Constitutional Emergency


Mexico will try to swing OUR ELECTION !

I just read an article on Horn News by Bloomberg News ...that Mexico is going ALL OUT to stop Trump . They are telling all their consulates to start registering over a million Mexico born people in our Country , probably illegally , as Naturalized residents. Then George Soros has pledged over a million dollars to left wing organizations to get these people registered to vote in November 2016. This is an act of FOREIGN SUBVERSION !  Where in the US Constitution does it say people here…


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How can it be possible ?

The latest polls show Hussein Obama ahead in the critical States of Florida, Virginia and Ohio. How can this be possible after 4 years of this incompetent usurper and his inept administration ?  Trillion dollar plus deficits every year he has been in office.  Now a murdered Ambassador , 2 Navy Seals and another brave American due to TOTAL INCOMPETENCE and ignorance of the threats to all Americans.  Yet , it seems many Americans are ready to give this fraudulent administration 4 more years to…


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66,000 Saudi students allowed into USA !

The Obama administration in their infinite wisdom has removed strict barriers for students from Saudi Arabia to enter the USA and attend American Universities. The Wall Street Journal reports more than 4 times as many entered our Country in the latest school year than before 9/11. What the .... ?  How in the heck can they possibly clear,.. through background checks,.. that many young Saudi students ?  Did we NOT LEARN ANYTHING from what happened on 9/11 ?  It appears NOT unfortunately ! Do…


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The failure of the Supreme Court !

Well, the Supreme Court failed again to live up to its Constitutional responsibility. The Founding Fathers created the Supreme Court to prevent laws like Obamacare from becoming the law of the land.  Yet,  Chief Justice John Roberts decided to give into politics rather than do his duty as a Justice and DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION.  Where in the Constitution does it say the Federal government has the power to force us to buy something or be taxed or penalized ? That is seriously distorting the…


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A Sad Day for the Truth !

Today, we lost a great defender of the truth , Andrew Breitbart . The creator of the website Big Government .com was a dedicated American Patriot who worked tirelessly to expose the anti-American bias of the mainstream media. He also revealed the destructive policies and actions of the Democrat Party and their progressive allies. Andrew recognized the threats to American liberty and principles by these supporters of BIG GOVERNMENT and ever increasing Federal power. Through his work,  we were…


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Critical year 2012

We are approaching one of the most crucial years in our great nation's existence. As important as 1776  or 1861 .   In 2012 , WE THE PEOPLE,  will determine the fate of our Country. Will we continue down the road of financial ruin or vote out the purveyors of Marxist socialist destruction ?  The future of America hangs in the balance .  Can we survive 4 more years of an administration oblivious to the peril of uncontrolled spending and ever increasing National Debt  ?  The answer is ....NO…


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Audit of Solyndra !

Why is an audit of the $550 million taxpayer dollars that disappeared into Solyndra not being done ?  A company receives over half a billion dollars from the Federal government and soon after declares bankruptcy. This front company was created to cash in on the man made global warming hoax just like Al Gore has done so fortuitously.  Could it be the company insiders are Obama confidants ?  This ripoff of taxpayers wreaks of corruption at the highest levels of our government. If a Republican…


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Bye Bye Nancy...Goodbye !

Bye , Bye Nancy ! Now you can take a Southwest flight back to San Fran instead of spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer's money flying Federal government jets back and forth. Oh, and you now have the time to know what's in a bill before you pass it. Can't wait to see you hand the gavel over to a REAL SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE !

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USA aid to China ?

Why are we giving millions in foreign aid to China ? Our Country is mired in massive budget deficits and a ballooning National debt of over 13 trillion dollars and yet our government sees the need to give foreign aid to China. Yes,....China ,...the second largest economy in the world now and a country we owe billions to in interest and principle. They have taken most of our manufacturing jobs and sent us junk products that we borrow money from them to buy. Talk about being played for a fool… Continue

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Obama takeover of Student loans !

Well, Obama and his fellow Marxist Democrats succeeded in taking over the student loan program by slipping it in the healthcare bill. The result of this latest government intrusion into the free market was a loss of 2500 jobs at Sallie Mae. I'm sure commercial banks that offer student loans will also have to let people go that deal with this particular type of loan. This will also include the loss of income to banks at a time when they are struggling to rebuild their income and balance sheets.

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Our Massachusetts Patriots

Once again our fellow Patriots in Massachusetts have led the way with another Tea Party by throwing the Democrats out of ...THEIR ...US Senate seat. Electing Scott Brown to the US Senate has fired a shot against tyranny just like at Lexington and Concord. The Obama Administration has now been put on notice by WE THE PEOPLE that we don't like his Marxist policies and back room deals. Our Country is heading toward financial ruin if we don't continue to take back our Nation ....State by State… Continue

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