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The 100-Mile no 4th Amendment Clause

I know.  I have been out of the loop for almost 2 years and I recently found out about this and this makes me so ill I don't know whether to throw up, sit on the toilet or the same time.  No wonder I was having so much trouble working the borders in AZ and TX.

In the words of Gomer Pyle…SHAZAAM!



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Personally I like the LaRue Tactical weaponry


either way...

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It's Time People: Callin' All the Clans Together

Thank God for James Hooker...he is the writer and singer of this...…


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Thinking the Unthinkable

Thinking the unthinkable.  EO’s to be issued by a “president”, making it a LAW (entirely against the United States Constitution), violating the Due Process LAW as written in the Constitution.  Executive Orders, EOs, are not “law”.  EOs, according to the Constitution, is for the policy of a presidents administration only and not for the American people, ever.  So, where is it in the USC that EOs are discussed?…


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Towing the Line

It was twilight, the flight of the beast.  The ground was hard, our hearts were cold.  The rain was falling, securing the load.  The rocks were wet from the falling rain, and the fog and mists were blowing amid.  As the choppers left we were all alone so we set up our camp for the initial patrol.  And quickly decided we needed to roll.

The orders…


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Callin' All the Clans Together

Here ye, here ye...


Callin' all the clans together!

Callin' all the clans together!

Callin' all the clans together!

Brothers come arunnin'!

Callin' south and north together!

Callin' west and east together!

Callin' all the clans together!

Brothers come…


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What does a Liberal want to be liberated from and what is a Conservative trying to conserve?

Alexander Hamilton and James Madison are the two men from the Founding Fathers that invented the current Two-Party American Political Spectrum. Alexander Hamilton was eagerly attempting to entail or entrail a strong centralized government and James Madison and Thomas Jefferson duly negated the Hamilton approach.

When one studies American…


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Obama Setting Up Riots

As the Marxist that despise this Nation gather up and protest the very government that gives them their Freedom, calling themselves OWS (occupy wall street), we have the Marxist-Sociopaths (the DNC) chiming in on the riots that will soon follow.

Will the DNCers declare no more elections?  They are trying to do just that.

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The Black Robe Regiment - The Patriots Call

From The Snooper Report

Contact your preachers, your ministers, your priests, your rabiis.

Where are your Preachers?  Where are your Priests?  Where are your…


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The Constitution of the United States

For many years I have been preaching and teaching the Constitution to all that would listen and to all that would learn.

I find it odd and peculiar why We The People that own the Constitution are always leery of demanding that the federal government actually fulfill the Oaths that they take upon their inception into Congress.

Just for the hopes that someone does in fact know what an Oath is but never understands what the Oath means, I will place this here at my first blog post…


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