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I'd like to start off this post by saying that "In my entire life , I would never have thought that I would bear witness to this nation of people and government heads acting the parts of dictators and slaves!" For the last six years it seems like almost everyone in this nation has been afraid to stand up to this "impersonator" in the White House in fear of being labeled a RACIST!

    It's not like there weren't any legal charges to arrest him for. He has continually been piling up new and better violations to add to his already large bucket of treasonous acts. I guess the American public just didn't drink enough of "HIS" kool-Aid the first 4 years, so they believed his line of BS again and this is what we got!

 The whole world watched in amazement from the very beginning how a black man that couldn't or wouldn't produce any evidence to prove who he was, and where he was from to duping the American public to put him in the White House. I'm sorry if this offends anyone , and I doubt that it will, but I've been wanting to slap that cheap ass grin off his face with the butt of a rifle for the last 7 years!! Before that I never heard of him and I'm sure that I'm not alone there.

In the very beginning of his campaign I did some research on him because like I said, I never heard of this clown before. What turned up in my searches from somewhere was an affiliation with George Soros. That raised my curiosity level even more because I was ill informed about Georgey Boy. It's not about Soros being a billionaire, but how he got there. You see he was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930. Being Jewish was okay till 1944 when Nazi Germany started rounding up all the Jews. His father paid a Hungarian official to claim George as his Godson. He turns against his own people, turning them in.Comes to America,etc.,etc  Read the whole story, you'll be amazed or shocked!

I don't think that there is any doubt that Soros is Obama's Controller and master. He bankrupted England and he doesn't like American values such as "The Constitution and The Bill Of Rights" There's a clue that ties both of them together.

Well friends, now about the American Spring. There isn't a shred of doubt that this will work to regain control of our government for the people. The main factor will be the determination to stay until our demands are met. And the call to make this a peaceful rally with no firearms is probably best, so that it doesn't turn into an all out war. But here's the real question you have to ask yourself. Being in a gun free zone where the only people who have guns are the criminals, what are your chances of survival when push comes to shove? They could care less about our agenda. Chicago mobsters, Islamic terrorists, The Muslim Brotherhood. They don't bargain and they don't make deals. What I am saying is that"There is no way to take our government back peacefully and without casualty." To minimize the casualty rate you have to find out who is fueling the fire. All wars in history are financed by the mega wealthy, and the one who has the most wins in time. If  Soros  wasn't backing Obama, he would be just another blackhead in the pores of your face. Nobody wants to affiliate themselves with a broke, poor loser. Once the money and the promise of money is gone, so is all his defense.

I'm not always right, far from it, but every once in awhile there's a full moon.

Doug Sand

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Comment by Lisa Haase on January 17, 2014 at 4:18am

wow, blessed to be on here with all you Patriots!


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