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Please be aware that this page will be updated on a regular basis as new info is accumulated, so be sure to check back to see our progress!

OAS Travel & Accommodations


Operation American Spring will be a 100% volunteer event. Because it will be an all volunteer event, we will have no budget, so we are all going to have to put ours heads together and come up with a plan.


Trying to get even a million people in DC at one time for more than 1 day (meaning accommodations are needed), let alone 10 million, will be a daunting task, but we MUST make it work. The team here at OAS want to to do as much as possible, so we have put together a resource page to help attendees and volunteers with information on getting around DC and places to stay and any other helpful information. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you on May 16th in Washington DC!


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Getting Around in DC

So folks, it’s already hard enough to find a parking space in DC to begin with and if we're going to expect millions, we are going to have to come up with a plan to get people there, because a million extra cars will definitely not fit in Washington DC. The best idea would be for everyone to park outside the city and take the metro or the bus into DC. For those that would like to try to park in DC, there is a map towards the bottom with local area parking garages.


I would suggest all OAS volunteers and attendees buy the $14 SmarTrip card with a one day metro rail pass (at least for the first day). This pass will let you ride all day long for one price and also includes the metrobus as well. I would also suggest that you get your fare card online at the following link here: and have it sent to you ahead of time. When I went to the Glenn Beck rally, it took over an hour of waiting in line just to get to the fare machine and there were so many people that we all couldn't fit on the train and you had to wait for two or three trains just to get one where you could fit and many were late getting to the event. So buying ahead of time will keep you from having to stand in any line and will save us from having a massive pile up at the metro stations.


Because the rallying points are spread over a large area, having an all day pass will make it easier for people to take the metro from one target point to another, instead of having to walk from the Lincoln Memorial to the US Capitol, which is a LONG WALK! (Please scroll down for maps showing closest metro center to each target point)


DC Metro Website:

DC Metro Interactive Map:


Getting to OAS

Local Airports: Reagan National Airport   Dulles Airport   BWI Airport

Local Train Stations: Amtrak

Local Bus Stations: Metrobus   Greyhound   Amtrak   Peter Pan   Bolt   Washington Deluxe

Area Car Rentals

Local Airport Map

 Area Parking Garage Map

Where to Stay

Area Hotels: Click here to locate hotels in the DC area. Results are sorted by distance with the closest on top.

For people on a budget try one of DC’s Area Campgrounds:

Cherry Hill Park

Duncan's Family Campground

Capitol KOA

Greenbelt Park

Robert C. McDonell Campground   

Burke Lake Park Campgrounds

Target Points and Closest Metro Maps

White House Target Point Map

Lincoln Memorial Target Point Map

United States Capitol Target Point Map

United States Supreme Court Target Point Map

Washington Monument Target Point Map

National Mall Target Point Map

Keep watching this page as it will be updated as more info is accumulated.


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Comment by Art Skillman on January 20, 2014 at 9:46am

I have worked and participated in quite a few events in DC. One of the things that amazes me is that people come from all over the USA to events here. They spend time and money because they believe in something enough to do something about it. For many of the people the expenses can be great. Therefore, I am taking the lead and offering my house as a place to stay. I have a trundle bed and a pull out sofa bed. I encourage others in the area to do the same.

Comment by Bob Root on January 20, 2014 at 1:25am

Does anyone know of any oversize vehicle parking? The lot I've used before (2 years ogo) now has a hotel. My truck/trailer combo won't fit in those parking garages. The lot I used before was $50.00/day.

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