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What you wish for!

Jan 15th

What you wish for?

I hear a lot of noise coming from concerned citizens about making Obama pay for his crimes. The list is endless, and in my way of thinking, mindless as well.

Let’s just look at two of them, the wishes from “Concerned citizens” so to speak.

  1. Citizen’s arrest of the President for high crimes and misdemeanors.
  2. Impeachment of President for failure to uphold and exceeding…

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Which Side are you on?

Jan 14th

Which Side are you on?

Although commonly attributed to Pete Seeger, the original lyrics of the protest song “Which side are you on?” were written in 1931 by “Coal Miner’s Daughter” Florence Reece who was raised in Harlan County, Kentucky where the struggles between coal miners and mine owners often erupted into shooting wars over protection for the jobs as well as the mines.

Sometimes the mine owners would buy out…


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From the Shores of Tripoli

Jan 13th

From the Shores of Tripoli

Complete misunderstanding of the history of our country often leads to misunderstanding of contemporary situations.

First of all, our government is the government of the whole country, and not just the coterie that happens to be dwelling in the capitol at the time. What that means is that from time to time political parties come to power that do not represent the “Other side’s” views so…


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OAS is not the Bonus Army

Jan 10th

OAS is not the Bonus Army:

I was wondering how long it would take before this topic and comparison to float up, after all, liberals are seeking ways to discredit OAS from the beginning, and it was going to happen sooner or later.

Upon first hearing of the OAS plan, I immediately recalled the notorious routing of the “Bonus Marchers” from D.C. in 1932 by the US Army using armored vehicles and cavalry.…


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What is the Commander's Intent?

Jan 9th

What is the Commander’s Intent?

Back when we were kids on the block, we would stand around and wonder what we were going to do with our time and invariably some genius would say “Let’s go to the quarry and have a game of take the flag.”

Of course we would hop on our bicycles and pedal away for an afternoon of fun.

That was the extent of the planning that took place.

Later, in the Scouts, adults would supervise us in the preparation of…


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Clean up and clam up

Jan 8th

Clean up and clam up

As events start moving forward to the Operation American Spring (OAS) I am reminded of the WWII Expression “Loose Lips Sink Ships.”

Of course this was in reference to the fact that the Enemy then was always listening in on all conversations, and would utilize any information to scuttle the plans of the allies.

Unfortunately, it is not in human nature to clam up. Eisenhower was forced to fire one of his high-level…


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What Event Horizon?

Jan 5th

What event horizon?

If I were writing this as Science Fiction there is a good possibility that most of the readers would have an understanding of the phrase “Event Horizon.”

Event Horizon is defined as "the point of no return" i.e. the point at which gravitational pull becomes so great that escaping its grip is impossible. The end is coming though it may not have happened yet, and disaster is inescapable.

  1. It’s that predictable…

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Mensheviks - who were they?

Jan 4th

Ahh, yes …. the Mensheviks

What’s in a name?

Bolshevik = Majority

Menshevik = Minority

I am reminded of Yogi Berra’s famous quip – “It’s like Déjà vu all over again.”

Sparring and fencing, tacking and Jibing, sparring some more, that’s where we are right now.

Let’s let the Democrats have all they want and the Republicans will lean back and say, “I told you so” when their miserable house of cards collapses around their ears.…


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Better Right than left

Jan 3rd  

Better Right than left

I was working the residuals of Operation Desert Storm when the 1992 campaign for President kicked off. What we had was a sort of wishy-washy, Blue-Blood, Republican in George H.W. Bush against a smart-alecky former Arkansas Democrat governor with a somewhat checkered past and plenty of anecdotes in his closet to make it a sure fire thing for Bush to be reelected.

My goodness, I remember being home at the time, digging…


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Independence - Independent

Jan 2nd                                       

Independence - Independent

When I was going through the rigors of undergraduate school (It was tough taking those 8-AyEm classes on Saturday) I was always encouraged by my professors to “Have an open mind” when examining new ideas, and not to allow stilted, biased or whatever prejudicial past influences work on my decision making.

Yes, I was to be independent thinking, and that was the hallmark of the “modern…


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The Strong Delusion

Jan 1st                                        

The Strong Delusion

Sometimes we humans are consumed with the delusion that we not only are acting alone, but that there is no higher power to whom we can either expect assistance, or that will hold us accountable. Our arrogance is compounded by the way we continue to cry out to that same creator for help, while at the same time turn our backs on that which he provides as a sure method to live in his…


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Chocolate/ Pajama Boy Won't be there

Dec 31st  

Chocolate Boy won’t be there

For the past few days I have been hearing about “Chocolate Boy” and wondering what that was all about, so I finally dropped all pretense of knowing everything (what Irisher will admit he does not?) and did a little “research” to find out what he – it was.

Chocolate Boy also known a Pajama Boy, is the creation of the B-Ho press corps trying to “calm” down Americans who are incensed about their inability to get Affordable…


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Join the Guard, Rule the Country

Dec 29th  

Join the Guard, Run the Country

Just a few days back I ran a posting that bemoaned that there were so few in politics who had actually served in our country’s armed forces.

It wasn’t that we should have only veteran’s serving, but rather that those who served would at least have an inkling about the sacrifice required to be in service.

It must be remembered that George W. Bush was vilified because he was “only” in the Texas Air National Guard…


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