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We just experienced a "snowstorm" here in, and around, Atlanta, Ga. It is the most amazing thing in the world to see the disruption it causes here in the south. Soccer moms and BBW's from all over stampede upon the Krogers and Publix like TSHTF. In a 50 mile radius, some folks got rain and others got 7.5 inches of snow. I thought they were gonna call the Whitehouse and have a national emergency declared.

The Airport shuts down when the first flake falls, the schools close the day BEFORE the snow and ice predictions, and the DOT warns everyone to stay off the roads cause of 'black ice'. Then, 12 hours later, the snow starts coming down.

I have come to the conclusion that one of our local tv stations has quite a bit of dollars invested in Kroger stock because they way they make their predictions. They can wipe out the aisles of Kroger in about 3 hours if they mention the word "ICE".

Anyhow, it was the most amazing thing in the world to see how looney people get over this. We see people without power for 12 hours and you would think the world came to an end. In some cases, theirs did cause they were gonna miss "America's Got Talent" or "Lost" for a night. If you took away their "Wrasslin", there would be riots in the streets. It's a pity that so many Ga. Power linemen put their lives on the line so people can turn on their tv's and tune into the news to tell them that they have snow out in their front yard.

We had a true 'Noreaster' back in 1991 that really caused havoc around here. I remember cause I had some guys up from Macon, Ga. hanging wallpaper in our newly purchased home. They had to stay with us for 3 days it was so bad. We had stocked up on beer and since the fridge wasn't working due to no electricity, we just threw cases of beer (I won't say how many) into the snowdrifts on the backporch and we had a constant supply of ice cold beer. The word 'constant' might give you a clue to the amount.

As I see all this stuff going on in our country, I have to wonder, "Are people really prepared for what is coming at us"? I don't think most people have, 'gone overboard' as I have, and stocked up on stuff to stay alive for a week, or a month, or a year. They just wait till their tv tells them things are bad and they go and try to get the necessities.....which btw include a loaf of bread, a couple gallons of milk, a gallon of water and some CHIPS! That ought to last the average household with 2.5 children (where do they come up with those 1/2 figures relating to humans) about 3 tv shows. These items are the very things you DON"T need in case of emergencies.

When 90% of the population in your neighborhood is without water, gas, electric and food, what are they going to do? Hunt down those folks that have those items. We love to watch movies that show that scenario but we never prepare for it or think it might just 'actually' happen. I am not a pessimistic doomsdayer...but I see some really bad stuff coming upon us. We all love to debate about deficits and stimulus packages and "I think the government ought to...", and it doesn't do a thing. I have found that no problems, in terms of a country, are solved on a forum. Heck, they can't even be solved by the people that we pay to figure this stuff in "elected" officials. What forums are good for is getting the word out to folks about what is really going on, then they can make their 'plan of attack' decisions accordingly.

If YOUR city (no matter how large or small) basically shut down tomorrow, due to a snowstorm, national emergency, biological attack, etc., what would YOU do? It's not too much of a stretch to see that there is something coming down the pike and we, as resilient people, better have a game plan for what to do. We already know the government will step in as always and help us in the same way they helped in Katrina. Could you handle that in your town? FEMA trucks showing up and you having to stand in line to get water, toilet paper and maybe some clothes for the family? Folks always say, "Oh, that can't happen here". It is happening right now!!

The snowstorm is about to hit and things will not be the same in 6 months. Go to Kroger now and stock up. Be sure to get the Large Chips for the kids. Good luck to all.


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Comment by Ozark_sky on March 5, 2009 at 3:54pm
The first few paragraphs of your post had me laughing...the last part had me crying!!

JERICHO!!! Ever watch that show? "They" canceled it after a season or two because it was so TRUE!!!

Thanks for your post. You are an excellent don't let that comment go to your head!! *smile*
Comment by CrazyRusty on March 5, 2009 at 4:09pm
Thanks Ozark..I'm pretty sure my head won't explode just yet. I have Frank, Dean and Sammy going 24/7 in the house and in the truck just to keep me calm.
I did, however, get hooked on the shows (DVD's from Blockbusters) "Weeds" and "Californication". I laughed so hard I almost wet my dog's Depend's.
I will certainly go and get Jericho and see what it is about....I always thought it was a mexican american takeoff on "Seinfeld"..(.Jeri Cho..). but I will take your word for it. :\}>
Comment by Ozark_sky on March 5, 2009 at 4:54pm
Jericho is about the big nuke hitting major US cities and how the small town for Jericho KS survived. The acting was a bit laughable but the story line was spot on!!

Steetsweeper has invited me to come chill with his clan so at least i have somewhere to go!!! haha


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