Arizona Border Crisis Update From The Pima/Santa Cruz County Commander for Arizona Citizen Militia

This post is from another group "The Well Regulated American Militia "

This is an email I received from the Pima County Commander for ACM. It is rough, and unedited, but it lets you know what is going on. Below is what he sent:

Mr RandyMack, and if this is going to be used to inform U.S

citizens of the Hostile engagements in Arizona then hello from the
People of Arizona! Please before re-posting, edit all revealing
information that i have provided you.
Thank you for taking interest in saving our ass's, our great
state and our great nation. Many, many thanks. Currently the
situation here is in 2006 the U.S government closed down 3900 acres
of Arizona territory called Buenos Aires wildlife refuge. We have
been conducting low profile operations on the U.S Mexico Border. It
is now closed to all U.S citizens and so here we are in 2010 and
well now 80 miles north of us is closed now because of the push
from the cartels. Our Governor has requested a military presence
but has been turned down for 4 years now every time. We are the
last defense before i feel we lose a larger part of the country
called AZ. I am requesting the help of as many people around the
nation who can honestly devote time to this. It is no joke, or
laughing mater. We are the look out for to Somali terrorist that
have been rumored to be in Mexico trying to come through with
illegal and drug runners. The opposition has automatic rifles but
are very open about there presence. Cartel intimidation tactics
work in Mexico NOT AZ. Nogales AZ police chief was informed that
that is the next U.S city to be attacked by the cartel. This is a
really fucked up situation we are in. The news has no damn clue and
the pres. wants us to provide amnesty to secure the border. I say
Fuck You. I pay taxes and i enjoy my state parks. Nogales is south
of my position and in my Command area and operation area. My first
mission objective is to secure an area that extends 80 miles north
of the border and 40 miles along the border. There are already
opposition teams in the bush that try to engage us daily. They
shoot at us and we shoot back. This is not an illegal immigrate
issue here in Arizona like every one is trying to say. They are
right but I’m not scared that Juan is going to take my job. Juan
can’t do my job better than me. This is an invasion of America by
Mexican drug lords. The second phase of the operation will be to
secure Nogales. They use Buenos Aires more than Nogales. When we do
shut down Buenos as crossing point for them we will have to
maintain that area but be ready to migrate with them to there next
POE. No one will get tactical information until you are boots on
the ground in Arizona ready to receive your deployment orders. I
need to know your specialties so I can properly place you in the
field you shine in. I feel as far as money we will have to discuss
that with ACM HQ to be 100% sure that no one person can destroy the
account. So a joint account would be the best or stuff it into a
non-existent Limited Liability Company and create a business
account. Security of the citizens of the U.S and the money they
give to support that shall not be compromised. We will take any and
every thing that will support at least a 2-month push on the
border. I personally go on patrols 3 times a week and if you look
on you tube you can see a lot of the issues we are dealing with
first hand because Arizona Citizens hide these cameras in the
desert and recover it later to post. To be realistic we are going
to need at lest 4,000 - 10,000 boots on the ground to rotate out
re-supplying, water carriers, etc to do any damage to them. I am
sorry to every one that it has gotten this bad here and no one has
mentioned any of it loudly. For I have Not been in command of this
region for that long. I was second in command for a while. I have
uni mogs, hummers, duces, water tanker trucks, ammo truck, weapons
loading truck, fire trucks, mining equipment, generators,
ventilation systems, heating systems, 24/7 motor pool available,
full shop, storage facility's, bull dozer, and some other crap. I
can’t keep them all maintained by my self. If you email me and I do
not respond promptly I’m sure your first guess as to why is correct.
If you don’t know why, well its because my hands are FULL! I get a
lot of emails daily and some times it takes me 4 hours to read them
before bed which i don't mind one bit. I assure you that any one
involved with this your safety is my first priority and this
operation is not being thrown together. Every inch of every thing
is going to be well planned out and executed perfectly other wise
you are going to be shot by the opposition. I can not call them
Mexicans or illegals of terrorist directly for I’m not sure which
group or organization they belong to or if they are acting alone.
All I know is they cross over illegally, carry butt tones of weed on
their backs, have machine guns and don’t speak English. We cannot
engage unarmed people and we must take care not to shoot and armed
insurgent and have the bullet go through the target and hit an
unarmed person carrying drugs behind them. Allot of the time an
illegal migrant worker will pay about $3000.00 American dollars to
be escorted across the border. If they have no money then they must
carry drugs across on there backs with 4 escorts that have high
power, automatic rifles. We will need millions of sand bags
skins, tons of MRE's, tons of ammo, tons of people, radios, medical
kits, medics, i have an x ray machine, heart monitors and ekg. I
have enough maintain a mobile field hospital. We need shovels and
picks, water storage containers. Sun block, spider and snake bite
kits, sunscreen, observation equipment, video recorders, logistical
specialist, and again what would you want with you on a battlefield?

I Am tired so please forgive me if I blabber or repeat
things. I can promise that i will have cool places for every one to
relax at all over the combat area. You wont have to be in the 110
deg. Heat like the opposition all the time. I we will need extra
boots, BDU’s, and other combat gear. The terrain will kill a good
pair of Baites Combat boots in 30 days of patrols just so you know.
If you choose to forward this that is fine for I thank any and all
involved with this and no effort is unappreciated. If you need any
more information on this please ether ask ACM HQ or me and as long
as the information is declassified I can inform you. I love you all
U.S citizens, I love this Nation, and I love this state and I will
defend it with my life. I thank you all again.

PIMA - SANTA CRUZ County Commander

Also, if you wish to donate anything to them, contact me by email
( and I'll send you their address for donations.
I also have a donation link on my site you can use for donations for ACM and
their much-needed efforts.


I'll be setting up a separate donation link for them, but in the mean time that
will have to do.

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Comment by Mr. R. H. Ferrantino on June 27, 2010 at 11:36am
Am I correct to think that AMERICAN'S are denied access to AMERICAN LAND controlled by the Washington D.C. Federalist's who are supported by AMERICAN TAX DOLLARS?


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