Constitutional Emergency

We The People after suffering untold amounts of Despotic injustices at the hands of an out-of-control Federal Government now hereby Declare and undertake the task of righting those injustices and pledge to restore and return our Government to it's original form of A Constitutional Republic. Duly elected and formed By the People, Of The People and For The People.

Since the dismal attendance and lack of participation at the Operation American Spring mission on May 16th, 2014, and the subsequent failure to impeach and remove the Obama administration, the people of the Patriots For America network and people all around the country have been asking "What Next".

This new section of the PFA Network entitled We-The-People will endeavor to provide an answer to that question. Since impeachment appears to be unachievable and since Congress is obviously not the least bit interested in  following or adhering to the Constitution, then We The People must now take actions to remove this administration. We will attempt to do so through the use and application of Common Law. Through these pages we will develop an Common Law Grand Jury system. And through that system we will compile a Presentment of charges and a declaration of ineligibility to hold office of the President of the United States of America.
This process begins NOW.

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Initial test post or the pages.

Nothing to worry about folks, I'm just playing around with the network.

Ya-ll have a good night now. ya hear.

Old Rooster - Thanks for opening up a "new page". I believe this has relevance to what is going on in America.

There is a series of videos on YouTube which I follow occasionally. The videos are produced by a Cindy J. Currier and her husband. The video byline is "RiseUp". She formed committees about one year ago focused upon "New Articles of Confederation"" for the United States of America'. Through this site, & several more, I learned & read of several sets of "Articles of Impeachment"; "Articles of Criminal Charges" applied to the current POTUS.

    I will try to assemble & format this information for you for this new page. There is, now, a "Common Law Grand Jury System" formed by a couple to few select groups.  A few Grand Juries already formed & instituted some declarations of indictment.  A few of these were printed, notarized, and legally certified. This was in preparation to formally send them to the US Dept. of Justice; US Attorney General; and, [not fully sure] the United States Provost Marshall .

    I will be away the latter part of this week. I will try to get the above done for you for this new page soon. The process may take a week or so. I'm sure this will help toward the goal you stated in the first announcement of this page. It is fully a legal effort under Common Law for and by citizen "persons" of American citizenship and /or "sovereign" residency.

Garie, Thanks for the reply and for joining this group.
I will try to locate the videos you mentioned. And if you or others have information or documents that can aid in this process, by all means bring them here or to our attention. We will absolutely need every bit of information we can get and all the help we can get.

I am still working on setting up these pages and how to formulate a progress chart and organization of the required pages..

Getting this organized so that it's effective will be a job in itself.


We need to arrest them for their Treasonous Acts !  Impeachment Is Not Enough !  There is more than enough evidence of their Anti- American actions and more everyday !  

Thanks David, I agree, impeachment is not enough, these people need to stand and face a Military firing squad.
Evidence? , Plenty of evidence that shows they are anti-American, Anti-Constitution. But the question is what part of all they have done is illegal? Under what laws and under what federal charges?
Crimes against the American people ? Yes, but what laws are those that we can use to convict these bastards.
I'm trying to keep this section of the site open and available to find the answers to those questions.
Can they be charged with breach of Oath??? If so - under what law? What are the penalties?
I know - that sounds secondary and too much like I'm surrendering to their federal games and twisting of the justice department. But Impeachment and any other legal actions require crimes, actual charges, Proof of intent. Something that will stand up in Court.

I hate that bastard,,,,,,,,,, but that wont stand up in court.

David, According to Dr Edwin Vieira, a real Constitutional scholar, Ovomit cannot be impeached as impeachment carries with it an implication that the POTUS was lawfully seated. Since we all know he was not, impeachment is not a lawful option. That leaves arrest for his crimes though the issue of who will effect the arrest has not been clarified, at least not to my knowledge.

If you or anyone else has knowledge as to the person or entity who has the lawful authority under the Constitution to effect an arrest, it would be helpful to ahve that posted.

Keep up the good work!

Does the US Constitution give us a way to rid ourselves of such tyrannical leaders

Impeachment would not work anyway since the senate would not do anything 

The GOP estab is part of what the prob is also that is a/o prob to be solved.    There is no one left but us and yes we need to get together and plan 

yes there is more than enough

makes u wonder how Hillarystalinhitler is still on her feet running for pres the protection she is getting from the

left is a disgrace and they hate Trump huh I say we know why he is ahead.   

Yes it is time time to stop ohitler from his non enforcement of the laws

from his ignoring of the us constitution  time u betcha



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