Constitutional Emergency


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You are right on track GR, Thanks. I'll be adding as much as I can to this. The pressure needs to be applied to those in Congress, and hard.

You are on the right track

Now w/Ohitlers gun EO we are on a fast track to Hitler Germany.     This man is a commie for sure

His planned invasion of our country and all else hes done a huge list

ignoring the constitution and non enforcement of the laws tops it

I have been racking my brain and talking to others to find a solution for we are sure he creates crisis after crisis in order for martial law to come.   

Yes add me to that tree trunk Maybe this is not the appropriate place for this comment but if you follow the link and read some of the bloggers Quotes! But maybe our elected Officials need to be educated as to what the trunk of the tree is and or means! Even Trey Gowdy doesn't know what a natural born citizen is. the whole gun control fiasco is just that a fiasco! The big Constitutional Lawyer Obama apparently doesn't know much and neither does the Lawyer filled congress with the phony rhetoric they throw back at him.The whole thing is lack of education and by dumbing down the people their handlers have gained control, the general population thinks the FED has power over everything! Do They? Maybe it's time to start having more town hall meetings within or local communities, I don't want to use the term Re educate because it would simply be to educate as to what freedom is, what Government is and is not!

I thought that job fell to the Hillsdale College folks?  They have binders that they have been handing out to the Freshman recruits and all of Congress for the pass two election cycles.  Sounds like, the binders get tossed into the dustbin of society so they can justify their jobs, which they interpret as "Ignoring the American People" who put them into Congress.  What a waste, it is going to come down that we the people will have to waste a whole boat load of crap in Congress and take what is remaining of the trash out to the street....



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