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Whew! Been a rough couple of days not having much internet access, what with all that is going on and having to actually watch those nasty cable news shows to get the news. At least CPAC was on
CSPAN and had some terrific speakers.

I didn’t realize that Blog Talk Radio used so many megabytes! Having to use aircards and having only 10 gigabytes a month is soooo limiting. And that cute little guy at Verizon initially told
me, “Oh yeah, 5 gigabytes is alot. You probably won’t even
use them all.” HA! I barely make it through the month with 10 G’s and
that’s only if I don’t go to BTR too often. I may just have to stop
by Verizon again ~ soon…

So, I get this email from our former Guvner, Tim Kaine, who is now head of the DNC. He writes:

It’s a breathtaking display of public hypocrisy.

At least 116 Republican governors, senators, and representatives have spent the past year railing against the Recovery Act, while simultaneously requesting funds to create jobs in their
districts and taking credit for projects at ribbon-cutting
ceremonies. (Which is why
we are getting rid of all those who do not understand the concept of
“small government”, regardless of what letter they have after their
name. And those governors who can’t keep their state on budget - out
they go too.”)

As the independent PolitiFact put it, they’re trying “have their cake… and vote against it too.” They know the Recovery Act is creating jobs, but they think attacking it will bring them victory in the 2010 elections. (Umm, first of all, government jobs have been created, yes. Like we need anymore of those. Private sector jobs ~ not so much. That would
actually be good for the country and would further that individual
freedom thing you all seem to despise and we can’t have that! In
Virginia, as of 12/30/09, 9,834 jobs have been reported - mostly county
or city or school. Imagine that!)

Not so fast. We’re preparing to meet every hypocritical attack with
press conferences in states across the nation and a rapid-response
program to fact check every lie. But we need your help to make it happen. (How
ironic that you on the left side of the aisle would scream hypocrisy .
Besides, you wouldn’t know how to fact check a lie if it stood up and
slapped you in the head. How’s that transparency behind closed doors
thingie working for ya?)

Please donate $5 or more today to support our campaign against Recovery Act hypocrisy. (Money, money MONEY! Money! You might want to use that money the Bots send in on your own House and senate first. Then maybe you’d have some
validity to your hypocrisy premise here.)

Today is the anniversary of the President signing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that has saved or created at least 2 million jobs, (Lie) cut taxes for 95 percent of working families, (Woo Hoo! Something like $13 bucks a week? Why, we can buy Gramma that house in the Hamptons now!) and made loans to over 42,000 small businesses. (Which ones and how much?)
And as a former governor, I can tell you it also provided critical
relief for state governments facing record budget shortfalls. (Yeah,
until it runs out. Then what are they going to do? That was borrowed
money to begin with, because we’re BROKE and it will have to be paid
back by our kids. Great idea, that!)

But don’t take it from me. Listen to Rep. Joe Wilson, who told the Department of Agriculture that the money he was seeking “would provide jobs and investment” for his South Carolina
district. Or take it from Minnesota’s Tim Pawlenty, who balanced his
state budget with the same funds he’s so often attacked on TV. (It’s
this attitude that got us in this fix and also why so many of those in
the House and Senate will be looking for new jobs real soon. Shouldn’t
be too hard - after all, they have government sector experience.)

Even the GOP leadership that went all out to kill the bill has gotten into the game — Sen. Mitch McConnell has bragged about funding for a military project in Kentucky, while Virginia Rep. Eric
Cantor sought funds for a high-speed rail project in Virginia to create
jobs. (See above.)

President Obama has made it clear he knows that we’re not out of the woods yet, and he’s focused on creating jobs. Honesty with the American people is one of the obligations of leadership. (Oh really? Then why are you all talking constantly about the Healthcare reform bill, that most of this country does NOT want? And ~ see right
there - that part about honesty as an obligation? An “obligation”? It
should be a “principle”. So anyway, just when exactly is the president
going to take up that “obligation”?)

In stark contrast, Republicans are engaged in a hypocritical campaign of attacks — and they’re proving what we’ve said all along: Their opposition is about politics, pure and simple. (In stark contrast to what?? And your pushing this travesty of spending
and ignoring the Constitution is what exactly?? Altruism? Maybe their
opposition is because they are finally listening to the people they
represent. We want the spending of money we don’t have to STOP!!)

We’re going to prove that it’s not winning politics — but we need your support to expose their hypocrisy: (What does that even mean?) (Send more money and we’ll tell you more lies!)

With your help, we’ll be ready for the fight ahead. (And we can’t do it without more of YOUR money - well, because we’re broke…)


Governor Tim Kaine

Which is one reason why we now have a Republican Governor.

But that was not the end of it. also sent out JEN! (Who’s really just rude.)

Friday, speaking at an ultra-conservative conference, (ooh! “ultra-conservative”! The real scary extremists people!) Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty attacked the Recovery Act and said “we can’t spend more than we have” — even though he couldn’t balance his state budget without dipping into Recovery Act funds. (Well, maybe he finally got a clue and is acting on what he’s been hearing a lot of Minnesotans are telling him. Of course, you have no concept of
that, unless it comes with a donation….preferably large)

It’s just another hypocritical attack from a party that is more interested in partisan gridlock than putting Americans back to work. (Keep saying
“gridlock” as if it’s a bad thing, if it keeps you busy at work writing
emails. I’m liking gridlock, myself. That way I get to keep more of MY money and my kids get to keep more of theirs. Yep, I’m liking gridlock.)

We’re pushing back on every hypocritical (apparently, this is the new Dem buzzword. More like pot calling kettle black with hypocrisy) claim the GOP can dream up, and our charge is getting headlines across the country. (Real surprise there, since the media is your lapdog and only reports what you want them too.) But it seems like there is no limit to GOP hypocrisy, so we need to keep our rapid-response program going strong. (More money!!! We need more money!)

Can you chip in to help? (I’ve already given more than I cared to, but thanks for asking….)



Well, there you are. More projection from the Democrat party. Gotta love those little progressives.

And fight them every way we can to save our country.

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