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Juan Williams fired???

Juan Williams FIRED: NPR Sacks Analyst Over Fox News Muslim Comments.

So, he isn't white,so they can't scream racist,LOL he worked for them for years,so they can't say it's cutbacks. It must have been the Muslim comment. Juan said he watches them in airports,and does double takes. LOL He must have woken up that the fantasy land PC crap will get you killed. LOL The liberal mind is incompatible with it's own survival. Ahahahaha

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Ilinois failed to send out our Military Ballots in time.

A county in Illinois failed to send our troops Ballots out in time.Why am I not surprised? This is a law being disregarded by Officials!
What's going on Illinois? Get on them!

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Finally. A Judge sticks it to the Terrorist nutjobs!!!

NEW YORK – A Pakistani immigrant who tried to set off a car bomb in Times Square was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison by a judge who said she hopes he spends time behind bars thinking "carefully about whether the Quran wants you to kill lots of people."

A defiant Faisal Shahzad smirked as he was given a mandatory life term that, under federal sentencing rules, will keep him behind bars until he dies.

"If I'm given 1,000 lives I will sacrifice them all for the life of… Continue

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US strike kills 5 German militants in Pakistan

BERLIN – An American missile strike killed five German militants Monday in the rugged Pakistan border area where a cell of Germans and Britons at the heart of the U.S. terror alert for Europe — a plot U.S. officials link to al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden — were believed in hiding.

The attack, part of a recent spike in American drone strikes on Pakistan, came as Germany said it has "concrete evidence" that at least 70 Germans have undergone paramilitary training in Pakistan and… Continue

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Must hear.

I knew it. It's already… Continue

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8 officials Arrested in Suburb in LA

8 officials arraigned on theft charges. 5.5 million dollars. These were city officials.They expect a lot more arrests to come. They have already stolen 5.5 million of taxpayers money.

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Another Fruitcake



James Jay Lee Discovery

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Law enforcement authorities have identified the Discovery Communications hostage-taker as James Jay Lee, according to NBC News.

Lee has a history of protesting the Discovery Channel; in 2008, he was arrested on charges of littering and disorderly conduct over a protest he organized against the network, according to DCist.

Lee is believed to be… Continue

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