Constitutional Emergency


It's only a matter of time......we have said "enough is enough" established lines in the sand, marched, called, written, demonstrated, even tried the "common sense" approach.....nothing dissuades the "hard line" socialist/communists in charge of the US Congress and Administration from their goal of total destruction of the United States of America and our Constitutional, Republic principled capitalist system.

They know not what they do...may God have mercy on their evil souls......the violators of our Constitution will be held accountable one way or the other.

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Comment by Harry Riley on December 8, 2009 at 11:43am
Can active rebellion be far away????

Comment by SUSAN MARIANO on December 8, 2009 at 7:42pm
I'M READY, I'm tired of this ''government control'' i did not live this long to watch & listen about obama & change. i and everyone else knowes what is going on. we are not stupid, we have to stand up NOW, NOT IN 2012 when it will be too late. i bet he has his army is just waiting for the ok. we as americans have to be one step ahead, we must be ready NOW. SOONER THE BETTER.

Comment by John Kalena on December 9, 2009 at 3:22pm
The Root of Communism is property.Not only do they desire to assume all things on earth(including people,and controlling them) but they desire to controll all and the money as well.This is the Excedingly Dredful Beast that the Bible Prophesied about. Read Daniel chpt 7. While the American people have been asleep in Entertainment,they have been working around the clock to change things.
Of course they have great excuses to do all this and it will even make perfict sense.Like:
#1) The Real I.d Act.
#2) The Northern Union
#3) The Amero
#4) E.P.A.
#5) The U.N. taking over.
And on and on.We The People need to unify and cordinate as a single unit.The problem is we let ALL these strangers into this country with all their great ideas contrary to our Constitution and our God. So now we have never been so divided while our corrupt government is completely organized.
Comment by Leisa Smith on December 9, 2009 at 11:20pm
So right Col.Riley," they no not of what they do",they want a Rebellion,a Civil war,a Revolution,they think they can use our own Military against us,they think they can instill fear by saying they will strafe communities and target individuals,they have given a due date of 45 to 60 days,in which caiouse will start and ect..........BUT HERE IT IS PLAIN AND SIMPLE,it will NOT be Americans killing Americans,it WILL be Americans strictly after them,as I read The Declaration of Independence,I find it is almost a direct repeat of what happened then,is happening now,.....I know how hard it must have been back then to lay aside the work impliments and arm themselfs against tyranny of the Government.We have came along way since then,simply because of what our founders did for us,sure we got misled along the way,maybe some what soft and sleepy,....BUT ,THOSE GENES OF FREEDOM STILL ARE WITH IN THE AMERICAN PEOPLE,we have tried in reasonable manner to tell them we are not going to fall for what they have in store for us,YES,they had a chance to listen ,but refused,they take us for fools,but we are NOT,they know not of what they bring upon themselfs,for to get rid of us they must committ genicide,they know this and this is why our borders have been breached,so we can be replaced,How much more bullying do we have to take before we slap this stupid bully off his feet?
Comment by thomas l.minley on December 20, 2009 at 5:09am
Comment by LINDA G on December 25, 2009 at 9:23pm

Comment by Jon Hubbard on December 26, 2009 at 2:05pm
Who would have thought that a small band of colonial revolutionary patriots stood any chance against the mightiest military in the world in 1776? No one, except for those brave colonial patriots themselves!

What I am about to say will be viewed by some as "war mongering" and "hawkish", but I am simply telling it like it is! After watching this devious Obama mob slap the real America in the face time and time again, there is no other viable alternative left to consider. We have tried calling our Congressmen and women, only to realize that they are not going to listen to us. We have attended tea parties and marches on DC, only to watch the media portray us to be "sore-loser racists". We have seen heroic and valiant efforts by some to bring legal challenges to expose Obama's citizenship eligibility to even hold the office of POTUS, only to be referred to as 'birthers" by those on the left and the right, including Bill O'Rielly and other so-called conservatives. This Obama mob has found and exploited weaknesses even within our own ranks that has caused some to lose their enthusiasm to fight these bullies.

The liberal left has used its public relations arm, the mainstream media, to very good advantage in making conservative Americans think that any attempts to fight against the designs and determination of this corrupt government is hopeless. However, the number of true American patriots who have finally realized that an all-out revolution is the only way to retake our country is growing rapidly each and every day!!! There is a false sense of security among some who think that the 2010 election will turn things around and bring this Obama regime to it's knees. However, the one factor that we all must understand and be ready for is that when Obama and his mob realize that they are going to lose their numbers advantage in Congress as a result of the 2010 election, they will create another "crisis", declare martial law, and suspend the 2010 election. When this happens, our ONLY recourse will either be all-out revolution, or, send up the white flag of surrender. We know that any revolution will be unpleasant and possibly brutal, but at some point our only options will be to "fight", or "surrender"! If we do not stand up in revolt against this anti-American, Marxist-socialist government that has trampled our Constitution under their heavy and treasonous feet, then we don't deserve to refer to that wonderful country we called America as our home!

There is no longer any place in this fight for "fair-weather Americans", and you must now decide to either join us, or get out of the way! We had better hope that there are still enough true American patriots left to get the job done! Nothing short of total dedication and devotion to the cause will be sufficient!

Now see; I told you that some will call me a war-monger after reading this. But unfortunately, those have now become part of the problem!
Comment by SUSAN MARIANO on December 26, 2009 at 6:14pm
Comment by John Kalena on January 28, 2010 at 11:19pm
I completely agree with you USPatriot, it's all down hill from here. I don't even believe in voting any more. I don't have to watch Obamination anymore, I all ready know he's the devil.
Comment by Bill Dent on January 29, 2010 at 4:30am
Patriot; I am as frustrated and fed up with things as you are. After the Speech Wednesday night, BUT; considering the election of Scott Brown. I am more convinced than ever; our methods are working. We can get Congress under control in November. I am comitted to working within the system to prevent the demise of the USA. But we must not loose our heads and do things that will give him a reason to take more drastic actions. Do not be deceived, the Tea Party/Patriot/Constitutional conservative, movement has them scared. They know they have only 9 months. Our vote is the strongest weapon we have IF we have elections; and I have doubts that we will. If he takes this drastic step then is the time for The Peoples Revolt. But we should be sure we have done everything else FIRST. If folks decide not to vote then He wins.


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