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No Sir, it does not seem stupid. If you know the Government, you know of course that those in power at the top in the White House and at the heads of Committees on the Hill in both houses of Congress will indeed fight to stay in power no matter what they have to do to do so. However, After committing 35 years of my life including ten in the military serving my country I have acquired some knowledge of how the rank and file feel in the trenches of Government and believe me it is not what those in the White House and ranking members of Congress feel. They are citizens just like you dedicated for the most part in doing the best job they can with the resources and constraints put upon them by the Administration and Congress. But you refer to the FBI and other Law enforcement types who you feel must do the bidding of the Administration and the Congress and not that of the people. That is just not the case in my experience. I have worked directly with FBI Agents and other Agency law enforcement types in my 35 years and provided information gathered from my job and work that indeed warranted their investigative efforts and which resulted in criminal actions being filed. That is from my own personal perspective. The question you pose is one that is slightly more complicated so let me refresh your memory and point out that there are some notable examples of the FBI and other Federal Law enforcement types investigating and charging some very powerful figures in our Congress in past years with some serious crimes and some of them were not only stripped of their titles and jobs but were sentenced to Prison for the crimes they committed. That we are aware of crimes being committed by those in power in the current congress and administration does not mean that the cognizant law enforcement agencies are not looking into what they are doing and gathering evidence to prosecute them. And a caveate, it also does not mean that they are either. It is just in my own experience and knowledge that it is highly likely that there is an ongoing investigation into allegations of criminal activity and it will be brought out at the right time. Certainly one can understand that getting a solid prosecutable case that will stand up in court presuming that a prosecutor can be found in a corrupt administration with the cahonas large enough to bring such an action in Federal District Court is going to take time. Time to get it right, time to gather all the evidence and time to convince superiors that the time is right to prosecute. Yes politics again but then we all knew that. Some of the worst offenders in Congress resign when the press outs their particular conduct and it is so onerous they cannot take the heat of trying to fight it. Others will protest vehemently and act as if there is nothing to it and will continue as long as they can to hold their position until it finally becomse untenable then they cave in and the courts decide their fate.

Before we condem our law enforcement, many of whom are just like us with the same feelings and angers as well as frustrations at the acts of corrupt politicians as our own I feel that we must give them the benefit of the doubt and rely on them to do the right thing. I do not consider that as stupid. Rather I consider it proper and respectful of the wonderful job they do on a daily basis keeping us free from acts of terrorism and other criminal as well as warlike acts against our country and we the people.

But make no mistake about it, I do not believe that the Justice in the Justice Departmet is entirely trustworthy. When we have the likes of our current Attorney General and six of his attorneys who were all representing terrorists in Guantanamo, and now they are considering treating them all as criminals instead of subject to military justice, something is wrong with that picture. And consider also that the Attorney General and Assistant U.S. Attorneys have to give the go ahead with the prosecutions not the FBI which investigates and builds the cases, that too raises some question as to whether just is being served timely or must it wait until we have a new administration. Justice will prevail of that I am certain, my only question is when. I do pray that it is long before We the People become so fed up with the actions of an out of control Congress and Administration that we are moved to act on our own before justice is carried out. That is the only thing I fear because I do know that desparate despots and our Government is now rife with the likes of them will do desperate things to stay in power or to achieve their nefarious objectives most of which we al are aware of. To the extent that we can bombard them with NO YOU CANNOT often enough for them to get the message and then listen to the message we can expect to make some headway. That it seems that half a dozen of the worst players at the top do not seem to want to hear the message is the real danger and the very persons that will need to have a close scrutiny of their dealings come the days of reckoning. \

In Closing, I am saying not to lose heart nor to give up, it may seem stupid but I assure you it is not.

and do try to give our professionals in Law enforcement some credibility, they have kept us safe for some time since 9.11.01, they can do so a little longer at least. Meaning they have the situation in hand and will do the right thing at the right time. If not, we always have our Grand Jury mechanism. And we can remind law enforcement that Grand Jury proceedings are a Civilian (citizen) priviledge not law enforcement privilege.

