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Not that we didn’t already tell him this, but Attorney General Eric holder returned from his visit to Guantanamo Bay surprised that the American military was doing an impressive job in keeping the terrorists behind bars.

In comments made today at a Department of Justice briefing, he called the facilities “good ones” and said that Guantanamo Bay is “well run.” He also admitted that the allegations of torture and abuse were severely overstated. “I did not witness any mistreatment of prisoners...What I saw was a very conscious attempt to conduct -- for these guards to conduct themselves in an appropriate way”

Despite finding out what we and most Americans already knew, the Obama Administration is continuing with their plan to close down Gitmo and bring these terrorists to our shores or to release them outright, which they did on one terrorist (Binyam Mohamed) on Monday.

That is why it is so important we can finally get our Move America Forward TV ad running. Unfortunately, we have not raised enough money to get the ad on the air. Yet, the Obama Administration is marching forward to close the Detention Center.

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Holder gets one thing right – Gitmo is a pristine facility, run by professional military men and women, and more than adequate to house the terrorists. It’s more than they deserve, really.

The colossal blunder and outrage occurs when Holder goes on to reassert that, despite all the evidence to the contrary, he still thinks America is better off CLOSING GITMO. Before becoming Obama’s Attorney General, Holder worked for a law firm that representing 17 TERRORISTS BEING HELD AT GITMO. He has been listening to the ACLU sympathizing lawyers tell him how bad the U.S. troops are and how badly we treat these poor terrorists. No wonder he has a screwball view of what is really going on.

"Our determination to close it, I think, is rooted in the things that the President spoke about when he signed the executive order and is consistent with my testimony during my confirmation hearing."

Eric Holder deserves some credit for not lying about the conditions at Gitmo, but he refuses to budge from the rhetoric which he and Obama can plainly see is flawed and unfair to our troops who are doing their jobs faithfully at Guantanamo Bay.

And while the new administration is busy “sending a message to the world” that we are willing to negotiate and compromise with terrorists and making all the foreign leaders proud, they will be quietly planning to shuffle the terrorists into facilities in a town near you!

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Despite the high praise universally given to our military men and women at Gitmo, some people can’t stop making up stories and criticizing our troops. U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (the other Senator from Illinois who served with Obama) once compared to the death camps of the Nazis and Soviet gulags to our troops guarding the terrorists. That’s the false and phony image of Gitmo that Obama wants to close, not the reality of what Guantanamo Bay actually is.

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More Gitmo detainees will be released or brought to the United States and possibly even released into the U.S. if something is not done to educate Americans about the detention center. Please make a contribution today and get our Gitmo TV Ad running on national cable news!

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