Constitutional Emergency


Director Comey,

With all due respect…

As just one of the people by whom your organization is paid for protection…protection I must remind you as you cite on your elaborate website…I must consider as unfulfilled promises. Are you not taking money from taxpayers under false pretense?


You may have to excuse my directness, but based upon current observations, it appears to me personally, most if not all of the public officers in America, are impersonating the lawfully empowered public servants, who were lawfully elected or appointed.

As the people—many, faithfully exercised their vote, but it appears their efforts were in vain and they were disenfranchised instead. The following link provides some insight: Operation Green light

Now your actions in these matters will indicate where you stand. If I may express some of my indignation…I take exception to the lack of enforcement of the rule of law and the organic Constitution for the United States of America. Is this so hard to understand?

Please find below is a message from colleagues, that requires your immediate attention. If you are a lawful public officer and you subscribe to your oath a d responsibilities then we will expect no more delays…and no more excuses. The law has been violated. In matters of treason you report directly to the people…as a result, you need no permission to pursue the rule of law!

Here is the bottom line of this message.

So let us cut to the chase and just do the job for which you are being paid!

To add encouragement, be reminded that you Mr. Comey, you personally have sworn an oath, an employment contract to personally support and defend our lawful Constitution. You took that oath to directly support and defend the Constitution…no middlemen are involved. There are no jurisdictional boundaries or any other restrictions of any kind to inhibit you from obeying your oath!

Additionally, falling to honor your oath amounts to breach of contract, breach of fiduciary responsibilities and depending on circumstances several additional serious federal crimes…but of course you know all of that.

To reiterate…neither you nor any other public officer requires permission from anyone to do your job! Now enough of the lip service. We are not talking politics Director we are talking federal crimes against all of the people of America.

Within 5 days, by return email, please respond with your planned approach to apply all of your agency resources to resolve this matter of national security and a very clear and present danger.

Due to the seriousness of this matter, there are many Americans who are waiting for a constructive outcome based on this message to you. Speaking as just one of the people, we are not prepared to be disappointed.

Thank you in advance.

arnie                                                                                                                                ;       

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Comment by Old Rooster on May 2, 2016 at 8:43am

Good letter, well written and well stated. But don't hold your breath waiting for them to take any action. They're ALL complicit in this mess. If Hillary is somehow removed from the political scene they will simply put Al Gore, Joe Bidon, or Bernie in office.

Comment by Michael M. Regan on May 2, 2016 at 9:18am
Old Rooster... I also won't be holding my breath waiting for any real action. But don't forget if either party try's to insert one of their choosing over the clear votes and will of the people it could be and I'm hoping the straw that breaks the camels back. It is a real possibility looking at the numbers that Trump can get the nessessary numbers to secure the nomination. You won't hear this in the lame stream media but Cruz and Fiorina had a rally the other day and 38 people showed up. He's done, stick a fork in him.
Comment by Michael M. Regan on May 2, 2016 at 10:41am
Reminds me of that line in the move "Platoon" where William Defoe says, " The worm has certianly turned for you"!!
Comment by bonnie somer on May 3, 2016 at 7:10am

i think Hitlery was never supposed to be the original nominee.  she is supposed to fail and either biden or warren will b put in


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