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Time for a change!!!

I was just watching the photos slideshow on here and I am listening to an old album many will not remember.

Elton John, Yellow brick Road. well it goes with that..

To all the "patriots' on here ...I have to ask you all a question.......

Are you ready to "die" for your 'patriotism'?

Are you ready to leave a wife, in an interest only mortgage, with 3 kids, in some special school? Are you really ready to go and fight against the very… Continue

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Just saw this....

I just came across the audio file while I was perusing around a website called

This guy really explains the economic situation rather well.

I have tried to make this link 'live' but it didn't work. Just copy it and paste it in your address… Continue

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We just experienced a "snowstorm" here in, and around, Atlanta, Ga. It is the most amazing thing in the world to see the disruption it causes here in the south. Soccer moms and BBW's from all over stampede upon the Krogers and Publix like TSHTF. In a 50 mile radius, some folks got rain and others got 7.5 inches of snow. I thought they were gonna call the Whitehouse and have a national emergency declared.

The Airport shuts down when the first flake falls, the schools close the day… Continue

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Just the Fax, Ma'M!!!

Anybody seen this? I can't wait till they get to the bottom of this. It would certainly be nice if folks could just tell the truth.

Rusty's plan for immediate world peace.

1. Always tell the truth.

2. Do not violate the rights of your fellow man. If you have to ask what they are, you don't deserve any.

3. If you have a belief in god (s), keep it to yourself.

Why is the above… Continue

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This is about the most I can take!!!!

If anyone else here has ever been subject to incarceration by the local police, this video will piss you off.

I say it is high time we start searching these guys down and have some "tar and feather" parties.

This is the same guy that goes home at night and tries to explain to his kids what is right and wrong. Imagine how screwed up those kids will be by age 25!!!

I had a… Continue

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I have been pondering things for some time now and I have finally gotten an answer from the universal consciousness to my on going question of, "What's it all about".

I'm not a good story teller so I will just let my thoughts spew out from my fingers into this keyboard and see what happens. It may be an interesting read for some and others might think I need to have the men in white coats come and visit me. I wish I was a Hunter Thompson, Lewis Grizzard, Ron Hudspeth...but those days… Continue

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Old Rooster created this Ning Network.

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