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OAS Weekly News - 03.30.2014

United We Stand

I've been on a journey this past year; one inspiring and at the same time terrifying. When my journey started, I was a typical American: my biggest concerns were keeping ahead of a never-ending pile of bills, while trying to buy as many as possible of the toys our media convinces us we need to have.
Then my eldest daughter started telling me about GMOs (genetically modified organisms), and convinced me to take a look at this issue. One of the first pages a Google search showed me was how corporate America has intertwined tentacles within our government, placing ex-employees in positions of power, in the very agencies designed to regulate them. This was a huge red flag, and I soon found many more.
Research led me down a rabbit hole lined with corruption. I saw that our system of government has been compromised. Both popular parties in America now answer to the same entity, and it is no longer “We the People”. Despite what our Founders intended, our government has become the tool of corporations.
Global megacorporations are not a singularly American problem. There is conflict across the globe, as the People rise against corrupt governments tied to corporate entities. Some call the Hydra we fight the “New World Order”. They pollute our lands with chemical and radiological wastes, leaving taxpayers the burden of cost for cleanup. They feed us GMO foods that many scientists suspect are hazards to our health. They foist pharmaceutical horrors upon us, while denying us natural, non-patentable cures for disease. They take us to war without end. They intrude on every aspect of our private lives. Who can honestly deny that we suffer and die to increase corporate profits?
America is no longer the “Land of the Free”. Sadly, it's become a land whose goals and policies are guided by the bottom line. Corporations are required by law to consider profits ahead of public well being or safety, and they own the politicians who run our government. This is facilitated by corporate-owned media who spin the news and omit facts, to steer the People towards acceptance of totalitarian corporate world government.
This would-be one-world government needs us disarmed; powerless to avoid subjugation.
The common man in America, and around the world, has a good heart. We are not enemies. Few individuals are willing to harm others for personal gain. But we do not see the ordinary folks in other countries, and they do not see us. Instead we are shown a parade of “news” stories designed to instill fear and distrust of other folks. But it is their governments, and our government, that cannot be trusted; that should be feared.
The elites who push their agenda on America and other nations are our common enemy, for they are nothing more than sophisticated thugs; organized criminals who have managed to rise above street crime to control the very levers of power. It does not benefit the corporate bottom-line for nations to be at peace. War equals profits for the few, at the expense of everyone else. They are few, and seek to divide us, to minimize the overwhelming power of a united People, in order to destroy us.
So far, the internet is the one media left mainly untainted by corporate dominance. This empowers us to find and share truth, and threatens the power-hungry with exposure. In a way, our growing voices force the global elite to accelerate their timetable of control. Every day we learn of new and more radical attempts to strip us of our remaining Constitutional protections.
This is why we must WAKE, and ACT. Why we must not wait a moment longer. As you read this, the fist is closing on our right to freely voice our opinions on the internet. Efforts are underway to deprive us of our right to own weapons to protect our families from criminals, both petty and official.
Our weapons are the tools of last resort, against a government grown too powerful. We are told that we cannot be trusted with the very weapons made readily available to police forces nationwide. We are supposed to believe that somehow a badge makes a person more wise and righteous than we are. We would be fools, indeed, to surrender our arms. The mere fact that we own them, that we out-man and out-gun those who would have us believe they are our betters, makes us safer from their depredations.
I do not own a gun. I gave up hunting years ago, and didn't feel the need to own one. Until now. Purchasing and becoming proficient with a firearm are now a high priority!
On my journey so far, I've taken many side-roads and met many groups who fight for liberty in one way or another. But we have allowed our natural suspicions to divide us. We have bought the corporate media message that we are few, weak, divided. As long as we fail to fight in unison, petty differences of race, religion, age, economic status and others, keep us exactly as elites intend. We are but buzzing gadflies, to be swept away along with the last vestiges of our rights.
My voice, like many others, has called for unity. I prayed for a path that would lead us back to liberty. But until this year, I had no idea how we could do it.
Then I found Operation American Spring, and my prayers were answered.
After finding out that so much of what I had been led to believe was based on lies, I was naturally suspicious. But the beauty of Operation American Spring is in its' singular goal of restoring Constitutional government in America. There can be no more basic plan than to use our natural rights, in a peaceful and Constitutional manner, to make our grievances known; to force oppressive and lawless “leaders” to step down or be thrown down.
It is a simple choice we offer. To the People, we ask whether they would continue to condone corruption, to elect and ignore officials who arbitrarily choose to ignore laws that we are forced to obey, who openly defy the very Oath that binds them from taking what is rightfully ours? We ask the People if they would live as mice; fed to the unquenchable appetites of kings? Will we accept this destiny, made certain only by our willingness to close our eyes and cower before the supposed might of Mammon?
Or will we stand against tyranny and live once more as free men who make our own choices to guide our destinies? Will we question the word of elected and appointed officials, protest the stench emanating from the swamp they've made of our government? Will we refuse to allow elites to dumb-down and indoctrinate our children to be good little slaves?
To those who would be kings, we ask only this: would you give up all for a little more power, or preserve your own lives and status by peacefully stepping down?
It is a simple choice. An easy choice, really, when you think about it.
I have wondered how our soldiers reconcile their Oath with what they are being ordered to do. I marvel at the sacrifices that have been made in the name of liberty. I weep for the many patriots who have died fighting tyranny. I see many more, every day, who wake as I have, and now step bravely forward to shoulder the burdens that are required to restore our freedom.
Operation American Spring is a massive grassroots mission. It was started by a highly decorated veteran, Colonel Harry G. Riley. He has been joined by many other veterans, and by many who never saw service in uniform, but are willing to honor the same Oath to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution, against all enemies, foreign or domestic. We ask all patriotic Americans to join us in Washington, D.C. for this honorable mission to restore true Constitutional government to the People.
I did not serve in the military. I will serve in this cause.
The only way this mission can fail is through lack of support. While I see little likelihood of this, we may lose yet, if we do not stand in unison against tyrants. If we have overwhelming numbers, there is almost no possibility of stupid actions by those whose immediate resignations we call for.
We go to the seat of Federal power, peacefully and unarmed, but with arms locked together in the conviction that God and adherence to our Constitution will guide us back to the America we never quite were, but can strive to bring about; a free land of individuals, a beacon of liberty to the world.

