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  • KC. MO.
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Christine Ulferts replied to Jerry Schlueter's discussion MILITIA MOBILIZATION ACROSS THE NATION UNDER WAY .. Senior Chief Geoff Ross, US Navy (Ret) in the group Patriots for America - Missouri
"Boehner is behind closed doors engineering amnesty!  He needs to be taken to the wood shed!  While the illegals get Americans money, this govt. is also planning to reduce social security for all us old people.  Wish I could go in May…"
Jan 13, 2014
Christine Ulferts commented on John Gillmartin's group Patriots for America - Missouri
"Got an e-mail calling for a roll call.  Here I am but where do I sign up for the county page. I lve in KC. "
Jan 13, 2014
Christine Ulferts replied to RevJoeASondrup's discussion OBAMA REPORTEDLY TOLD STAFF HE’S ‘REALLY GOOD AT KILLING PEOPLE’
"Well he's planning on proving that with the death care bill!  Seniors are "toast"!  So are the disabled and the very young.  I want this repealed and I back Ted Cruz.  The elitest GOP in Washington is making war on…"
Nov 4, 2013
Christine Ulferts replied to Twana Blevins's discussion McCaskill demands explanation over staged arrival ceremonies for fallen soldiers
"McCaskill is a liar and a tax cheat.  She made millions off running substandard nursing homes for seniors.  Is it any wonder why, evan after we Missourians  passed a referdum by 72% to say NO to the death care bill, she voted for it…"
Oct 30, 2013
Christine Ulferts replied to Harry Riley's discussion WARNING FROM MARK LEVIN - TOUCH WWII VETS AND SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES
"I heard him when he said it.  I wish you could have heard his voice,  He was one pissed off man!  My heart soared when I listened to him.  If he makes a call to meet on the memorial, I'm sure thousands will respond. "
Oct 5, 2013
Christine Ulferts replied to Harry Riley's discussion A Very Angry America............
"Most are angry because no one listens to us.  They all act like Napoleons!  The news media helps to promote this anger with their lies and name calling and their constantly kissing Hussein's azz!  What socalled leaders we have…"
Sep 29, 2013
Christine Ulferts replied to Twana Blevins's discussion Glenn: Time to get out of the herd because you’re being led to the slaughter
"We are already living in tyranny and the stupids don't want to see it or just don't care.  Unfortunately it is the people lijke us who see it that will suffer and be the first to be arrested, interred and murdered.  All the…"
Sep 24, 2013
Christine Ulferts replied to Twana Blevins's discussion Sarah Palin is spot on about the spineless cowards in the R party in DC
"I love this woman!  She is bright, honest and direct!  If McAmnesty would have won, it would have been because of Sarah Palin!  His numbers went up 40% when she was announced as vice president.  The liberals are afraid of her and…"
Sep 23, 2013
Christine Ulferts replied to Tish's discussion TRUST RUSSIA ON SYRIAN REBELS ATROCITIES? (We've damn sure stepped in it now!)
"Well, Russia was right about the boston bombers!  But Russia isn't the only one who stated that it wasn't Assad but the rebels.  What we do know is that Hussein is a liar and a dictator and this is all done for his…"
Sep 6, 2013
Christine Ulferts replied to Twana Blevins's discussion Congress to overrule Pentagon on Ft Hood Shooting
"Yep, Hussain showed just how much he thinks of our military and their care.  This is a good thing to do, now lets see if they can get it past crybaby Boehner who has his nose so far up Hussein's azz, he will not even bring it up for a vote!"
Aug 30, 2013
Christine Ulferts replied to Twana Blevins's discussion Valerie Jarrett Leading Secret Talks With Iran
"I heard somewhere that jarrett is Iranian born so this should be no surprise to anyone.  This should show people how Hussein is out to destroy this country.  He is opening the door for a lage terrorist attack on American soil.  He…"
Nov 5, 2012
Christine Ulferts replied to Twana Blevins's discussion See! Paul Weston, British Freedom Patry Leader Nails Liberal Journalist on Islam
"Wow!  I love this guy!  We need him over here!  To bad he's not running for president!!!!!  He's a true conservative!!!!  The same things he's talking about are happening here!  Hussein brought in 100…"
Nov 4, 2012
Christine Ulferts replied to Monica's discussion Think tank recommends big benefits cuts
"Did they say anything about reducing the retirement pay  of congress, like the 16,000 dollars a month retirement the senators get?  How about reducing the actual pay of the congress for only working 150 days a year?  How about making…"
Nov 4, 2012
Christine Ulferts replied to Twana Blevins's discussion Contents of Classified State Department cable illustrate why Huma Abedin should not be Hillary’s Deputy Chief of Staff
"The whole family of Huma is involved heavily with the muslim brotherhood!  This is why she should not be any where near our govt.!  She kept well out of the way when  her husband Weiner was being scolded for sending naked pics of…"
Nov 3, 2012
Christine Ulferts replied to Twana Blevins's discussion Valerie Jarret – “After We Win This Election, It’s Our Turn. Payback Time.” (WSI)
"If I'm not mistaken, Jarret is Iranian born so it comes as no surprise that she is the presidents most listened to adviser.  This should come as no surprise that the liar in chief and the murderer of 4 Americans in Bengazi would stop at…"
Nov 2, 2012
Christine Ulferts replied to Twana Blevins's discussion Secret Service Asks Americans to Report Tweets That ‘Concern You’
"Well I don't tweet!  I also heard that all tweets are to be stored and kept in the library of congress so you will be on record forever. "
Oct 30, 2012

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At 10:07pm on March 27, 2009, John Gillmartin said…
Glad to have you on board Christine.
At 5:51pm on March 27, 2009, Christine Ulferts said…
Thankyou Twana, I just requested to join the Missouri Patriots and am waiting for a response. Thankyou for the nice welcome.


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