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Dream Act - Lame Duck Session

Dream Act up for Vote

What is it:

Its an act intended to grant amnesty to illegal aliens here from the ages of 16 - 35 (which covers the majority of the 30-40 millions illegal aliens here.) All they must do plan to graduate or get a GED, go to college or plan to join the military.…


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No tickets for unlicensed Mexican National that Rear Ends NY Driver

It's interesting that in New York illegals are not allowed to get NY drivers licenses, although many do obtain them fraudulently.

In the above link the article tells of a former Brewser cop selling legitimate NY drivers license to illegals. It does not,however tell how he went about it. No telling if he had access to DMV or if other parties were involved. It is also unclear how…


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NY Official sells NY drivers licenses to illegals/motor voter/unsafe roads

See story here:

I live in Dutchess County, this happend just south of here in Brewster, NY.

The story claims he sold 6 licenses to illegal immigrants, however, I live in a town plagued with unlicensed illegals with a laundry mat down the street. Illegals here notoriously use Illinois and Pa. plates on their… Continue

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Repeal Obamacare PETITION/ by Former Gov. Pataki

Go here to view and sign petition!

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Wealthiest Man in world - Mexican National - Carlos Slim

Here the story tells of his purchase of mansion in NYC.

What many don't know is that he is, I believe, the largest shareholder of the New York Times. He bailed them out when they were facing bankrupcy. Forbes had an article on him some time ago. We all know…


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Help Support Arizona

The following site is a great tool to both help Arizona and help lower immigration

This is an informative site on immigration issues, legislation, etc. More importantly, it is avery user friendly site providing an easy way to fax our politicians on immigration issues.

I suggest anyone interested in helping Arizona should join.

Also, another informative site, not so much intereactive, but latest…


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Illegal voter registration forms still being used in NY.

Why illegal aliens have more rights than citizens, see link below:

I'll bet this was the form of choice by ACORN

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Swine virus emerges from Mexico into Calif., Texas, and possibly NYC.

How much will US spend yet again to deal with more unwelcome issues from our southwestern neighbor??

Thousands of US tax dollars in the last decade have been spent to deal with TB here in the US due to open borders and the spread of disease. Downplayed by the media, just a silent cost. My county has a free TB clinic, it started out as a clinic for migrant… Continue

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Accusations of Right Wing Extremists

Dare disagree with Obama or his administration. This is what will happen in short of being called a racist. Homeland Security will write a report and make accusations of extremism and call people who care about values a national threat.

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In response to the following article:

Homeland security has a plan for Border Chaos, that plan is, essentially nothing.

"He said the violence is not affecting U.S. citizens visiting Mexico and Americans should not cancel their vacations in the country" - So, what? Are the gunmen going to yell, "If your an American tourist, please duck" Drug… Continue

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