Please go to this site, and send YOUR message to Congress: us May 16, 2014!
Written by : Kenneth R. Thompson
Edited by : Daniel Gray
Graphics by : OAS Graphics Team

OAS Weekly News 03.23.2014

The United States of America, this great land between two mighty oceans, has withstood many trials over our two centuries of existence. We have offered the world a bounty of new ideas to challenge the rule of elites, creativity unbounded, hope of liberty, and tremendous material assistance.



Though there have always been critics and jealousy, in the eyes of the people of the world we were once beloved and respected, but we have lost that respect today.


Worse still, our own people have lost respect for American government, reflecting the disrespect paid us by our “leaders.” Centuries of effort squandered, in slightly more than a decade.


Our sworn protectors and elected officials display attitudes of contempt, indifference and aggression to the People. They ignore the constant cries of protest that rise up against the erosion of our rights and liberty. Government officials all swore this oath:


“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”



Defense of the Constitution is not an option. It is essential to the roles of sworn officials of the United States of America.


Do any believe that all but a few abrogate this oath daily, in ways ever more dire? Devious gradual degradation has devolved into direct repudiation of sworn duties. They violate not only the letter of Constitutional law, but the very intents of our Founders. For some, the Oath they swore seems to have worn away under the burden of public office. But most show a grim and gleeful desire to destroy the very ethos upon which American greatness was built; to undermine the foundations of liberty, and the prosperity it once created.


Our Declaration of Independence is one the most astounding and revolutionary documents in history. It signaled the birth of a new way of thinking of Nation, unlike any other that came before. The Declaration states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”


Those words seem unremarkable today, but rarely before had a governing body even considered individual rights, and never before the inherent right to pursue one's own dreams. Our Founders sent a clear message that these United States were to be unique among nations of its' day, and of any age that preceded.


Few who occupy positions of power in Washington D.C. and State capitals seem to remember or respect the foundational ideals that made our nation great. Instead, the foundations of our freedoms are being ripped away; thrown into a shadowy realm of secrets and lies. The shining light of liberty diminishes; the fires of war grow brighter; the echoes of liberty wane as the wails of oppression rise.


The United States of America is more than just an undefended boundary line on a map; it is the fundamental cornerstone of liberty and humanity for the entire world. A place where freedom is birthright; where hope is eternal. It is an ideal too precious to sell to the highest bidder.


Too often, lately, have our liberties been eroded to acquire the illusion of security. Too often, the crisis of the moment has been dangled distractingly before the People, while quietly in the shadows, far from a willfully neglectful media, the fortunes of this great nation recede, as they are seized in secret; clutched greedily by fewer and fewer hands.


Widespread lack of integrity and honor of our officials, from high to low, is fodder for ridicule. Wholesale corruption is no longer shocking, but expected. The people's voices in our governing bodies is belittled and ignored; drowned out by the din of lobbyists that purchase from our politicians what should be free to our citizens; their attention and concern. Some say things have always been that way, but they have never been more blatant or damaging to our society as they are now.


Our Republic is dying from depredations by the unwholesome relationships between business and government. These wolves hold as valueless the core of what kept America strong for centuries; it’s humanity. Where once we strove to rise, to become middle class, now growing masses of families barely eke out meager existence, enduring a financial sword of Damocles held above their heads by a slender thread. Daily struggle ensures we are distracted; grinding our lives away, unable to lift our heads to see the dangers devolving around us, for fear we may stumble, slip into financial ruin and lose all.


Many are barely aware of how close America has come to the brink of disaster, of how much they may lose; what cost they might pay for the lost liberty they are just now learning to value. They only now begin to wake, to realize that though freedom has no price, it has a cost that we have failed for years to pay; constant vigilance.


As daunting as this all seems, all is not beyond repair, nor redemption. There is no need to reinvent our government to restore liberty; the Constitutional formula simply needs to be restored. If we fail, then the world will witness the fall of liberty, perhaps for all time. But the principles and ideas that provide the structure and core of this great nation are still there. If we stand and move as one, none can halt our progress.


This burden to safeguard our lives and liberty can only be shouldered by those who truly understand its' significance. Respect for individual rights was the principle that once wove the fabric our nation into a great and gleaming banner of liberty. Our foundations were built on bravery, and defiance in the face of overwhelming tyranny. Persistence and dedication have been our hallmarks.


