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Vegas next for Bankruptcy?

I said 3 months ago when being interviewed by the Police, Sheriffs and Fire Deptment Unions all over Nevada that Stockton California would declare Bankruptcy and now they have to get out of paying the Union Retirement and their high Pay. I said it could happen in Nevada next if we don't cut our spending . I now have heard its happening in Vegas and the Unions are now starting to Sue the City, I believe the City of Vegas will have to file Bankruptcy like Stockton and other cities in the U.S.…


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Congress is at it Again

PLEASE TAKE A MINUTE TO READ THIS: Congress has not changed and we are still going to pay for it. Wheres the Republicans now, It needs to be stopped.
I realize that this has little chance unless some powerful media gets behind it, but it should appeal to all – conservatives, liberals and independents.

Monday on Fox news they learned that the staffers of Congress family members are exempt from having to pay back student loans. This will get national attention if other news…

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Lyon County Board of Supervisor Problem in Nevada

Hi nothing is changing. On Tuesday night in Dayton at 7PM the Lyon County School Board in Nevada will be voting on the Superintendent pay raise. She has asked for a raise of $20,000.00 and 45 days paid leave that can be collected over years to be voted on. I don't know if anyone cares but I believe this is crazy. We have laid teachers off and police in Lyon County and she wants a raise. I believe she needs to take a 50% pay cut not raise sense Lyon County is at 20+ in unemployment and more… Continue

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It's Coming To America

As a Nation We need to cut our spending so We don't end up like Ireland or Greece,I see it coming to America. When Congress Stops the Crazy Spending and Stops the Unemployment programs that will have to stop sooner or later. We will be looking at people in the streets protesting and more. Please prepare yourself for this eventual event to happen. I believe it will be part people in need and unions creating this situation. I unfortunately don't see any way out. Our dollar has just been devalued… Continue

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People VS Voting

It’s a sad Day for Nevada when one waits 15-months to vote against Harry Reid then allegedly finds the ballot machine votes for Reid not the Candidate the voter intended to choose. If several reported self-voting ballot machines are designed, to favor Harry Reid and others, racketeering charges should be considered ASAP.

Apparently, many Nevadans that intend to vote for Harry Reid don’t know it was reported Reid supports legalizing nationally, Internet Poker gambling that could… Continue

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Please Vote For Russell Best

Russell Best, the Independent American Party candidate for the US House of Representatives Second District files with the Nevada Secretary of State. Russell Best, a longtime Nevada resident, has been campaigning for the Second Congressional District in Nevada.

As a constitutionalist, he is disgusted by politics as usual; politics which has placed this nation into a dangerous tailspin. He hopes to bring back plain talk, open dialogue, and be a voice for the people that he will represent.… Continue

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Congress Needs This Law To Create Jobs


I believe we should have full immigration as long as our unemployment rate is lower than 6% When it reaches 6% we need to cut immigration by 25%. If unemployment reaches 7% we need to drop immigration to 50%. When unemployment goes to 8% we need to drop immigration 75% and when we reach 9% we need to stop all immigration except for Husbands or wives marrying Citizens of the U.S. I also believe that we need to return to the system that was in place in 1979 in regards to… Continue

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Pray For Change Back To The Constitution and God

We need to help get others to Vote, if they have disabilities or are their not sure who to Vote for. Explain why WE the People need their Vote but get them to Vote. The most Important thing is to ask for Gods help to get the Right people in office. Please take time out of your very busy day and at least say one Prayer for We the People With me and for me. Also Thank God for this Time before the Election to get ready for a Change.

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Nevada We Are In Trouble

H.R.3962 - Affordable Health Care for America Act
On 06/24/20109 Do you want him again in Congress in Nevada? You can Verify on Open Congress and the Washington Post Data Base.

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Comment by: Ross Wolf (#28231)

Entered on: 2010-10-15 08:14:04

Americans to protect their freedoms, should immediately address GOP’S dangerous proposal in the “Contract With America” that would “make it much easier” for police to succeed with false arrests allowing illegally seized evidence in courts.

