Constitutional Emergency

Proposal of opposition, a plan to counter illegal Government actions.

The cases of Dwight and Steven Hammond, Ammon Bundy, Cliven Bundy, and many others who are currently being illegally held and imprisoned by out-of-control State and Federal Government and courts.

In the cases of the Hammonds and the Bundy's versus the courts and the Federal Government, should actually be viewed as a case of the Federal Government versus the US Constitution. Or perhaps even more accurately the Federal Government versus the people of the United States.

In the the case of Dwight and Steven Hammond in Harney County Oregon, the Federal Government acting through the Bureau of Land Management and the National Wild Life Administration over the course of several years and in a deliberate and calculated series of legal and illegal maneuvers have twisted and manipulated laws and regulations until they were finally able to imprison these Ranchers, all for the purposes of seizing and obtaining rights and ownership of real estate property held by the Hammond family. Dwight and Steven Hammond are currently in prison.

In the cases of the Bundy Ranch and Mr. Cliven Bundy, once again working through the Bureau of Land Management, and the EPA, the Federal Government twisted and manipulated rules and regulations in efforts to remove these ranchers from their lands for the purposes of obtaining rights and ownership of the land.

In both these cases and many others around the country the federal Government has engaged in activities and tactics which are not only illegal and unethical, but which have crossed the lines of despotic domestic terrorism against our own people. Several government officials have mis used the powers of the government for their own financial and political goals.

In the cases of the Hammonds and Ammon Bundy and the other men who attempted to take a stand in Oregon, Constitutionally and legally speaking, these men violated NO State or Federal laws when they seized control of the Maulhaur Wild Life reserve buildings. The buildings were closed for the season. No damage was done to the property and no one was ever injured not threatened. And yet one man is dead and many others are currently being held without bail or the benefit of legal representation.

Mr. Cliven Bundy is currently imprisoned also with out bail or legal representation for activities which occurred at his Ranch in Nevada in 2014 when the BLM attempted to confiscate cattle which had been allowed to roam federally owned public lands.

In the case of the Hammonds the head of the BLM is the wife of the Wild Life administration department chief. Working together and under the guidance and assistance of a Federal Prosecutor and a Federal Judge these people manipulated and twisted events over the course of several years until they finally managed to imprison the Hammonds.

The Governor of the State of Oregon, once again working with the Federal Prosecutor and Judge ordered the State police and the FBI to “put a stop to the occupation of the Wild Live reserve, where upon the State police and the FBI set up a “Doomsday” trap and road block and proceeded to kill Mr. Robert LaVoy Finicum while he was on his way to meet with a County Sheriff.

In the case of Mr. Cliven Bundy, the Federal Judge is acting as Co-Prosecutor and is simultaneously married to the Federal prosecutor. At the very least this is a case of impropriety if not down righ a conflict of interest. How can a judge even begin to claim impartiallity in any case when she is the wife of the prosecutor and is also acting as co-prosecutor?

All of these incidences and activities and the acts of despotic domestic terrorism. These are violations against the Constitution and violations against the people of the United States.

The Constitution plainly States what lands the Federal Government is allowed to own and under what circumstances and uses for which the Government is allowed to own any land with the States.

The Constitution clearly states the rights to regress of grievances, rights to assemble, rights to speedy trial, and the all other rights of these individuals which have been and continue to be violated by the rouge Federal Government and the federal officials.

The Constitution Clearly states the rights of the people and it clearly documents the limitations to which the Government is restricted. All other laws, rules and regulations beyond the Constitution, whether passed by Congress, or if issued by an appointed Federal Agency, are null and void once the Constitutional rights guaranteed by the Constitution have been violated and abused.

The actions of the individuals and officials, both State and Federal, Including members of Congress and the Executive Branch, are designed and carried out with the sole intention of intimidating and coercing the public into submission. They are sending a very clear and threatening message that they will not be stopped in their efforts to seize lands from the American people, and they will not be deterred in their methods no matter whether those methods violate the Constitution or not, up to and including killing American citizens.

These types of activities and this form of despotic domestic terrorism must NOT be allowed to continue. If it is permitted then the American people can only expect it to grow and increase in the future.

What recourse do We The People have? We have the Constitution; ALL of it.

The Constitution guarantees the rights of the people. Any time the Government violates any of those rights, We-The-People have the right to use that Constitution to correct those violations, up to and including what ever means of force may become necessary.

Through the use and proper application of the Constitution and laws we have the right to demand the removal of these Federal Judges and prosecutors, we have the right to demand the proper application of equal and appropriate justice under that Constitution. In which case the Hammonds and the Bundy's and all the other men that stood up to the BLM and the Federal land grab have committed no crimes at all. They are ALL being illegally and unconstitutionally incarcerated and imprisoned.

The true criminals are those who are violating the rights of the people and who are violating the Constitution.

It is time for legal actions to remove the officials, all of them.

We will give these judges and prosecutors seven days to recuse themselves and release all prisoners. The BLM administrators and Wild Life management will resign and surrender themselves for Prosecution under the Racketeering acts or to what ever other legal provisions may apply.

It is time for the American people to stand up and USE that Constitution which we have been so vocally advocating our Government must restore and return too.

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