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Democrats in Virginia pass anti-gun rights laws

The Democrats in Virginia have passed their anti-gun rights laws in Virginia in spite of the Jan. 20th rally by the people.

22,000 people showed up at that gun-rights rally in Virginia last week,…


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Special investigater Mueller breaks silence

Wednesday May 29th, 2019.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller announced Wednesday the office of the special counsel was closing and he was returning to private life, in his first public comments since his investigation began in May 2017.

He reiterated the conclusions outlined in his final report, which Attorney General William Barr released last month.

On the subject of whether the Trump campaign conspired with Russia during the 2016 election, Mueller said, “There was…


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What is Congressional Oversight?

What is Congressional Oversight? The Democrats in Congress claim they have Congressional oversight powers and authority to make sure all other branches of Government behave themselves and obey the Constitution and the laws of this land. Democrat representative Jerrold Nadler is claiming he has authority to investigate President Donald Trump for virtually anything he chooses to make sure Trump is a legitimately elected and…


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Ultimate HIGH TREASON Exposed

Ultimate HIGH TREASON Exposed.

The truth begins to emerge about Mueller probe.

The truth about what Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and about 300 other people in Washington is finally beginning to be exposed. Many of these people are in Congress, some in our justice department, others are in the Federal Reserve, some in…


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May 1st 2017 Are you ready for WAR?

May 1st is the date Obama and his OFA warriors have set to begin the war against American's, Are you ready ?

According to some things going around the Internet Obama and his Progressives/Communists intend to start their march on Washington, and also in several other cities around the country. His OFA Army of 32,000 black shirt terrorists intend to start the action that will bring fighting to the streets of America.

Senator Dianne Feinstein and Rep Maxine Waters have been openly…


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Supreme Court on education and Islam

Posted by Nick Santini on Facebook;

Supreme Court rules against Islam being taught in public schools

It seems that it rests with the Supreme Court to decide the fate of Islam being taught in public schools. They have made a decision that students will be taught about radical Islam and ways they can stop it.

As Neil Gorsuch said, the administration ought not to get involved with religion, but this is a whole different situation. In public schools, children are told that…


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The "Fundamental Transformation of America" High Treason

Health care; (Obamacare, AHC); Control over 1/7th of all US economy. And control over all health care aspects of American's health and industry. Controls over hospitals, doctors, and pharmaceuticals.

Climate Change; EPA FDA, Land management, control over all aspects of environmental use of land water and air. FDA control…


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