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Lets get our History Straight

This message is for my brother Gunny Pinkstaff. Gunny I certainly agree with most of what you say. But then I only spent ten years in the Corps so what do I know. I spent three years however working at the Pentagon as a Civilian Audit Manager for the Comptroller General of the United States. I can tell you without any equivocation whatsoever that a plane did indeed hit the Pentagon. There are many stories that started circulating that there was not a shred of wreckage left of the plane. That…


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And So We Are Enjoined

NBC reported this morning that at least ten Congressmen who had voted for the Reconcilation of the Senate Health Bill (one of the worst Obamanations I have ever read) had their property or offices vandalized and property destroyed presumably because they voted against the wishes of their constituents and for this bill. They also reported that the FBI is looking into these acts of vandalism.

It is not my…


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At First Glance It Seems Stupid?

No Sir, it does not seem stupid. If you know the Government, you know of course that those in power at the top in the White House and at the heads of Committees on the Hill in both houses of Congress will indeed fight to stay in power no matter what they have to do to do so. However, After committing 35 years of my life including ten in the military serving my country I have acquired some knowledge of how the rank and file feel in the trenches of Government and believe me it is not what…


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What Really Happened in Bozeman Montana When OBAMA Visited

Patriots, I know Montanans. They are a proud people, hard working, patriotic to the bone and live in a part of our great country where they park their vehicles in front of stores with the keys left in the cars and trucks, guns visible in the windows of their pickups, and no fear that someone will try to steal either their possessions, cars or guns. So when the White House announced that the President was coming for a town hall meeting to Bozeman, Here is what really happened, sent to me by a… Continue

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Open letter to the 435 Congress members, One President, and Nine Supreme Court Justices

Who On God's Beautiful Earth do you 435 people really think you are? Do you represent the almost 300 plus million American Citizens who voted to put you in offices you now hold (of course we did not vote for you Supreme Court Justices and many of you would not now be serving if we had)? Surely if your answer is yes, you really do not believe that we also believe that do you? Come on now is there a Constitutional Crisis over the President's birthplace, his eligibility to serve as President not… Continue

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Who and How to Start Grand Juries. Where to Find Leaders Who will Act Responsibly

Having read that Grand Juries are one very effective way of putting the excitement back in the days of those that are destroying our country, our freedoms, and trying to turn us into a nation that is afraid of the Government rather than the opposite (they should be afraid of us) it becomes important to know how to get the ball rolling.

Fellow Patriots, I will not lie to you nor will I ever try to mislead you. Grand Juries are our constitutional right and this is supported by Supreme… Continue

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Where To From Here?

My last Post brought some positive comments. All of them from Patriots ready to Protect and Serve as Patriots and Citizens of our Great Country have been doing since our Founding Fathers showed us the way and gave us a Constitution to protect. A document which contains the greatest blueprint for freedom the world has ever known or seen outside of the Bible. And with this document they handed to us not on a silver platter but by the risk of loss of everything they owned including their lives… Continue

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Bowing Out? Quitting? Waiting for the People to Wake Up? In the words of some of the Younger Patriots among us WTF?

Fellow Patriots, I am concerned about a comment by a true patriot that he is bowing out because it appears that the people are not ready to accept that we are in deep trouble and that our countrymen are unable to wake up to the dangers we face as this administration and this National Socialist Democratic Party (They do fit the profile of Hitler's National Socialist Party of the 30's and 40's) try to take over our country and destroy everything our Founders risked to make us the most powerful… Continue

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And It Came to Pass

And it came to pass... in the Age of Insanity that the people of the land called America , having lost their morals, their initiative, and their will to defend their liberties, chose as their Supreme Leader that person known as "The One".

He emerged from the vapors with a message that had no meaning; but He hypnotized the people telling them, "I am sent to save you. My lack of experience, my questionable ethics, my monstrous ego, and my association with evil doers are of no… Continue

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We All Need To Pull Together - Internal Squabbles Not Needed

Nothing can disrupt or slow an organization's objectives, goals and indeed its entire function like an internal disagreement fomented by members of the organization. In Patriots For America and Constitutional Emergency, there is already one member with some skill at using the computer that has started trying to disrupt and tear down the fabric of our budding groups for no other good reason than he feels slighted by something so trivial as to make one believe that he was never in this… Continue

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It is not and was never a bail out.

I was listening to Rush and Shawn as I usually do including also several other conservative talk show hosts. Suddenly something Rush said triggered my memories and I realized for the first time that neither Rush nor Shawn nor any of the other Conservative talk radio hosts has even mentioned the fact that this was never a bail out. And that is why the banks never even considered freeing up the so-called bailout funds for lending to small business and others needing loans to stay in business or… Continue

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