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Greetings  Fellow Patriots


I was asked to come over here from Facebook. I hope I can reach some new folks. My name is John Albert Dummett Jr and I am a FEC GOP candidate for President of the United States.


On December 6th 2011 I filed the first ballot challenge in the United States in Tennessee and in Arizona. I filed suits in federal court and in State court. I am the architect of the strategy that is being employed all over the nation. Instead of going after Obama I came up with a strategy to go after the DNC and the Secretary of State of each of the States to make them verify that anyone seeking office meets the Constitutional requirements to hold the office they are running for and to ask the courts to define the exact meaning of Natural Born Citizen.


Many Birther attorneys have started using this strategy knowing that going after Obama would be fruitless. This is why I decided to go the route I did. When some of the Birther attorneys found out that my cases werent being thrown out or dismissed they began to file all over the nation. Some patriotic individuals ran with the idea too because each State has their own rules about who can challenge and who cant. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals finally came through with precedence and said a eligible candidate for President would have standing to bring suit in court to determine the eligibility issue. This is when I decided to run for President. In early August of 2011 I had a phone conversation with my campaign manager William Odom and attorney Van Irions to noodle out a plan to expose the fraud perpetrated upon this nation and to protect and defend that document with everything at our disposal. This is when I came up with the idea to avoid confronting Obama or any federal agency and instead go after the partys and the DNC and RNC to make them prove to us what they use to vet and verify each candidate meets the requirements for the office they sought.

On December 5th I met with Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his cold case posse lead investigator Mike Zullo. In that meeting for an hour and forty five minutes we met discussing what I was doing and what the Sheriff's office was doing. Later that evening I had a speech to give to the Arizona Tea Party. The Arizona Sentinal covered the story. Unannounced Sheriff Joe Arpaio showed up to that meeting and spoke as well. The next day I filed suit in Arizona against the DNC in person.

Every single case I have is active and has not been dismissed. Today my attorney Van Irions got in touch with me to tell me that the party defendants in Arizona were in default so we applied for a default judgement. The liberal judge there gave the defendants more time to answer our charges. Also I learned that our State Challenge in Tennessee was moved to federal court. We filed a motion to return the case to the state court but was refused but here is what is important and is all telling on what the courts are going to do. The Tennessee court said this about my filed case."The Constitutional issue is an important and substantive issue and that we have standing to raise it" The we in the quote is me. The same thing was said in New Jersey and in Alabama. We have immediately filed in Alabama. Essentially the courts are telling everyone that I have standing to bring the issue of eligibility up and that the courts are going to decide this case once and for all.


It is my opinion that the Courts are trying to get this to the Supreme Court for a decision. It has been brought up that Obama appointed Kagan and Sotomayor to the Supreme Court and they will side for Obama. Since this case directly impacts the eligibility of everyone including Barrack Obama the appointment of these two women is in question. If they do not recuse themselves the Chief Justice will. The reason why is because if Obama was not eligible to appoint them they cannot serve as legal justices. They cannot be a part of a judgement that will ensure an illegal presidency stands so they can keep their job. Remember that Roberts and Thomas are not friendly toward Barrack Obama. The other Supreme Court Justices are split but I am sure that they will uphold the Constituion.


What this means folks is I have found a way to shift the burden of proof off of the Federal government and placed it on the States and the partys. These folks don't have executive immunities and there won't be any government lawyers involved. We now have a chance for justice and you can owe it all to a common ordinary patriot who lives in a small mountain town in the heart of the Motherlode in California. I don't mean to sound crass but credit is due to the people who thought of the idea to finally get the people of this nation justice and to right the wrongs done to our Constitution. I ask that anyone reading this check out what I say is the gospel truth. You can read more about the case at or to my campaign site at   The Liberty Legal Foundation has the cases in Tennessee and Arizona. I am represented by the USJF out of California for California and Alabama. I  hope that you will all join to make sure these two organizations get the needed funds to file cases in your State. If you would like us to come to your State to file a case let me know and I will get back to you.


The end is near. The rat is cornered but remember even a rat is a dangerous animal when cornered. I need your help and support. If you want to talk to me about this reply and I will fill you in.

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