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Comment by Richard E. Nygaard on March 15, 2010 at 1:39pm
Gary, this old Marine is as ready, willing and able as you to do what is right when the time is right. But lets not get the cart before the horse. What is done is done. We all know that BHO is Kenyan born, a usurper who because of his birth. education, training, and such, has not a clue about the American ethic, philosophy, our
Constitution, our belief or any of our core values. His wife who purports to hold a Doctorate was ashamed of her country for much of the same reasons that BHO had no clues as to what America is all about. Still his rhetoric, his charm (?) if that is what you can call it, and his promise of Change for changes sake moved many who had heard some of the worst vitriol in political history hurled by democrats at George Bush and who believed that BS, chose to select this pretender as the next President. But I simply responded to the question as to whether we should be bombarding the law enforcement community with charges of criminal wrong doing which indeed we all know is occuring at many levels every day against BHO, Harry Reid and Pelosi among others that daily and often are violating their Constitutional oaths of office not to mention committing these alleged crimes. I am, by profession and training one who believes that before one can be prosecuted for wrongdoing, the evidence must be there to make it not only happen but for conviction to be obtained. Your comment saying when will the right time be I personally leave to those charged with that responsibility. Were I or anyone I know to have positive evidence that I could point to such as a specific criminal act that has and is verified as well as verifiable I would certainly say that the time to present the evidence is when it is available. However, I hear much and I read much but personally had seen no actual criminal evidence that would hold up in court. The law enforcement types such as the FBI are the proper ones to gather, collect and collate that kind of evidence, build a case that will stand up and then take it to a USAttorney who must then file it in U.S. District Court. I do not know what your idea was that would cost 1/10th of what it will eventually cost but I will go back to your blogs and see what you had proposed before I pass any judgement. I am merely saying here that I am not prepared to categorically say that we have a case to take matters into our own hands and by-pass the legal and required procedures at this juncture because it is costing us and future generations incredible sums even if it is. I am however ready willing and able to join in the boots on the ground, sending of letters, faxes and phone calls to our representatives in Congress letting them know that we will not stand for this for much longer and that they and BHO are going to be held accountable for their actions by We the People. If on the other hand, BHO or any law enforcement agency of the Government decides to take illegal action against We the People for their perceived feelings that we the people need to be silenced, then I like you am ready willing and able to advance to the line in the sand and say do not cross this line that you have gone too far. Unless and until that moment arises, we must let our law enforcement agencies do their jobs. Sometimes that is not what we want to do, still it must be done. And let me give you a for instance. Just say that the Congress in their absolute stupidity blindly follows BHO and Reid and Pelosi in passing this health care bill, we will not simply storm the halls of Congress and throw them bodily out of office, But we will effectively eliminate virtually every single sitting Congressman and Congresswoman Republican as well as Democrat at the next two elections. Then at the very next election of Senators, we will eliminate or vote out of office fully one third of the Senate Republican or Democrat regardless, another third the next year and by 2012, We will vote BHO his CZARS and the last of those Senators that voted for this obamanation out of office permanently. In other words what we are doing today is letting them know that they are not listening to us and they will be held accountable. Like it or not my friend they are hearing us and they are beginning to panic. I do predict that they will not pass this legislation because they have already understood us and know that for the first time in a long time we are prepared to go the distance to the woodshed with them all. And finally, this old Marine if it comes to it will do what is necessary to stand at that line and let them all know that if they try to harm the hair on a single patriot's head because of the chaos that they have created, We the People will ensure that there will be no more WACOs or Ruby Ridges. I think they understand that message also. Finally my friend, do we have the time to wait and see? The answer my friend "is blowing in the wind" let us see which way it blows but do not try to create the wind it is already moving on its own.


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