NBC reported this morning that at least ten Congressmen who had voted for the Reconcilation of the Senate Health Bill (one of the worst Obamanations I have ever read) had their property or offices vandalized and property destroyed presumably because they voted against the wishes of their constituents and for this bill. They also reported that the FBI is looking into these acts of vandalism.

It is not my purpose here to say one way or the other what individuals should or should not do to combat this travesty and ill advised attempt to take our freedoms away once and for all. That is for the individual to determine given their view of our Constitution and the freedoms our brothers, sisters, fathers, and ourselves have fought to preserve for our children and grandchildren.

For my own part, I now consider the battle enjoined and that it will not end unless and until either we have taken our country back from these statist communistic socialists in Congress, this corrupt administration and our biased judiciary. For we have made our voices heard right up until the last hour and still they did not listen. Oh for certain, we held out hope when a small group led us all to believe that they would not vote for it as long as certain provisions remained but then at the last minute they indeed voted for passage. Could it be that was a subterfuge all along and they were just angling for a larger share of the pie as a price for their votes? Really now is this the kind of representation our founders anticipated for us? I think not and though none of us that do believe in our country and what it is supposed to stand for would ever have condoned or even expected it to come to this, we have only ourselves to blame for not being more diligent.

So the battle is enjoined. But do not follow the advice to break the windows and damage the property or otherwise physically attack the Socialist Democrats for that would be admitting defeat in the worst way. Instead let us double our efforts by sending even more faxes, telephone calls, emails and letters and yes pink slips for we want them to know that whatever they do they are going to be replaced some sooner than others but eventually all will go and their replacements will undo what they have so ill-advisedly done. Let them be the ones to fire the first shot....and indeed they have done so. I know that there are those that are ready, cocked, locked and loaded for the battle to come, but let us not resort to real bullets unless they start that process themselves. Let us use our laws to unseat those that refuse to get the message that they work for us not the reverse.

We seem of late to continually refer to the fact that we are a nation of laws and that we should let our system work for us rather than take the law into our own hands. But fellow patriots, we have let the Lawyers use their law making powers that we delegated to them not on our behalf but against us. Let us now use those same laws against them and when we have finally taken our country back let us revisit those laws and rid ourselves of the kinds of laws that let them get as far as they have with impunity. No more will we allow them to pass laws benefitting only themselves and enriching themselves at taxpayer expense, nor will we allow them to pass laws that do not apply equally to everyone except themselves.

I pray that in short order some sanity will return and that the efforts of the states to take back the sovereignty that the Congress has tried to take away from them is returned and that they are successful in having this and similar ill advised efforts by congress declared unconstitutional and null and void.

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