The key freedoms to exercise, despite government resistance and oppression, are our First Amendment, Second Amendment, and Ninth Amendment rights. The First is our voices, rising in ragged chorus to overwhelm the pap and pablum foisted on us by the lame and tame MSM. The Second is the teeth to insure that government respects those voices. To relinquish the second amendment is to make all other amendments unenforceable. The Ninth, little heralded, clearly confirms that any rights, privileges and powers not explicitly granted to the Federal government, or the States, are ours. WE own America. This is OUR country.


Today, the numbers of the distracted shrink daily, as folks wake to smell the tyranny, and find honest information shared. The false barriers that divide us grow thin as the People realize we share a common fate. As we set aside our differences, we find common ground and common goal. We find we have, as we have had all along, the power to make America great once more. This is the defining time for America. We must either rise to face the growing shadow with the blazing light of Liberty, or acknowledge that we willingly consign our children, and their children, to lives of unending tribute, turmoil and slavery.


Operation American Spring is the means by which we take action against a sea of troubles. Stand up, join us, and together we WIN!


For more information visit : and


Please go to this site, and send YOUR message to Congress:

Written by : George Arruda

Edited by : Dan Gray

Graphics by : Operation American Spring Graphics Team


 March 17, 2014

OAS St Patrick's Day Message

You Can Always Trust a Snake

The fable of St. Patrick’s Cousin, Oas

At this time of year, all things Irish (and green) are in sharp focus, especially St. Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint. As tradition would have us believe, St. Patrick single-handedly rid Ireland of all its snakes—certainly a feat worthy of widespread fame and historic adoration. Further research, however offers evidence that the emerald island nation of Ireland has never been inhabited by serpents, leaving St. Patrick’s claim to fame without basis.

However, there’s another side to this story that throws cold corned beef in the face of secular doubters. Since so many faith-based stories and legends are allegorical in nature, it seems in St. Patrick’s case, ‘snakes’ are an analogy for sin. Not a far stretch considering the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden being tempted by the serpent. Snakes are an obvious and easy mark for vilifying anything or anyone through comparison or equivalence. So in this case, St. Patrick driving sin from Ireland is not only noteworthy; it is befitting every bit of his popularity and fame.

The St. Patrick-versus-the-snakes story has another chapter; it features a different island, called Deceus, which is also infested with snakes—so many snakes, in fact, that no moral or righteous man could escape without becoming infected by the poison of these snakes. But Deceus is also home to sharks, barracudas, skunks, myriad and assorted parasites, sloths, and rats—lots of rats—all of which feed on the unsuspecting and undeserving to the point there is little left to even fight over. Unlike the Irish experience, though, the swamp island of Deceus lies in close proximity to a large continent, Marica, a land of lush beauty and bountiful harvests—in fact there is so much to eat and enjoy, Marica appears to offer an endless repast for our slithering swamp of sneaky, seditious sycophants.

The head snake, Buroq, is covetous of his neighbor’s abundance and puts together an insidious scheme to expand his feeding fields into his neighbor’s domain. Under cover of darkness, Buroq sends out his army of rats to offer wondrous gifts to the Maricams, who at first believe Buroq’s beneficence is a manifestation of his innate goodness and generosity. In fact Buroq’s gifts are so generous, several Maricams wonder aloud, “From where does Buroq harvest his bounty that he can be so free with his treasure?” “Shhhhh”, say others, “If Buroq hears you questioning his largess; he might become angry and stop giving us all these wonderful gifts.” So the Maricams hold their peace, hoping Buroq and his army of rats will never stop their flow of presents. But there is one Maricam, Oas, whose curiosity gets the best of him. Now, Oas is a smart and persistent man, and reputed to be as good as the day is long.

Early one morning, Oas decides to follow Buroq, to see where he hides his cache of treasure. Sure enough, Oas followed Buroq and his trail of rats as they scurried and slithered along the old swamp road, but Buroq wasn’t going in the direction of Deceus, but into Marica’s very own vault of valuables! Oas hid behind a gnarly old oak tree in the early morning darkness and watched as Buroq and his rats stole the bounty of the Maricams! Without a word, Oas then followed Buroq and his rats as he made his way back to the brook where he always delivered his gifts to the waiting Maricams.

Then Buroq did a most curious thing. Before he was to share ‘his’ treasure with the Maricams, He spread the riches out before him and set his rats to divide it into two piles, one much larger by ten times the other. The larger of the two piles, Buroq put into a heavy woolen bag. The smaller pile, he put upon the gifting table next to the brook. When the sun arose and the Maricams gathered round to see what wondrous treasure Buroq had brought them, they ooed and awed as he spread his hands over the table laden with gold and gems.

Oas could stand Buroq’s deception no longer, so he stepped forward from the darkness, and cried for his fellow Maricams to awake from their trance and know that Buroq was not the snake he pretended to be. He told them how he followed Buroq and watched him and his rats as they stole the Maricam’s treasure, keeping the larger portion for himself, then sharing but a pittance with the Maricams as way of gaining their trust. The people of Maricam were outraged at being so deceived. They shouted at Burog, “We trusted you Buroq!” But Buroq just hissed, “Oh you can always trust a snake, my friends—to always act like a sssssssnake.”

Oas tells them that if he had not caught onto Buroq’s deception, he would have soon drained their treasury and left them penniless and bankrupt. The people of Maricam were so greatful to Oas, they dubbed him St. Oas, and pronounced Buroq crazy, and banished him and his Buroq rats from Maricam, the beautiful, forever.

