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bonnie somer commented on Old Rooster's blog post May 1st 2017 Are you ready for WAR?
"i thought the war started.   not w/bullets but rhetoric.  soros; hillary; obama all of them the msm is like the mao tse tung media.   the left is destructive and want a commie dictatorship we must not allow it.   fights are…"
bonnie somer replied to JB's discussion Rogue Judges Emerge as Primary Threat to Presidency
Mar 28
bonnie somer replied to Patriot Vet's discussion Something Strange Happens When Democrats Leave Public Office
"America will survive.    Pres Trump will win and hope he purges the obama leftovers quickly"
Mar 16
bonnie somer replied to JB's discussion SHALL WE DRAIN THE SWAMP OR NOT?
"I hardly doubt that many conservatives believed for one iota that obama would do anything peacefully or lawfully his violations of the us constitution alone say jail time to me.     how do we get that done?  can the AG?  "
Mar 16
bonnie somer replied to Old Rooster's discussion Now the BIG Lie begins - - HERE we go Folks.
"On Fox & Friends on Sunday Mark Levin was on he laid out the exact plan by obama and the FISA wiretap and the sessions wiretap and the plan we all heard of OMG the Russians are in our elections to get Trump to be pres when it was OBAMAS DHS THAT…"
Mar 6
bonnie somer replied to Harry Riley's discussion All Hell Is Breaking Loose: Will We Survive the Soros Led American Spring?
"many i spk to already understand this and are preparing  we see the alinsky tactics and the obama/soros moves and are praying the pres weed out the leaks which are prob holdovers from obamas admin and prob some republicans who dislike him.…"
Feb 28
bonnie somer replied to John M Foley's discussion Arrest Barack Hussein Obama for Treason Acts against the United States of America
"John compromise is not a word i'd use to describe how both sides feel WTP know how we feel about Trump being pres and the left feels alot differently to say the least.   i believe they surely want chaos and unrest probably a civil war.…"
Feb 23
bonnie somer replied to Harry Riley's discussion May Day! May Day! May Day!
"Col. we have been at war since Obama took office.  his war was always w/America not the world his goal END AMERICA and now the blatantness of all of it is full blown they want to get rid of AMERICA no matter what and make us give in to their…"
Feb 20
bonnie somer replied to Harry Riley's discussion UNCONFIRMED, LEFTIST USURPED VIOLENT OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING 2017 TO BEGIN MAY 1, 2017
"i saw paul sperry on Lou dobbs show it is no shock to me that Obama is behind many of the violence protests we are seeing he is living in DC and is prepared to have his army fight Trump.   The deep state is worrisome and so are the hold overs…"
Feb 20
bonnie somer replied to Judith M. Green's discussion Inside The Secret Campaign To Oust Flynn
"i agree; the concerted effort by obama holdovers and o/agency leftovers and Dems and prob GOP Trump haters are all in on this.  They are attempting to subvert the govt b/c they LOST and cannot accept it.   Schumer and the others i pray…"
Feb 15
bonnie somer replied to Judith M. Green's discussion Actions by We, The People's President Trump
"yep so far so good as far as I see.    No one seems to recall Obama banning Iraqis in 2011 and i do not recall lawsuits or protests............................I hope Trump ends our UN involvement; rids us of common core and thank God is…"
Feb 2
bonnie somer replied to Judith M. Green's discussion Subject: "Really, what has Trump done?"
"Fortunately we are smart enough to know that Obama banned iraquis in 2011 and Carter banned iranians after that hostage crisis.   NO ONE  on the news mentioned that but FOX.     I KNOW OF NO WHERE IN THE US CONSTITUTION THAT SAYS…"
Jan 30
bonnie somer replied to Raffaele Cafagna's discussion CONGRESS : GET THE U.N. OUT OF THE U.S.
"Getting the UN out of the United States is something that should have long happened.     it is a meeting spot for globalists of which obama was one.     Now is the time to say good riddance to this worthless body"
Jan 26
bonnie somer replied to Harry Riley's discussion BE PREPARED... the relentless assault of the progressives ...By Michael Connelly
"Your comment is correct as the paragraphs express  They also have rigid control of the American education system, particularly in our universities, where efforts to use political correctness to totally shut down free speech for everyone who…"
Jan 17
bonnie somer replied to Harry Riley's discussion DIRT-BAG MCCAIN....Senator John McCain 1st to hide behind Obama’s Citizenship
"may he and his BFF l. graham rot in hell  mccain lives in a border state and has done zippo for AZ  he is a dirt bag indeed that is our prob congressmen and senators out for themselves NOT FOR AMERICA"
Jan 12
bonnie somer replied to Harry Riley's discussion LET ME REPEAT, "OBAMA, THE MOST SINISTER, EVIL ENEMY AMERICA HAS EVER DEFEATED...."
"Delusional wow Obama acted more like he was king of the world; he said something and expected us all to jump  too bad the world does not work that way.   He has stepped on the constitution and the cornerstones of America.   he feels…"
Jan 9

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At 9:50am on September 25, 2015, Morning Star said…

Bonnie Somer,

I truly wish that there was a way to overturn what the Marxist have done to our country and our freedom.  It's so frustrating that most of the college students and their generation believe that 'Socialism is a good idea'. 

As Margaret Thatcher once said: "The problem with Socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money." 

Now what can we do to fix this mess?

At 9:45am on September 25, 2015, Morning Star said…

Bonnie Somer,

I'm somewhat relieved that Boehner is going to retire.  Only concern is who will replace him? 

At 2:59pm on January 16, 2014, Kelly Bliven said…

Welcome, and thank you for linking arms with us in Operation American Spring OAS. We hope to work and stand shoulder to shoulder with you in the restoration of our republic and liberty. Please be sure to join your state group as well, by clicking on the state group tab on top of the page. If you are unable to physically attend or would like to, please join our prayer warrior’s page

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Again thank you for joining and being a part of something big!



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