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Dream Act - Lame Duck Session

Posted on December 2, 2010 at 6:29pm 0 Comments

Dream Act up for Vote

What is it:

Its an act intended to grant amnesty to illegal aliens here from the ages of 16 - 35 (which covers the majority of the 30-40 millions illegal aliens here.) All they must do plan to graduate or get a GED, go to college or plan to join the military.…


No tickets for unlicensed Mexican National that Rear Ends NY Driver

Posted on October 16, 2010 at 1:57pm 2 Comments

It's interesting that in New York illegals are not allowed to get NY drivers licenses, although many do obtain them fraudulently.

In the above link the article tells of a former Brewser cop selling legitimate NY drivers license to illegals. It does not,however tell how he went about it. No telling if he had access to DMV or if other parties were involved. It is also unclear how…


NY Official sells NY drivers licenses to illegals/motor voter/unsafe roads

Posted on October 4, 2010 at 10:37pm 3 Comments

See story here:

I live in Dutchess County, this happend just south of here in Brewster, NY.

The story claims he sold 6 licenses to illegal immigrants, however, I live in a town plagued with unlicensed illegals with a laundry mat down the street. Illegals here notoriously use Illinois and Pa. plates on their… Continue

Repeal Obamacare PETITION/ by Former Gov. Pataki

Posted on August 14, 2010 at 9:30pm 0 Comments

Go here to view and sign petition!

Wealthiest Man in world - Mexican National - Carlos Slim

Posted on August 1, 2010 at 6:00pm 0 Comments

Here the story tells of his purchase of mansion in NYC.

What many don't know is that he is, I believe, the largest shareholder of the New York Times. He bailed them out when they were facing bankrupcy. Forbes had an article on him some time ago. We all know…


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At 3:59pm on April 20, 2009, William L. Hart Jr. said…
Welcom to the revolution and you are now officially a right wing extremist!
Need any help with anything PFA let us know, someone will help.
Keep Sat.Sept. 12 open for a DC protest. The "day after" protest in honnor of patriotism after 9-11 and tea parties.more info to follow.
Bill a 48%er!
At 9:09pm on February 22, 2009, Chuck said…
Fellow Patriots,


I am going to take a moment and take a page out of Sen. Patty Murray’s ( D. Wa.) play book. Sen. Murray prior to her election ran a campaign to send children’s shoes to the Congress to make a statement. Ergo her nickname Mom in Tennis Shoes.

I purpose we make our own statement.

I know we are all frustrated and angry relating to the “Stimlus” Spending package the Congress just rushed through and shoved down our throats, mortgaging our Nation and our Children and Grandchildren’s futures.

I have a plan to at least send a message to Congress that we are not happy, but it will take a lot of people being involved to make it work.

The Congress has just shoved this pork filled, political payoff, spending program down our throats. According to Sen Chuck Schumer we (Citizens) are not that concerned about the Pork Spending. I disagree. I think most Americans like you, are also angry and tired of being taken for granted.

I suggest everyone send a package of PORK RINDS to the Congress and let them know we did not like their PORK and they can now deal with ours. Imagine if you will, thousands of packages of Pork Rinds cluttering the offices of the congress.

During the week of 2 – 6 March send a package of pork rinds to your two Senators and Representative. Send them each a full package or get a regular size package and divide it into three (3) Zip-Loc bags and send them that way. Along with the PORK RINDS make sure you include a note as to your opinion of the Pork spending, and the PAYOFF’S’s to the likes of ACORN and others

It’s cheap to do and relatively simple to do. The cost will be far less than the $13 you will gain in your taxes.

In order for this to be a success we need everyone to get involved. Then pass the information on to their friends and so on and so forth.

It would be awesome to jam the congressional offices with Pork sent back to them in a literal sense.


The week of 2-6 March

Send Each of your Senators and your House Rep. a Package or partial package of PORK RINDS.

DO NOT FORGET TO INCLUDE A NOTE ABOUT YOUR OPINION OF THEIR CURRENT PORK and PAYOFF SPENDING FOR SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS. (Or a statement on any other issue that strikes you as important to address)

(NOTE) : Send to the DC office, not their local district offices.

I don’t know how many of you agree, but the feedback has been very positive so far. I think it’s very doable. But we need thousands to get on board for this. NATIONWIDE would be great. We all know people in other states so try to get them involved as well. We can send a message that will possibly make them rethink things in the future. Doubtful as that may be.

This effort will not change anything, but it will send a message we are indeed ANGRY and Fed UP.

I just wonder where they will store thousands of bags of pork rinds?? Ha ha Not to mention the inconvenience to them and their office staffs. Of course this also means they have to create a a new canned response letter and send out to all that send the packages. They have to respond, Costing them time and resources. It will drive them insane IF Enough People Act.

We can’t do another Boston Tea Party ( That would wig out the Eco Freaks) Or organize in DC, but we can do a pork party.

I hope we can get mobilized and make this happen on a very large scale.

I will be putting my packages in the mail on Monday the 2nd. Lets Fill Their Offices With Pork Our Way!

Just get on line and type in a search for Your Senators and Rep’s Name and you can get their mailing address in DC.

Stand Up America, it’s a simple way all of you can make a statement. In mass, we can fire them up with our thoughts and opinion and inconvenience the hell out of them. They have no problem doing such to us.

I wonder what each Senator and Rep will do with thousands of packages of pork rinds. Ha ha ha I guess we know what the local food banks will be receiving.

Together “we can” make this work!



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