And now you know the rest of the story.


Written by : Terry Trussel

Graphics courtesy of OAS Graphics Team


March 9th 2014

The ABCs of OAS

Operation American Spring (OAS) is the legitimate offspring of our American culture—born of circumstance and God-given right. OAS is an equal-opportunity effort to participate in the uniquely American experience—one that may not come along more than once in several generations. To participate in OAS is the quintessential American experience, a peaceful transition back to our Constitutional constraints.


The vision behind OAS is founded in our Declaration of Independence:

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security”,

simple, easy to understand, though not quite as easy to execute—but absolutely necessary to maintain a viable working relationship between government and the governed.


How we got into our current predicament is not as important as determining how we can best return to our rightful path. There have been many efforts and measures taken to right our ship of state, yet our downward spiral continues, without abatement. Our unresponsive bureaucracy stays focused on their own self-interests, feathering their beds—and those of their friends and family—at our expense. Many of those same bureaucrats have sold their allegiance to divergent governing philosophies, and use distractions and obfuscations to cover their treasonous acts.


But America is waking up. The Emperor’s clothes are becoming increasingly transparent as our so-called leaders’ feet of clay stumble and turn. Deep within the bosom of America is that burning spirit of rugged individualism, struggling to recover from decades of somnolence and diversion. The light from that fire is regaining its former brilliance, giving true hope to all and shining brightly on the path to our rebirth.


OAS is step one on that path and it beckons for all with the born-again vision of what America was, is, and will once again become. Just as history makes note of every significant step in the right direction, OAS has the potential to join them all as the start of the First American counter-revolution, fighting back against the invasion of totalitarian socialism—communism—an insidious perversion of governance that leaves every nation it touches, a heap of ash and despair.


And in this fight, America will prevail. We will succeed because we have strong men and brave women who understand the value of our Liberty. We will triumph over our enemy, as we always have, because our enemy will underestimate our commitment, and the power God grants us to overcome all odds.


It is said, ‘One man with conviction, is a majority.’ If that is true, a few million American men and women, washed in the blood of their heroes and champions, fueled by their passion for liberty, and willing to make the sacrifice today for all of us to live free tomorrow. This is the definitive opportunity for every American to participate in correcting the course of history. For those who can—must be there, May 16, in DC. For who can’t go, help those who can with money, accommodations, transportation, and meals. For those who can’t go and haven’t the means to help—talk about OAS to friends, neighbors, even complete strangers. And lastly, for those who can’t go, help, or speak—your prayers are always needed and welcome.


For more information visit :

Written by : Terry Trussel

Graphics courtesy of : OAS Graphics Team

March 2nd 2014

Why We Need Operation American Spring

Since I joined Operation American Spring a short while ago, I have talked to hundreds of people; read thousands of posts and articles regarding the wisdom of OAS, both for and against.

The main objection comes from those who continue to believe that the “system” still works. They are committed to working for change within that system. They do not see it as broken, and do not share our sense of urgency. They continue to believe that those they elect into a corrupt system will change it, despite ample evidence that it's usually the other way around. They entirely ignore that the electoral process is rife with fraud; almost completely compromised. Attempting to fix the problem from within the belly of the beast, where our Constitution is continually violated, is unrealistic.

There are two main reasons why many choose to support OAS. Many want to restore Constitutional limits on government power; to remove the current threat to liberty. Even more risk stepping up and standing out in order to ensure the blessings of liberty and prosperity for future generations.

Those in the first group of OAS supporters are angry. They are beyond fed up with those who manipulate and abuse our government for partisan agendas and personal gain. They are irate at the destruction of America's wealth and standing in the world. Until recently, most of these men and women have attempted to work within the existing systemic structures, through petition, phone calls and faxes to their elected representatives. Having failed, they now take to the streets in frustration, to make their voices heard.

But those who care for their children more than their own lives, for their children's children, are motivated by an even more basic emotion: fear. The kind of fear that emboldens mothers to ferociously defend their young against more formidable aggressors. That inspires fathers to sacrifice their very lives for the sake of their families. They have seen moral decay overtake and sap the vitality and goodness of America. They have watched wholesome values attacked and marginalized in favor of a godless “progressive” agenda. They see this once honorable nation strip the People of individual, God-given rights. They despair at the erosion of clearly defined Constitutional principle by elites who justify their seizure of power by insisting that Americans are not fit to make their own decisions for themselves and their own families.

It is this awesome combination of the power of individual angers and fears that gives patriots the strength and determination to do what is necessary to restore the vision of a Constitutional Republic that our Founders bequeathed to us.

We must search our hearts and clearly decide where we stand, and for what. Operation American Spring is an American movement, but in a larger sense, we represent the stirrings of liberty in liberty's birthplace; we are a rallying cry to all who aspire to live free lives without the heavy hand of government oppression.

If you mean to live free, if you intend that your daughters and sons know the freedom that was handed down, after hard struggle, to us - Then you must resolve to stand and fight to restore the American Constitutional Republic. To fight for as long, and as hard as you are able. If you do not, you have made your decision to cast your lot with elites who will make of you, and your family, nothing more than slaves to their plans, creatures of their whim.

