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2/3 of Obamacare ALREADY passed in the stimulus bill

Physician: Two-thirds of ObamaCare passed in stimulus package
February 23, 2:40 PMConservative ExaminerAnthony G. Martin

A nationally-recognized physician has written a stunning article in which she says that two-thirds of the government takeover of healthcare is already law under the provisions of the stimulus package approved by Congress last year.

She further asserts that the bill that is now being debated, which Obama unleashed yesterday morning, is the dreaded 'third rail' that will effectively seize the remaining third of the industry that is not under government control.

While most citizens, including conservatives such as this writer, were focused on the avalanche of proposals with which Obama and company bombarded Congress last year, apparently the fact that hidden within the massive trillion-dollar stimulus package, which most Congressmen and Senators never bothered to read, was a key healthcare provision that was overlooked.

The stimulus bill laid down two-thirds of the government takeover of healthcare by creating a national database for the health information of all Americans, thus ditching the time-honored principle of privacy, and by approving a provision that will mandate healthcare rationing based upon the ultimate cost and value of treating certain citizens.

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet lays out in frightening detail what has already happened and what is to come in the proposed 'third rail' that Obama proposed yesterday.

That 'third rail' is the takeover and control of the health insurance industry.

Once this third component is approved, which Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid declared would be done regardless, the destruction of the U.S. Healthcare System will be complete and the foundation will be laid upon which to build an entirely new structure, complete with rationing for the elderly and severely ill and disabled, taxpayer funded abortions, a national database that contains ALL of your formerly private medical information, not to mention the key component of the President's plan that all citizens be required to purchase insurance or else face heavy penalties by the government.

Why is this called 'the third rail?' Those who are familiar with the subway system in large cities know that the commonly accepted adage for subway passenger safety is 'avoid the third rail.' That is the rail that carries the electrical current and is the one that will kill you.

America as a nation is about to step on the third rail. Two-thirds of the best healthcare system in all of the world has been destroyed by Obama and the Democrats with their 'stimulus bill.' The upcoming third rail is a killer. It will change everything from top to bottom.

Given that politicians cannot be depended upon to stop the onslaught of attacks on individual liberty and free markets, the only ones left to stop the marching hoof-beats toward Marxist slavery are the individual citizens.

If this report is accurate, we must redouble our efforts to stop the current hostile takeover of our Health Care System!

Time to start making some more phone calls, wouldn't you say? Here is their contact information:

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