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Executive Ordered CO2 Cap&Tax

According to the Canada Free Press, according to FOX, Obama will sign an executive order next week to implement his destruction of America Act(Cap & Tax). . It's past time to demand that the Repubs introduce Articles of Impeachment. Yes, it will go no where. That's a given, but the more attention these transgressions get, the better. At what point do we say, enough is enough,… Continue

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Rep Jason Altmire to vote no on Obama-care

According to the Pittsburgh TV station WTAE-Ch 4's web site, Representative Jason Altmire will vote no on the Obama-care bill. He is one of the swing votes needed to stop this. The story was posted at 5:09 PM. He says in the story that he knows the majority of his constituents are against it. If you wish to read the article, go to . Let's pray… Continue

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Time to revolt?

I am mad. I'm actually beyond mad. After the showing in D.C.and other events across the country this past weekend, our representatives have chosen to ignore us. As if we didn't exist. Our words and our desires mean nothing to them. Listen to the news. Congress and the Senate continue to push through this abomination of a health care bill. B.O. goes to speak at a union convention with less representation than us and promises them all we stand against. We don't exist. What will it take?… Continue

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Whitehouse Big Brother email

I think we should take a lesson from the left. After all, some of them have at least a small level of measurable intelligence. We should flood their "Big Brother" snitch email sight. What would it take?Ten-twenty BS subject, no nothing emails. Doesn't seem there are any illegalities involved. So, let's get busy.

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AFL-CIO to challenge us

I heard today that the AFL-CIO had instructed it's members to start attending the Town Hall meetings and confront patriots who oppose Socialized medicine. Or something to that effect. They call us a mob, they say we carry Swastika Flags, yet they sic their mob, their Brown Shirts, on us. How hypocritical. We must not back down. Honestly, I prefer not to have this type of confrontation. At some point it's bound to get out of control. But we must be ready, no willing, to go toe to toe with these… Continue

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Usurper not only a usurper, he's out of his league

Since when does the President of the United States, or in this case the Usurper, comment on some local law enforcement issue. This is just one more indication of his not being qualified for the position. His shooting his mouth off at a Presidential news conference, to me, indicates his deep rooted racism. A man with real leadership abilities would have said "no comment", or something similar. No, he stokes the fire of hatred amongst people of different colors. Hey, thanks BHO. Thanks for… Continue

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Must read on "Climate change"

Check out this link.

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Pennsylvania Tea Party

Today's event was great! All the speakers were right on message, and Mr. Keyes was inspirational. I hope this is just the beginning. "We the people" have to stay engaged in this struggle. We have to take back our country. I can't stand the thought of leaving anything less, than what I have known, to my children. God Bless all of you who attended today. And may those in Washington who think we don't matter, look out, here we come.

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Obama "Hitler Youth"

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