I needed fixed, I was in the hospital 6 days, and never even saw a bill. Do you think I want to be put on a public option? There are so many creative ways to pay for care and so many different levels we could offer, if all the GOOD people just sat down and worked out a give & take settlement on how to get it done. This healthcare bil is not about healthcare, it is about power! The Govt has taken over certain banks, auto industries, insurance companies, and if they get their claws into healthcare, we are done as a free state! We will become a Socialist state! I NEED to be heard, because we need to help those who are trying to help themselves. There are many GOOD people who have tried to pay their own ways, but the Govt has purposely caused home owners to lose their homes by givingloans to those they knew could not afford to keep up the payments and therefore would default. The Govt gets it's power by more & more people being out of work and NEEDING the "Govt" to keep alive. So, they do everything in their power to keep people down. We need to get the Federal Govt back to the limited powers that the Constitution back to what it was. I bought pocket copies of the Constitution to hand out at the 9/12 rally and now that I have seen them, plan to order more out of my own pocket. We need to get our Govt back! I do NOT want my grandchildren to live under socialism! If healthcare goes to a single payer, I will quit and go to stocking shelves at a cut in pay of about 1/2, but will not be part of a socialist system, and I know a LOT of nurses and others that feel the same way. How will they cover people when about half of their workers "retire"? How do I as a little person, get invited to speak at the rally? We will be staying at the Hyatt on Capitol Hill just 2 blocks away, and since I booked on 6/11 before this event became national news, I got a great rate, & sharing expences with my daughter made it even more reasonable. Because of my bad back, had surgery in June, but still work, I will not be able to make the ful walk, but I am willing to man the booths that I see are near our hotel, Anyone can cal me at the hotel, I will be taking my daughter around Dc since she has never been there, but you can leave a message & I will call you back ASAP! We need to save our republic! Before it's too late! Our Govt has gone from "Of the people, By the people, & For the People" to of the govt, by the govt & for the Govt, we need to peacefully get out country back. Doing it in the most respectful way possible though, because when we stoop to their levels, then we lose crediblity.
Aside from healthcare, we need to get the Self proclaimed Communist Czars placed by the White House, and bypassing the FBI vetting, in the White House, passing their Communist beliefs on us. Mary Kreider Massachusetts

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