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Listen up Harry.....!

Posted on June 24, 2009 at 2:32pm 1 Comment

We have the opportunity to re-ignite the fires of freedom Sept. 12, 2009. I suggest that this rally be the focus of all of us. Veterans, wear your service colors. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines....American Legion, VFW, AMVETS and all other vets organizations. Let the congress, administration and active duty soldiers see us and know that we will be fighting for our freedom on our own soil this time, however long it takes, whatever it takes......! Remember our oath… Continue

Vacation in S.C.

Posted on March 11, 2009 at 12:11pm 0 Comments

I will be staying at Edisto Beach March 15 thru March 21. Is anything going on that week in that area? Please let me know. E-mail

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At 12:31pm on November 23, 2011, John Ryff said…

I'm right there with you Firehawk.  hate to have to use violance at anytime but it seems more and more evident each and every day that is exactly what the Socialists (Rebranded Communists) Movement wants, including the President, V.P. and half of Congress, problem is the old saying, watch what you wish for.  The true enemies of America have come out of the shadows and no longer hide, they are in plain site and have revealed themselves.  They no longer fear the people which is a real shame, for they should, and they will find that out.  American's are not some backwoods third world cave dwellers that can be defeated like many countries overseas, they have f***ed with the wrong country, and the wrong people, and we are going to send them straight to hell one way or the other.  As far as the Independents are concerned, I agree with you.  I have been considering changing to an Independent from Republican for years because I am ashamed of the pu**ies in the Republican party.  They haven't had any balls since I can remember and are sellouts just the same.  BEING AN INDEPENDENT MERLEY MEANS YOU ARE SICK AND DAMN TIRED OF BEING ASSOCIATED WITH EITHER PARTY PERIOD!  Talk about a major gaff, for christs sakes, there are a FEW in the UPPER area of the Organization that seem to make quite a habbit out of alienating Americans and that really pisses me off.  You can't get someone to follow you by insulting them and telling them they are stupid or Indecisive.  It's like saying 'hey Joe you ignorant bastard, I'm trying to fix the country why don't you join us?"   YEAH OKAY MCFLY!  It's frustrating to get involved, spend a dozen hours a day working to support something that gets torn apart from the inside out.  And by god, don't try to think for yourself, you will get "I've been doing this for years, "I" know what I am talking about and am tired of trying to convince people!"   Well if you have been doing this for years and haven't convinced people yet you'd better work on your approach, your people skills, and your attitude.  That's what I think.  Anyway, enough venting, surprised I haven't bene kicked out yet for being disappointed and frustrated, that also seems to be a crime here these days.  Out.

At 8:10pm on November 21, 2011, John Ryff said…

I agree that there is way to much seperation and that many groups including this one may be on the verge of becoming "isolationists" just like many others.  It's bad enough that the political parties on both sides of the aisle have spent decades pussing us apart now the conservatives at going to "micro split" themselves right out of a damn country.  I have read many comments and must agree with you that there is way to much alienation of people going on and not enough focus on the main point of the Constitution.  I don't give a rats ass any more what candidate who stands for none of it will matter if we do not accomplish the mission and if we keep shoving everyone away, it will NEVER happen!  If we think we are going to reach every individual one at a time and save America we may as well pack our shit and just call it a day right now.  I'm not saying get in bed with the devil and sell our souls but I am saying to loosen the hell up, quit busting so many peoples balls and let's get on with it.  I am a member of several organizations including the Oath Keepers and DO NOT SUPPORT RON PAUL ONE BIT!  I do not agree with many of the members selections for a candidate, HOWEVER as a member I can tell you that we are not some political hack campaign machine for any damn one!  Again, I don't give a rats ass who the founder of any organization supports, doesn't mean squat to me, so long as the MISSION STATEMENT of the organization is for restoring the Constitutional Republic which they do.  I have been involved in several discussions with senior members of the Oath Keepers and when they start talking about candidates I remind them politly to "shut up" and that I don't want to hear it.   It's very frustrating to be involved with a group that seems like they are against the very rights and freedoms that we stand for, one of them being the "right to free speech".  If you want someone who will just repeat everything that you say (not you Firehawk) and believe 100% like you do them get a f***ing clone or build a robot!  We all have our differences and if an organization cannot recogonize that, then I want no part of it. 

At 9:02pm on December 28, 2009, John Henry Moore said…
Keep your powder dry, you may need it the way things are going.
At 6:49pm on February 8, 2009, Firehawk said…
And how do I find the chapter for the "peoples republic of massachusetts"?
At 6:46pm on February 8, 2009, LINDA G said…

At 6:45pm on February 8, 2009, Sharon said…
Hi Firehawk,
We are so very welcome to see you here at PFA!!! Please take a moment to visit the states geoup page to join up with other dedicated MA patriots. Feel free to join up with any other state group where you might have family or friends.


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