We have finally reached that pivotal moment in history our Founders warned us against. This is the time Americans must make the clear choice to decide our own fates. There is no time left for delay; the forces of global statism are poised to render all debate moot. We must either accept tyranny, or fight for freedom!

Written by Rich Hall OAS, Staff Coordinator

Edited by Daniel Martin Gray

Graphics courtesy of OAS Graphics Team











OAS Press Release

Interview with an ordinary man from Texas, who felt the call to do an extraordinary thing to help


You are from Texas. Why did you decide to offer assistance to the people of West Virginia?


About 4 weeks ago there was an area in West Virginia that had its' water contaminated and it was in a very rural part of the State, about 100 miles South of Charleston. The area in and around Madison was impacted, not being able to use their own water supply. I read about this on Facebook January 25th, about 2 weeks after it was originally announced. I felt that God placed this mission on my heart, I thought I was nuts. Like, Lord, you want me to do what? But, after talking with my wife, along with some serious prayer time, I did it anyway. I didn’t have a clue what he had in store for us. It took some faith and obedience. If we will but trust and obey those thoughts or promptings, what mighty blessings He will provide us!


So what did you do about this mission, in real terms? I understand you decided to bring them water?


Well, I originally had twenty-two guys interested in doing this, however the numbers dropped to just six of us. We got to Charlestown and with some help got two semis, loaded 90,000 lbs of water, 48 pallets in all. I had only met with three of the six that made the trip. The other two were agnostics. We raised over $3,000 dollars from an internet radio broadcast nationally, and the church where we stayed provided us with about $1000.00.


Any problems prior to departure from Texas?


The fact that we were going to do this was broadcast over the internet radio in W. on a site managed by folks who are also patriots and very interested in Operation American Spring. Word got out, and I received a call from a guy saying he was FEMA Region 111 District Deputy Director, (I’ve forgotten his name), and he tells me we can’t do it, and if we rolled into his turf, he has the authority to confiscate the water. He also said we could be detained, if not arrested. When I asked “how is that?”, he answered that the entire area is controlled by FEMA. His area to be exact. A long distance, land line fire-fight ensued; I spoke of the Constitution, probably his genealogy, and ended by hanging up, after telling him we were coming!


How about after arriving in Madison?


Well, we drove straight through. We were offered a place to sleep, rest, whatever at a local church. I had the chance to meet and speak with the Pastor there for nearly 3 hours or more. After talking about the local water concerns, I talked with him about the state of our nation, and OAS, and concerns I had.


How did that go?


Well, he was supportive of the support locally with water, and nationally, he felt it was all in God’s hands. God was in control. Then we got into a lengthy discussion regarding God’s involvement and believer’s involvement. You know the subject comes up all the time. I have faith in God, but I want to do something! I tried to focus on the fact we are the arms and legs and voices of the Lord. He wants us to be used by Him. We have to get off our butts and do something or America is going to quickly slip away. At least the America I knew. He has to work through us to accomplish his goals, missions, outreaches all the time. Why is this any different? We talked for over 3-4 hours. I wasn’t happy.


Did the Pastor come around, eventually?


The next morning, a young girl, I think the Pastor’s granddaughter, sang a song that had the words, “unblind my eyes Lord, let us see the truth, unblock our ears and save the nation we love”, he started to preach as usual, and a few minutes into his sermon, he abruptly stopped. Then he wadded up all his notes and tossed them on the floor. At that point he cut loose into a sermon that I hope was recorded, about our personal responsibility and family as well as our nation’s responsibility to protect and defend this country we call The United States of America. It was stunning!


Then what happened?


He gave an altar call, and many went forward, myself included. After a few moments, I noticed that the two agnostics I had brought with me were right beside me. All of us had tears in our eyes, we were all weeping together at the altar. I’m not a church-going, Bible-thumping guy, but God was in the room, no question. I hadn’t been to church in 4 years. The Holy Spirit was alive and active there, right then! The American Flag was up on the stage, and I reached up and just grabbed hold of it. My guys did the same thing. No prayer, no words, just weeping for what was just said in the ad hoc sermon, and I have never experienced anything like it in my life. Next thing I know, we all took hold of the flag, and backed down into the aisle and the entire congregation began to grab hold of the flag and we spread it out across the most of the church. There were a bit over a hundred in there for that service, a fairly small country church. It was a very emotional few minutes with every one in the church involved, and truly in one accord. Everyone was weeping and praising His name!


OK, so how does all this fit into OAS’s mission for the 16th of May?


The pastor has offered the church as a way-station going to and coming from D.C. for anyone wanting to use their building and space nearby. The entire congregation is now planning on attending, with not one but two groups of fifty each; people who are committed to showing up and bringing attention to the loss of our Constitution and the law-breaking committed by this administration. They all were in agreement that God is not finished with us or America yet, and that we all have a responsibility to step up and be recognized for what we believe. I am still amazed at what happened there!


That is amazing! So looking back, besides this service, coming alive and focusing on America and on personal responsibility, what other plans do you have?


Last weekend, on Sunday the 9th of February, a group of us traveled to Longview, Texas and put together a soup kitchen where we fed just over three hundred folks who were homeless, and were temporarily in a shelter that was totally full. We pre-cooked some of the food, but still had some cooking to do there once we arrived. We did this at the only shelter in Longview, a town of about 120,000 East of Dallas. We fed them from about noon until about 2:20 in the afternoon. They ate all we prepared, venison stew, baked beans. All this small missions, we call them training missions, will help out any team across the country in working together, before showing up in D.C. on the 16th of May. We get used to working together, and knowing each other. D.C. will be a lot different, but teams ought to know one another.


