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The Sovereign, King Obama is now asking the Congress to set aside 2.8 BILLION dollars for Haiti relief. It was bad enough that he pledged 100 MILLION of our tax dollars to the relief effort, but to now increase that by 28 times is outrageous. This is a big f#*king deal, who does he think he is? I am not saying that Haiti doesn’t need help. However, the help is being raised by private non-profits as it should be, and there is more than enough that has been raised. If the Congress approves this measure it is tantamount to the federal government forcing each and every American citizen; man, woman and child; to donate almost 10 dollars to this unconstitutional purpose. I don’t know about you, but I always thought that charity was an individual choice. Billions of dollars have already been raised for this charity, Why should we as Americans be forced to donate more, especially since we have so many needs ourselves.
You watch the republicans cave in on this issue. They will not have the balz to stand against this presidential command. They will be afraid to be called unsympathetic. This is a RINO check. I am predicting that there will be a lot of republicans that give in and vote for this. This will be the proof positive that will show the Republicans who are the same as the Democrats for what they are, RINO‘s. I suggest that we tag any republican that votes any of our tax dollars to Haiti relief as an enemy of the Constitution I further suggest that we threaten these politicians with severe opposition if they do. Any congressman or senator that votes in favor of tax dollars going to any relief should be deprived of any donations from any of their supporters. Any politician, Democrat or Republican, that opposes this measure should be praised and supported as a defender of the Constitution. We have to start hitting them where it hurts, in their pocket. We have to start emailing our representatives and telling them we are going to withdraw our support and campaign against them if they commit any tax dollars to any unconstitutional purpose.
I know the democrats are going to paint anyone that opposes this presidential edict as a racist, but doing the right thing is always misunderstood. If the President, or anyone else for that matter, wishes to raise funds for the Haiti relief effort they can do so in the private sector. It is a further breach of the Constitution to commit tax dollars to this purpose. But then, when have the democrats and RINO’s ever worried violating the constitution.

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Comment by Kevin Zurrin on March 25, 2010 at 6:47pm
All I can say is WOW! I am a lover of history and that piece about Davy Crockett blew me away. It is the best way to illustrate the very point I was trying to make. I am going to save that in my library and I am going to commit it to memory. What a simple way to explain the constitution. I recomend everyone click on this link and read it.


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