A Bold Step Back To Move America Ahead (and Get her back to being the great country she once was) A politician looks forward only to the next election. A statesman looks forward to the next generatio…

A Bold Step Back
To Move America Ahead
(and Get her back to being the great country she once was)
A politician looks forward only to the next election. A statesman looks forward to the next generation.-Thomas Jefferson


The Problem
The right has lost focus, our politicians are spending too much, they are taxing too much, they are growing the government too much and they are pandering to the special interests rather than listening to and serving the people. Our representatives have only one goal once they win an election: to win the next one as well.
We have moved from electing statesmen to electing politicians. From having representatives serving us to those ruling us. It gets rather difficult to tell the two parties apart on many issues.

Even when we DO send a good person to DC with the best of intentions, he soon learns to sign off on someone else's pork to get his agenda approved; it has become a tailspin decent into the hell of Socialism and bankruptcy.

The right is so split, if a politician is too centrist, he loses the Christian right, if he's 'too Christian', he loses the middle. The net effect is that we have LOST THE ENTIRE COUNTRY to a bunch of Socialists who are hell bent on destroying her.

The Republican party has such a stigma to it now from which it will be very difficult to recover and get back on track.

The Solution
We rebrand the party. We CANNOT start a 3rd party, as it will only further doom us, and splinter the right. Rebranding is the right move. Make the platform simple and universal: Smaller government (DRASTICALLY SMALLER!!), much lower taxes, more freedom and liberty, security, and bring back the incentive to work: Capitalism.

Possible party names would be: The American Reform Party, The Freedom Party and The Liberty Party etc...
We need to first identify the seats coming up for election and decide who needs to be replaced ON BOTH sides of the aisle, and then we need to identify replacements for these seats.

So far, nothing new... right? WRONG!! We find people that understand that they are going in to make a very real difference, some very difficult choices, and DO WHAT IS RIGHT.

They will also know that there is a very good possibility that they will not get reelected.

But while there, they will fight hard for our agenda, and NOT COMPROMISE at all. They will continually submit and fight for legislation to roll back the size of government, CONGRESSIONAL PAY; voting to bring their pay in line with those that they represent. A Complete stop to all automatic pay raises, and tie any possible pay raises to a COLA index like private enterprise does. Serving should be an honor, not a 'get rich quick' scheme. They will dismantle the Congressional benefits gravy train, scaling back their health care to the same system that Postal Workers and the military get. Congressmen are government servants just like these people, and it is a shame that they have, over the years voted themselves such extravagant excesses.
Term limits with 2 terms max at any level, and while your time goes toward govt. retirement, no one collects a dollar in retirement for less than 20 years service. Just like the people that you serve.

Within 2 election cycles, we should be able to have a majority, and we will start actually passing these agendas, shrinking our government to a fraction of what it is., restoring Congressional POWER to only that which is granted to it by the constitution.

We will remove thousands of laws from the books; we have so many laws that it is virtually impossible to not break them. Congress was NOT given the power to be a nanny state and make me wear a helmet.

Massive Campaign reform. No Lobbyist or corporate money. You represent THE PEOPLE, not COMPANIES !!!

You are the representative; along with the party, you and your staff write the laws, enough having lobbyist writing laws that nobody even reads.

REAL Transparency, not the kind that we got with Obama. Bills get posted online so that THE PEOPLE can tell you what they want, and you HAD BETTER Listen.

The objective is to reduce the platform to a very small but vital one. Freedom, Security, Lower taxes, Personal Responsibility and Capitalism. Leave abortion, gay marriage and so many of the smaller issues off the platform. Let candidates from WITHIN the party present their views, but most of these issues should be determined within the states themselves.. I am pro life. Unabashedly and unashamedly. But I truly believe that far more freedom is lost by splitting the party down abortion or gay rights issues, than could possibly be lost by coming together on the major issues. The Right stood unwavering for years refusing to budge, and now we are ruled, truly ruled over by the most pro choice administration.

So, as much as it hurts to say, there really is a bigger issue for the federal government. Let's fight the more divisive issues in our own states. It is not the federal government's place to legislate morality

So much of the country has become addicted to the government teat. The federal government was not created to 'take care' of us. It was founded to protect us from outside harm, to regulate interstate commerce and a very few other tasks. But to serve their own interests, the people that have been getting elected year after year have been 'feeding' us... providing jobs, social programs all with the objective to keep us voting for them.

Even a crack addict needs to recognize the problem before they can make a move to recover. WAKE UP AMERICA !!! We have a problem!

This is just a very short outline of what I believe we need to do to take back our country. I would dearly like to hear from people both within the Republican party and those outside. The new party will be a MUCH BIGGER TENT than this country has ever seen, because it will be THE AMERICAN's party. We can make this happen!

Stop same day registration and voting. Eliminate fraud by requiring ID and fingerprint on ballot- if not fingerprint, at least Iraq style finger in ink.
Stop paying Taxpayer $$ to fund 'the arts' unless it's in the School system
Stop funding NPR if people want to hear a radio/TV station, they will watch, sell ads like other stations do.
Stop requiring that one must be in a union to work on a govt. project.
Put what Stimulus' money we do spend into REAL infrastructure jobs, and use bidding, not the current process of having projects out to campaign donors.
Stop funding projects like pig smell research. ALL un-necessary spending stops. This is taxpayer money, not 'get me reelected money"
If we do not have the money, we do not spend the money - EXCEPT in a national emergency
Any valid research funding will need to be approved by a board of scientists, NOT by politicians.
Let the states decide issues regarding Abortion / Gay Marraige etc, the Federal government need not meddle here
ANY federal money spent should benefit ALL states.
Create tax breaks for companies that bring jobs home from other countries
Have a true nonpartisan panel set fair congressional districts and prohibit gerrymandering.
Undo the restrictions on the Second Ammendment, and Keep The Right to Bear Arms ree of Gun Ban regulations
Strike all 'protected class hate crime regulations, while well meaning, as of this weeek the issue is out of control. If a violent crime is comitted it ie EQUALLY wrong against one person as against another. Equaal protection under the law. What part of EQUAL did they not understand?
Adopt a Fair Tax as outlined at fairtax.org. saves money, and eliminates the IRS - SHRINK the government!
Close the border. The money for a complete fence has alresady been approved. Use it and build the fence to Keep the illegal alien problem from getting any worse than it is.
Tort reform is necessary. Initiate legislation that will stop the courts from being a conduit to get rich every time we do something stupid like spilling coffee in our laps.
Mandatory overhaul of all school books in public schools. Stop the 'dumbing down' and the liberal slant, truth twisting and lies that have overtaken our educational programs.
Push for strong school voucher programs. Teacher's unions are against it for their own self interest. The Kids are all that matter. Force the public schools to be competitive.
Create tax incentives for corporations to provide technology for all K-12 schools.
Tom O'Halloran
Las Vegas, NV
PLEASE, feel free to Email me with questions or comments. this is a draft, and I would appreciate your input.
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Comment by Sinon on May 19, 2009 at 11:18am
I have to disagree with rebranding. It took 100 years but that is exactly what the Communists did to the Republicans. It's time for the Republicans to disband and conservatives pitch a new tent, without the graffitti and mud that liberals have slung at the Republicans attached to it. To simply change the name admits defeat to the left, which they will wield with glee when the time comes. It's better in my opinion to start fresh, where it will take the left time figure out how to demonize the new opposition. Time that gives the new party a serious edge in staking out territory and getting things fixed from what the Marxists have done in this country.


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