And your final thoughts?


I felt we just got a taste of the real victory ahead. Not just victory in Christ, but victory for our Nation it proclaiming the truth, and showing that we are fed up and indignant with the ripping of our Constitution. That’s our Compact. We operate with laws and that is the basis for laws in America. We can’t sit on it any longer. And ‘We the People” must step up and act together in unison and in unity again. Satan tries to ‘steal, kill, and destroy’ but we are simply going to ignore his roadblocks, look up and show up, from now on!



Chris Blystone, Texas State Leader, Operation American Spring

Interviewed by Martin Church, OAS Outreach Team Leader

Graphics courtesy of OAS Graphics Team









President's Day, 2014




When injustice becomes Law, resistance becomes duty.” - Thomas Jefferson


The United States of America faces a Constitutional crisis of immense proportions. Unimaginable, some say. Yet our Founders not only faced the same sorts of enemies, foreign and domestic, but presciently warned us in no uncertain terms of the dangers we would encounter.


At the time of our Founding, America numbered around 3 million in 13 colonies. Somehow, some 100,000 Founding Fathers and Mothers found a way to shake off the yoke of tyranny. 3% is all it took, with approximately 30% following them.


Now it's 2014, with 50 states and over 315 million people. 3% is more than 10 million patriots!


Who will save this (and perhaps future) great nation from spiraling into the abyss?


Statist status-quo politicians?


Progressive Democrats? Progressive Republicans? None of them step up to stop President Obama from writing and enforcing illegal and Unconstitutional Executive Orders. This new American tyrant is applauded in the halls of power, even as he makes their representative roles moot. They actively assist their own neutering, and continually pass Unconstitutional laws to do the same to the People. Even the few Patriots in the House of Representatives are unwilling to impeach, because they understand the Senate will not convict.


The Judiciary?


They have taken on activism as their unwarranted mandate, making up rights as they go along, ignoring rights that pre-exist the Declaration and Constitution and are clearly spelled out. They turn a blind eye to Executive lawlessness and share his disdain for Constitutional limits to government power.


The masses?


The roughly 50% of Americans who have allowed themselves to sink into dependence to Federal largesse; bread paid for today with dollars borrowed from those not yet born?


The military?


Sworn as they are to uphold and defend the Constitution, they are nonetheless subject to strict discipline and follow orders. Orders emanating from the corrupt, administered and passed along by a new cadre of military leaders, who replace those unwilling to carry out illegal orders. Significant numbers of leaders, in all branches, have been purged for just this purpose.


Hordes of “Dreamers”, illegal invaders whose vision of the American Dream is a government handout, in return for loss of liberty they've never known and do not cherish?


The pundits of the mainstream Media? Professors in the groves of Academe? Progressives, all. They cheerlead and cheerfully misinform the People at every turn. They willfully ignore “inconvenient truth”. Are we to rely on that small number of patriots who actually tell it like it is? They are too few, and have no power save that of the bully pulpit.


Can our Constitution will defend itself?


Although the ideals expressed in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights are timeless and powerful, they are really nothing more than mere words on parchment, unless We the People DEMAND they be followed!


Even that Progressive icon, Eleanor Roosevelt, understood the greatness of our first President, George Washington, and the struggles and sacrifices his Winter Soldiers faced.


To me, the days at Valley Forge best show the stuff of which Washington was made. He went through great discouragement, with an Army that was ragged, poorly fed and never warm, with insufficient ammunition, and with a divided government back of him which often provided no money with which to pay his soldiers.


His soldiers were deeply concerned about their homes and families. Because they knew that food would be lacking at home if the seeds were not planted and the harvest garnered, they frequently asked to go home in groups which made the strength of his army uncertain, even though they promised to return.


What vision Washington must have had of the future to make him fight the Revolution through to victory! No wonder he was tired at the end, no wonder he longed to join his wife and live in peace at Mount Vernon. How simple the little problems of farm management must have seemed as he labored at his desk at Valley Forge!”


There is only ONE solution. We, the People, the bold, brave patriots, the 3%, desperate to regain and retain liberty for ourselves and our posterity, must make ourselves heard. We must use whatever means at our disposal, short of violence for now, to end the betrayals of our alleged “leaders”. We, too, have pens and phones. We, too, have money in small donations to more than match the deep pockets of fat-cats. We have more than these. We have the ability to but boots on the ground in Washington, DC and State Capitals across America, in numbers far larger than any that governments can muster.

We call upon the People to join us in DC, beginning on May 16, 2014. We, the People, DEMAND Federal accountability! We DEMAND their dismissal or resignation from office!

Operation American Spring is coming. We will remake and retake America as it was intended to be, that Shining City on a Hill. We WILL win. For we MUST win.

written by

Larry McParland


graphic courtesy of

Dave van Allen









Valentine's Day is traditionally the day that we affirm or re affirm our love and commitment to those we hold near and dear.  This year we all need to search our hearts and souls and ask ourselves how best we may honor that commitment to our nation as well as family and friends.

