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Im sure everyone has played connect the dots.Its an easy game if you can see the dots.Most all of us have played this game at one time in our lives.Its only difficult if we take our eye off the board.Thats what has happend in our National Security.

Our week anti American Government has left OUR UNITED STATES OF AMERICA wide open for comunist takover.Our so called president answers to George Jackass who has destroyed Nations economies and has his eyes on ours.

We know who's…


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I know airforce one has every communication system known to man kind.Thats not the point.The point is that our country is in averry bad way.We are at war on two fronts possibly three.We are being invaded by illegal

imagrants.There is a massive oil spill in the gulf of Mexico that continues to discharge thousands of barrels of oil daily.Our economy is in shambles,unemployment is in double digets and euorope wants us to help bail them out.

Whith all the crap going on in the…


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Mr and Mrs career politition.Here is a little heads up for you.There is a large group of people in this country called Americans.I wonder if you remember us and who we really are.You caught us napping and being the dirty bastards you are,you wasted no time in stealing everthing you could.Most of us are awake now and like a bear comming out of its long winters nap,we are hungry and pissed off because somone gave our food away.Being survivors and somewhat vingful, what could be better than to…


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Every day we move closer to a call to arms.Our evil anti American administration in the white house is determind to destroy the nation of our forefathers.They want to make us all slaves for the government. Some Americans have already been enslaved for along time and dont even know it.

This evil administration and its left wing decipels has no limit to how low they will go in their quest to destroy

America.They go after our children with the same tactics used in Natzi…


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I may not be the brightest star in the sky or the sharpest pencil in the box but i do know the price of freedom. I read the comments,blogs and discussions of all my fellow Patriots and we are all pretty much in agreement on the subject of freedom. I cant understand why our fellow Americans would rather destroy this great nation rather than fix it. There has to be somthing evil infecting us. Something more than just power and greed. This a tough fight.

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Way to go Arizona

Its about time someone stood up to Washington and the polititions who only care about votes and dont care how they get them. People can cry about racial profiling all they want. You have to start somewhere. This problem hasent been ignored without reason. My hats off to the people of the GREAT STATE OF ARIZONA and the only Governor willing to make a stand against the invasion.

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