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The left cheers at the degradation of our society.  The right seems lost or unwilling to do the work to confront and defeat such tyranny.  I believe its up to the citizens, the patriots to make our voices heard.  We have power and voice in numbers.  Its time to step up and defend our Great Nation as thousands have done an died for in the past.  We cannot allow them  to have died in vain for our rights and freedom as we sit idly by and do nothing against tyrannical government.  Our 1st…


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We have watched the denigration of our government and society happen before our very eyes.  We have seen the illegal activities being perpetrated within our supposed government on the citizens of our nation.  The scandals.  The unrest has increased.  Strife around the globe.  Illegals crossing a wide open border.  Regulations being imposed that we can't read(reminder of the ACA) The list is almost endless...and very disturbing.   We, the citizens and patriots of America, need to stand…


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Freedom and Justice

I believe we are at a turning point.  True Americans are going to need to unite and take a peaceful stance for Justice.  This means a march on Washington by the millions to demand Obama be removed from office and held accountable for violations of law.  Specifically , public endangerment.  I have a site to visit.  Resolution2015.jigsy.com.  I hope that people will take a look at it and join us there.  We are also looking for input from Veterans.  Thank you.

God Bless…


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45 Burnings Prove Atrocities of the Dark Ages

45 Burnings Prove Atrocities of the Dark Ages

Tuesday, 17 Feb 2015 10:05 PM

By Todd Beamon

Reports Tuesday that the Islamic State burned to death 45 people in Iraq just days after posting a video showing the beheadings of 21 Egyptian Christians proves that "we're…


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Lets Send Congress a Weekly Email to Wake Them Up

We, The People are herein putting you on notice. We have watched with growing alarm as the president of the United States has become a law unto himself. We are watching as you, to whom we gave specific powers, do nothing to stop him. Barack Hussein Obama has rendered our heretofore effective Checks and Balances System into a useless anachronism. You have become useless because you failed to show courage in the face of a rogue president. Realizing your collective cowardice would not save…


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The American Revolutionary War- 2015

The past is all ways a threat, and it has come back into the lives of Americans, and these people have a firm grip even on us here in England. the following is a mix, of video clips, and this is a way to say, to expose a system will start the downfall, not by its self but as a unity of all the voices as one.

The Dumbing Down Of Americans and people world wide…


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Obama Seeks Unconstitutional Power To Attack and use Net Neutrality 2015

 "Obama Seeks Unconstitutional Power To Attack and use Net Neutrality" Federal Election Commission to Consider Regulating Online Political Speech. And could even threaten Patriots For America here on ning networks.

Net Neutrality threatens YouTube and at a cost of millions if not in the billions of dollars because of Political Freedom Of Speech Video Blogs.



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The Disarming of Americans

The Disarming of Americans, can it be done without a war? this video was created by The Network, and approved by the the united efforts of The People Of England. And was approved for release by the network team.

Anonymous has exposed the violation of The First Amendment in the building of Church of Scientology by the United States Government. Linking this to the Illuminati, , Illuminati, Corporation, NWO, Illumi Corp - AKA the Company. also- "Scientology Washington, D.C. - Founding…


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One Small Step For Man kind- The Concept

The good old boys in Office- The spending of $128 Trillion Dollars between 2001 to 2011. you see our elected officials collect a tax payers pay check and at the same time they invest into the Federal Reserve Central Banking Pyramid Scam. Thats what it is, and there is a way to fight back. This video is Rated(R) for choice use of words.

 This is how it works The UK Central Banking system is the Illumi Corp - AKA the Company, the Federal Reserve is owned by the Central Banking System,…


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We Are Anonymous And This Is Our Work

We work in the dark against issues that threaten lives, countries, and we expose them for greed and they will know it was us. We stand over 1 Billion Anonymous Activist Strong. This is what we do-

the first affiliated video is called- Hank Jordan vs. Patriot Action Network…


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Abundance Paradigm vs.The Money Pit

 The Abundance Paradigm may be a way to change things but The Abundance Paradigm vs. The Money Pit. To help anyone is a goal of The Network. Powerful only because they help people that no one else can or will. A Network team that is by all means Patriots.

 Some may not understand this, but The Federal Reserve is run by a elite group of people who are in contol of Central Banks. The foundation of this is said to be of the Illumicorporation. One such person is George Soros:…


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