Our country has been seized by a corrupt gang of self serving betrayers and is no longer “the land of the free”.  It remains to be seen whether it is still “the home of the brave”.  The constant erosion of our rights and freedoms has reached the point where, if “we the people” do not stand up and challenge national leadership – we will be forever slaves to the tyrannical, pseudo aristocracy in Washington, DC.

This country, once a true beacon to the oppressed people's around the world, is fast becoming what we all loath.  What our ancestors immigrated to get away from.  We are beset by rules, regulations, executive decrees, thousands upon thousands of pages of laws which no one has read 
and those in power have exempted themselves for personal gain.

Today is the day, now is the hour to stand up, declare that your love for your country. Announce your commitment to freedom we all hold so dear. Doesn’t it mean more to you than your comfort (being eroded every day), your income (declining by the month), your health concerns (taken over by the government)?  It is beyond time to assert that this beloved country and it's future is in our hands and that “we the people”, have had enough and are going to take it back.  The commitment to freedom and liberty of this wonderful country has been signed and sealed with the blood of patriots.  We owe it to those that fought the good fight and fighting now, to stand up and demand the freedom and liberty our ancestors paid so high a price to secure.

Tell your loved ones, because you care for them and their futures, because you love them more than words can say – you will sacrifice, whatever it takes to lock arms with patriots joining Operation American Spring in Washington, DC on the May 16, 2014, and staying as long as it takes to begin constitutional restoration.

Join the millions that love their country and are willing to stand up and say so! Join up, join in – BE THERE!

There is no better way to declare your love for America on this Valentine's Day – 2014 than to sacrifice as needed on May 16, 2014, in Washington, D.C.

Visit or


            'Patriots for America' Responds to 2014 State of the Union Address

Washington DC - January 29, 2014: RESPONSE TO OUTRIGHT LIES AND DECEPTIONS CONTAINED in the 2014 State of the Union address, 'Patriots for America' announces OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING. Despite the President's obvious delusion, Patriots for America would like to inform Americans, and our falsely elected president, that we no longer have a union. We now have a collection of states divided by labels and ideology: red or blue, liberal or conservative, constitutional or socialist.

Whether these states are considered to be Democratic, or Republican, the truth is that our nation's collective leadership, of both predominant political parties, and especially the current presidential administration, have sold this God-given nation into the tyranny of Communism, Globalism, and Corporatism. A Socialist state cannot co-exist with a
 Constitutional Republic, much less flourish or prosper; the only possible outcome is a population of slaves, of all races, controlled by political elites in association with their corporate monopolies hiding behind their deceptive facades of global crises.

Our once courageous and prosperous nation of United States is now fragmented as never before, and in decline. Current and past administrations, as well as congress, have all advanced this agenda of destruction. The national leadership of our former Constitutional Republic must be held accountable for their treason and we must return to God's word in our culture, and in our governments: local, state, and national. This nation was founded upon Christian principles, and Communist governments do not tolerate God, or Christians. Without God there is no morality, and with no morality, there is only tyranny. This is the reality of the inconvenient truth now facing our once honorable Christian nation. This is the inconvenient truth regarding the status of our divided states of America.

Operation American Spring will be a massive/gigantic patriot "movement to action" from across America. Our mission is to Restore our Constitutional government, rule of law, freedom, liberty "of the people, by the people, for the people" from the current despotic and tyrannical federal leadership. In doing this we will unite our now divided states of America.


Therefore, "We the People" intend to assemble as a 10 million or more Town Hall body of patriots in Washington, D.C. beginning May 16, 2014, ending date undetermined. We will submit demands and grievances for the removal of key criminal and despotic leadership beginning with Barack Obama through senior leadership in the United States Congress.

We encourage all freedom-loving Americans to visit our Patriots for America website at and join us in our mission to restore our Constitutional Republic.


Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret.


* * * * *

PRESS RELEASE - January 20, 2014




Mothers Day, Armed Force Day, Memorial Day, and Operation American Spring – The Common Link


Several major important events occur in May 2014. Mothers Day May 11, 2014, Armed Forces Day weekend May 16, 2014, Memorial Day May 26, 2014, and Operation American Spring beginning May 16, 2014 and beyond.


What do all these events have in common? They’re all tied to the struggles America has and is facing in defending our freedom and liberty today…the very essence of extraordinary sacrifice, valor, and selfless surrender to the values, principles, and freedom given America by our Founding Fathers, under God .


Mother’s of our lost, wounded, disabled warriors and civilians defending our nation are often overlooked and forgotten. A few short days after their loss, mothers fade from the support and care our government owes them. They paid an immeasurable price, with their sacrifice, to ensure that our freedoms and the fabric of our nation remain strong. Mother’s, who have given life, send their sons and daughters off to defend our nation, with faith that our leadership will be true to their oath. Obama and Clinton spoke despicable lies to the face of mothers of our Benghazi personnel killed in Libya. Politicians, that value political safety over truth to those they serve, reflect a leadership of despicable character and have proved themselves unworthy of continued service in any responsible position.


Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day are days on which we reflect and honor all our warriors, past and present, for the sacrifices they have made and continue to make toward the security of our nation. A day of solemn remembrance and respectful gratitude for their service and a reminder of the solemn oath many of us have taken “…to support and defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic…”. This is an oath and willingness to defend our nation which never expires. Many of our political leadership abuse these hallowed 2 days with flowery and shallow speeches, focusing on photo ops for their political gain…another despicable political trait.


