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I have not had time to research this Larry Nichols so keep an open mind - however, note the plans to insert Joe Biden after Killary is indicted.  Also, the possible problems with people wanting to cross-over and vote for Trump who aren't aware they must register as Republican within a certain number of days before the Primary in closed primary states, such as Nebraska.

Also, the following video:  "The Last Election?!  Clinton Insider Spills Scary Secrets"

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OK -- I did a little more research on this guy, Larry Nichols. I figured my best bet is to read what the enemy is saying, so the following is from Mother Jones. According to this author, last summer Larry Nichols told him he was NOT a "hit man" and now would vote for Killary! So, IMO, this all needs to be taken with a huge grain of salt - I was going to delete it but I figured I would leave it for people to decide for themselves.

UPDATE:  Read earlier today that Nichols is on his death bed with cancer; however, he has given a video deposition naming names, dates, and places.  We shall see if this goes anywhere.



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