Republican Senator Hatch slipped this nightmare into The Crime Control Act of 1993 that failed to pass that attempted to add: Section 3509 Admissibility of Evidence… Continue

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Sharon Angle agree's with me

All the people who want to Vote for Sharon Angle should also Vote for me. Sharon ran against Dean before as he isn't a Conservative. If you don't remember check the Records then Vote for Russell Best the true Conservative and Constitutionalist

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Yes, Mr.President. The killings undermine peace talks.


According to numerous news reports, President Obama denounced the murder of four Israelis by a Hamas gunman as "senseless slaughter" and said the attacks won't "undermine these talks."

Dear Mr. Temporarily-Because of-a-Mass-American-Insanity President (not to mention 78% of the American Jewish community who thought that abandoning Israel in their vote would somehow help them. Has it, 78% of American Jews?

Are you happier now, richer, more secure?) I beg to differ. As an… Continue

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RINOS Stealing the Tea Party Movement

This was just forwarded to me by the Tea Party being attacked again this time the RINOS watch out their every where. We have learned that the NRSC (National Republican Senatorial Committee) has sent a team of lawyers and political hacks - including the NRSC's top lawyer - to Alaska to potentially manipulate the vote-counting process in the Alaska GOP Senate race.Their apparent goal: to help Liberal Sen. Lisa Murkowski steal the election from Conservative Republican, Joe Miller, who currently… Continue

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People VS Voting

I hear this from a lot of people, that why vote it does not matter. I am not really represented, all they care about is what they want to do. And a lot of folks say that my vote does not count. Well, this is not true, When you Vote especially for an Independent American like me it counts more than Voting Republican or Democrat as they cancel each other out. I could give you a litney test of things that were swayed by one or two votes, but most of you do not see it that way. All one has to do is… Continue

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Anger and Frustration

The anger and frustration that I have been feeling is that of a quiet desperation, but like many of you, it is boiling over. A failing economy, mosques being built next to ground zero, and a government in Washington that does not listen to the public. What happened to the notion of a government of the people, by the people, for the people? It seems as if all they are concerned with is destroying our country piece by piece and as quickly as possible. They are doing this by a very simple tactic,… Continue

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I am running for office for God and my Country. When elected, I will due what ever I can to restore the Constitution, by shrinking Government, and restoring State Rights, and by stopping the spending of our runaway Government. Then Repeal all federal laws that aren't Constitutional. Next have a group of Senators and Congress go threw all executive orders and put them up for a Vote to repeal all laws that are not Constitutional, Next repeal the National Emergency Act. Next audit the Federal… Continue

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Look whats happening in our State. WAKE UP AMERICA PLEASE.





The International Conference on Food Security and International Migration: A Perspective from

the Americas will be held in Reno on September 4th. This event is organized by the… Continue

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AR Mainstream Media Hijacking Tea Party Movement

> Today is a sad day for America. Last night, Peter Schiff lost

> the Republican primary for U.S. Senate in the State of

> Connecticut. Linda McMahon was the winner of the primary with 49% of the vote compared to Rob Simmons at 28% and Peter Schiff at

> 23%. Peter Schiff received 53% more votes than what the latest

> Quinnipiac poll had indicated, which showed his support at only

> 15%. NIA believes… Continue

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Federal Government is Taking away States Rights

I Believe we are being taken over by our Government. Every State needs to say No to the Newest Bailout of Unions. Their by passing the States and this is Illegal and the money comes with conditions your State doesn't need. Wheres our 10 th amendment rights, Who's controlling the States money, and Personnel in the States and Who is going to pay the price later. Wake Up America the Federal Government is By passing States Rights. Next will be your Freedom and Rights. The fed. is giving… Continue

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Republans Are Waking Up, Are You?

Hi I'm been telling you about the Independent American Party Here is more of whats Happening.

Republicans for Janine Hansen for Assembly Announced

Under the leadership of Chairman Dale Andrus, former Republican Primary Candidate for Assembly District 33, and Kent Howard, a former Elko County Republican Chairman, Republicans for Janine Hansen for Assembly has been launched with over sixty Republicans lending their support.

“I believe… Continue

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