Operation American Spring, will be a massive/gigantic patriot “movement to action” from across America to Restore our Constitutional government, rule of law, freedom, liberty "of the people, by the people, for the people" from the current despotic and tyrannical federal leadership . This movement embraces every American who loves freedom and liberty, with special recognition for parents, warriors and civilians selfless sacrifices, never to be forgotten, nor trivialized, by the present corrupt, self-serving, political leadership who regard their oath as a pro forma exercise to gain power and get their noses in the trough.


After five years of the Obama Administration's fraud, abuse, corruption, betrayal, deception, and in your face lies, “we the people” have concluded that “enough is enough”. In short, we have had it with politicians who are hell bent on destroying America! All efforts to gain the attention of the elected leadership in Washington, D.C. with our messages have failed. Not because politicians were not informed - the truth is they are cowardly, incompetent, regard their constituents as “pests”, ignore the people they are sworn to serve, all in favor of their own self-serving personal, greedy agendas. It shall stop.


Therefore, “We the People” intend to assemble as a 10 million or more Town Hall body of patriots to visit Washington, D.C. beginning May 16, 2014, ending date undetermined, to submit demands and grievances for the removal of key criminal and despotic leadership beginning with Barack Obama through senior leadership in the United Stated States Congress. 


God save the United States of America.



* * * * *


PRESS RELEASE January 06, 2014




Washington D.C. Just as the 1836 battle of the Alamo was a pivotal event in the Texas Revolution, so have been the one million truckers, the biker run and the veteran march on DC. Important but they were ignored, cast aside as little more than irritants by the White House and Congress. Disdain toward “we the people” must and will stop. 


These patriotic initiatives were pivotal events that had, like the Alamo, the opposite effect desired by the corrupted government officials of the USA. After the Alamo slaughter, reinforcements came and turned around the war. Operation American Spring will do the same. 


Like sheep dogs that protect the sheep from ravenous wolves, Operation American Spring will produce modern day sheep dogs taking up the struggle with the resolve of our Founding Fathers. The sheep dogs are gathering, we have the shepherds, our eagle claws are being sharpened, eyes focused, and we have the commitment to stand up and challenge government leaders in Washington, D.C. who are reflecting tyrannical, despotic behavior. 


We are the Patriots who will begin the restoration of the Republic of the United States of America. “We the People” are picking this fight, not because we want it, we have no other choice. We will struggle with a determination that politicians are unfamiliar with...willingness to strive to the last full measure of our being for our country, rather than surrender to self-serving, betraying, corrupt elected officials. 2 


We will no longer tolerate being ignored by those who were elected to be servants of “we the people”, but evolved into ravenous wolves seeking self gratification, trying to tear America and our Constitution asunder to enslave us. 


God willing, we will hasten our nation to Constitution principles that were laid out by our Founding Fathers, the original sheep dogs. The sheep will once again graze on the plains of the American Dream in peace, liberty, and freedom. Wolves will be banished.


Operation American Spring will launch the first phase of the plan beginning on May 16, 2014 in Washington, DC. Visit for more details and learn how you can help make it happen.



* * * * *

January 01, 2014 ~ PRESS RELEASE


Operation American Spring ~ The New Sheep Dogs! 


Similar to our Founding Fathers, citizens and patriots in America now find themselves increasingly denied freedom and liberty from a government leadership (A new Crown) that is focused on self-serving, power hungry, deception, and betrayal motivations...the ultimate goal of US Constitutional destruction.


While our Founding Fathers endured pain and suffering from the British Crown, there came a time when they declared “enough is enough”. Thus, the Declaration of Independence was drafted. We should read our Declaration of Independence and note the grievances that led to the decision of “independence or death”. America is under the heel of a new “crown”, enduring grievances of which are not far removed from conditions our Founding Fathers experienced. The Founders moved to action. Now is the time for American patriots to move to action.


Our nation of freedom and liberty was not secured by weakness nor cowering, but by personal strength, courage, and dependence on natures' God and the laws of nature which are unalienable. While our Founding Fathers sought dialogue with the Crown, they were rebuffed with more pain, suffering to an intolerable level. America has been pleading with elected leaders for years to once again become servants to “we the people” as their oaths demand. Our elected leaders have rebuffed “We the People”...those that they have committed to serve. Sheep dogs are guardians, protectors, guided by the laws of nature, to the point of laying down their lives for the sheep from wolf attack.


Our Founding Fathers were sheep dogs, taking responsibility to gather sheep to the fold, protect, and resist the wolves with blood, body and life if necessary, to ensure the freedoms and liberties the laws of nature endows.


OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING is embracing the role of sheep dogs while the sheep remain protected in the fold. Much the same as our Founding Fathers, only a small minority (2-3 percent) of brave, freedom loving colonists actually participated in the efforts of Independence from the British Crown...they were the sheep dogs that resisted the wolves and gave us a nation. Operation American Spring participants will reflect the new sheep dogs to begin U.S. constitutional restoration. These modern sheep dogs are going to Washington, D.C. to post our grievances and demands. The wolves in government leadership must comprehend the peoples' will. Our peaceful, non-violent approach for action will not tolerate being rebuffed, ignored or treated as unworthy or with disdain.


Operation American Spring, beginning on May 16, 2014, in Washington, D.C. will initiate the restoration of America as a Constitutional Republic, a Free, Lawful, and Sovereign Nation, with liberty and justice for all.



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