Constitutional Emergency

Here are the problems:

1.   The Trunk is way too big, Corrupted Congress, Corrupted Judicial, Corrupted White House. An Armed Chainsaw is the only way to get the attention of D.C.

2.   The courts will not even hear us, None of us have standing, unless we are standing there with a rifle to their head, then maybe, same for the Congress.

3.   The Vets are ready to move, those members of the Military not loyal to Bo will follow us.

4.    If we don't physically take them to task by arms, we will never make it to the elections.


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I'd rather fight than die as a slave.

Time to take them NOW. Hesitation kills.

I only have only one Master, YHVH, the God of gods. And I follow His Yeshua!

I got this from Col Riley today, (too late to l;isten/watch, but most of the ime these are recorded and are available.

The point here is that there is another move towards impeachment, this time it is gathering more support and attention.

Folks I just managed to get J. B. Williams back onto the PFA network.

JB is a controversial figure but he knows his stuff on this impeachment angle.

JB will jump in when he has something to say.

JB, Are you in here yet?

And he is an asshole to boot, I've had some dealing with him on another web site and don't like his smug and smartass attitude.

If we have the backing of those military members and a substantial amount of private individuals then it's possible.

My concern is we won't have that substantial amount of private individuals.

Lee, I agree with you, "I'd rather fight than die as a slave."

I also know and understand that a lot of people here do not agree with J.B. Williams. I don't always agree with him either.
But we're not here to try to be "YES" men and women. J.B. Has been active in the efforts to remove this Obama administration for 7 years now. It is through his efforts and his contacts that OAS managed to obtain those articles of impeachment that we delivered to all our representatives in D.C.. We all know that so far nothing has been able to accomplish his removal from office.
So the struggle continues. J.B. and his groups have started a new campaign for impeachment, this one seems to be gathering more momentum as the grievances against this government are continuing to mount. There are now several representatives in Washington who are beginning to listen and are taking a more active stance against this administration and their policies.
PFA (and the American people) need to unite and to use every available means necessary to get this administration out of office while we still have a country. If PFA can help push those articles of impeachment, and finally get congress to listen, then that's what we need to do. This administration HAS TO GO.
"I'd rather fight than die as a slave.",,,,,,,,,, And I'm willing to use any tool in my quiver to get them out. American MUST restore the Constitution. It is the only option available.

So lets fight with what ever we have.

I'm not denigrating J.B.'s efforts at all, I commend him for the work he has done. I have asked him some pointed questions on the campaign site, via FaceBook, and challenged some of his assertions, he refused to give me straight answers and when he replied, "Go crawl back under your rock." to one of my questions is when I realized he was an asshole and someone I don't feel I could work with, but I do support the impeachment effort, which isn't just his effort. And I quit the group he was associated with. I have also done all I could over the last 7 years to seek Obama's removal, sent the information to my congresscritter. J. Randy Forbes (R-VA 4th) and have yet to receive any response. IMHO Forbes is another RINO, though at times he has voted in the manner I would expect from a self confessed Republican Conservative. J.B. needs to acquire improved tact and recognize when good questions are being asked, and deflate his ego significantly.



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